Since there’s not going to be an epilogue  to end Book 1,  I wanted share some of the inspiration behind the stories.

It took me 15 years to finally get this completed. That’s a very very long time. I kept adding and deleting and rewriting and letting it sit until last year I decided I was going to make the new year’s resolution to finish it. What you’ve been reading since January is the result. So it’s a relief to have it done and off my shoulders.

During that time I read various writers, trying to stay away from fantasy so not to “borrow” from someone else’s work. I’ve enjoyed “The Life of Pi”, “White Oleander”, “Ender’s Game”, “Hamlet”, “Thing of Beauty”, “Sophie’s World” and a lot of John Saul books too numerous to name.

In the last few months of writing and editing these were the albums I was listening to:


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Apocalyptica- 7th Symphony

I love how they combine classic instruments with the heaviness of gothic rock.

“Broken Pieces” is by far my favorite song. This song features Lacey from Flyleaf  and is haunting and beautiful. Among my other favorites is “Through Paris in a Sportscar”  and “Beautiful” both of which are instrumental. I have another album of theirs which is good too but I think 7th Symphony is the better one.

Final Fantasy X Soundtrack –

I played this game for 184 hours (or so it said last time I played it) and I love the soundtrack. If I’m not able to sleep I get my mp3 player or pull it up on the laptop I’m out before the first song finishes.  It’s very mellow and peaceful save for the two rock type songs on the album.  It helps when I’m trying to write my fantasy stories as I can picture the world being peaceful.

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Amy Winehouse- Frank

As much as I  do like the songs from Back to Black, I love her debut album.

“Stronger than me” I found by accident while trying to look up another one of her songs and fell in love with it.  “Take the Box” and “What is it about men” are my favorites off the album.

Like her or not, she had a great talent.

Evanescence- Evanescence

I found the single by accident when trying to look up their other stuff on youtube. I’m not a big fan of the single “Do what you want” but I found a few other gems on the album such as “My Heart is Broken” “Other Side” and “Made of Stone”. The mood is of course dark and gothic but sometimes it helps when working through some plot issues.

Cee-Lo –  The Lady Killer

I think we know the real hit from this album.. I prefer the uncensored version personally.

As for other favorites off of this album; Love Gun is good, Bright Lights Bigger City was my anthem for the big move from Tallahassee to the Tampa area so I do listen to that on the way home to cheer me up sometimes.

Personally I like Cee-lo’s older album “Is the soul machine..” it really showcases his r&b roots.. I love hearing “I’ll be around” and “Sometimes”

LMFAO –  Sorry for Party Rocking

The duo was featured in the halftime show with Madonna, their music was in the new Kia Soul commerical (party shuffling hamsters 🙂 and in the new M&Ms commerical.

Other than Party Rock Athem, Sexy and I know it.. their music is self described as “party rock” which is a mixture of a bit of everything.

My favorite song from them is Champagne Showers.. not really sure why it’s club dancing music and is great for the after work ride home.

Skrillex – More Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites

I love the original mix of Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites.. but the remixes are better and have a lot more bass .. I also love the single “First of the Year” because after seeing the video it was just awesome. There are a few mellow remixes but this is the kind of stuff that will get a day started and help work out some aggression, or in my case help me work out some fight scenes in my stories.