Dear Bacon – Special Edition – Dear Boo

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Boo answers questions on bacon’s blog


This week is a really special edition of Dear Bacon.

My friend Boo at http://peacelovenwhiskers.com has volunteered to help me out once again with some special letters.  Boo concentrated really hard, read the letters and posted some awesome replies.  Please show some love to Dear Boo my friends!  And, don’t forget to go and visit him at his blog.  He’s still a kitten and is full of energy and spunk as you will see below 🙂  Enjoy



Dear Boo,
What? We’re just taking a break, figured I would show you what true working mules really do. Not the easy job of going to birthday parties and having kiddies ride your back. No, this is hard hat and safety gear moving dirt sort of work. So when do you plan on joining us?
Signed Working 925 Mules

Dear 925 Mules,

I don’t think meowmy would want me playing in dirt, but I…

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It’s time……

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Please stop by and send condolences to rumpy and family, they are saying goodbye to dede.


Yes, we’ve been quiet this weekend.

We’re saying our good-byes to DeDe.


It’s time, and we’re not handling it well.

Thank you for understanding. We’ll be back when we’re able.

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Multiple Female Households

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A great post about female dogs and why you might not want two in a household together.

Temporary Home, Permanent Love

I tend to have a knack for having sometimes unpopular opinions (like this) and today’s topic will be no different.  In fact, it’s something I’ve been debating even bringing up here on the blog for a good 9 months or so now.  A comment from a fellow fosterer who was sharing their story pushed me over the edge and I’m going to do it.  I’m going to talk about why I believe two female dogs in the same household is a bad idea.

Pit Bull

There, I said it.  But before anyone thinks I’m just being a kook, or overly dramatic due to recent and past events, hear me out!  Just shy of two years ago I spent a week volunteering at Villalobos Rescue Center (you might better recognize them from the tv show “Pit Bulls and Parolees”.)  To say it was an eye-opening experience would be the understatement…

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