14 Things about early mornings..

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I wanted to take a break from the short stories ( don’t worry they will be back Saturday) and share my discoveries of 14 things I’ve noticed about the morning commute routine..

7 Things I hate about the morning commute

1. people driving with their high beams on at 630 in the morning.. (for those that don’t have to get up at the butt crack of dawn.. before 7ish it’s dark.. so being behind me with high beams on is not going to motivate me to drive any faster)

2. it’s dark going to work

3. i have to wake up at the butt crack of dawn

4. morning people at work are rude..it’s like they are zombies until about lunchtime then they try to run you over while getting out of the parking lot going to lunch and then try to run you over again trying to get home

5. gotta go to bed early…before 11pm early (i normally working noon to 10:30pm so i don’t have to go to bed until 11 or midnight)

6. traffic looks like this coming home.. what would take me 45 minutes to get home now takes an hour and then some…

7.  I’m not hungry in the morning.. it’s too early to eat

7 Things I love about the morning commute

1. daylight when i come home – I’m not so vampiric..

2. evening news! (not that I watch it.. but I can.. it’s the thought that counts)

3. dinner at a normal time.. (5-6ish)

4. view of the Bayside Bridge coming to work as the day is beginning.. with the glimmer of light and some clouds is just breathtaking

5. daylight -did I mention that? I love daylight it makes me happy like a bird with a french fry happy

6. the past few evenings I’ve seen a small rainbow in the clouds as I’m close to home.. that’s a sight i can only see when coming home 15 minutes before sunset

7. businesses are still open when i get home.. not just Denny’s and Ihop 🙂

Side note.. while pulling visuals for this.. I found this

I so want this for work.. ❤

Chapter 1 – Exile (part 2)

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Chapter 1 – Exile part 2


The city was ablaze as the straw roofs were no match for the fireballs and roofs caught fire quickly and crumbled upon the sleeping villagers. The screams echoed as people ran trying to save themselves.

They stopped at a corner to catch their breath and he was trying to think of which path would lead them out of the city quickest when he heard a creaking noise above them, she looked up and he tried to pull her away but it was too late as one of the support  beams of the shop they had rested near crashed down, pinning her down to the ground. For a moment Delmar had feared he had gone deaf from the metallic screeching noise until his ears picked up another deafening noise, her screams of pain and sobbing.

He saw the growing stain on the gray shirt she was wearing,” Hold still.”
He tried to push the beam, but found it too heavy and too hot as it burned away a layer of skin on his palms.

“Leave me.”

“Go. It would take three men to lift this beam.”

“I will find them and come back for you.”

It felt like an eternity to Delmar as he had tried in vain to find someone to help her, but only found people too scared to do anything but scream and run or those that were helping themselves to valuables and food that may have been left. Upon returning to where he had left her, the rest of the buildings surrounding the area had collapsed due to the raging fires which had left ash and gray smoke in the air. He tried shouting out her his hands cupped on both sides of his mouth only to get a mouth full of smoke and ash, he choked, and coughing so hard it brought tears to his eyes.

He had to find her, after all he was the one who should have paid closer attention when they were outside, and instead he was too busy looking into the sky for the fire-breathing dragons.

He dove in hands first, the smoking rubble seared off another layer of skin on his arms  gritting his teeth through the pain as he shoved his hands further in, the smell of burning flesh made him slightly queasy and he darkly reminded himself she may already be dead.

As the sun made its way slowly from east to west he found bodies; all of them were her dark-haired, olive-skinned and eyes staring blankly ahead. Each body made him further frustrated and determined, he had to find her.  Take her away from this destruction and tell her… his hands stopped digging for a moment as he tried to think of what it was he was going to tell her.

“I came back.” He mutter to himself, lips covered in black soot from the rubble as his hands went feverishly digging some more.

It wasn’t until nearly dusk when he stopped, from sheer exhaustion, his knees and hands numb from use and he knelt over the last of the shallow graves he had dug for the victims of the previous night, he didn’t even have the strength in his arms to wipe away sweat from his face as he tried to get up but instead fell sideways his ash irritated eyes looking up at the orange-red sky.

His mind was racing trying to think of where he hadn’t looked and urging him to continue but his body had finally given out, just as darkness came to claim him he heard a voice whispering in a language he had never heard before . Seeing what could only be described as an aura coming from the east, it nearly matched the sun’s fading gold rays.

When the face came into view he thought for a moment he was looking upon the Goddess Herself. The woman knelt before him, and put a hand underneath his neck lifting his head to a small bowl his cracked lips made contact with it, his mind registered it as water as he took a few sips and brought his hands up to hold the bowl. It was then he saw the horrific sight that had become his hands, they were not only blackened by dirt and soot but skin was hanging off of them and something hit him, pain. The sheer suddenness of the pain caused him to release an inhumane scream from his ash covered lips. In that split second he forgot that he was holding a bowl of water and had split into his open mouth and down his throat, sputtering loudly as if a fish out of water.  The redheaded woman what was his savior eased him into a sitting position as he coughed violently. Another emotion hit him after the coughing had subsided, he had failed to protect Kiera, she was dead and it was his fault. Tears fell freely as he wept for his lost King and Queen, his fellow knights in training, villagers but especially for the one woman who would have his heart.


“Did we have to leave because of me?” he managed to ask at the campfire after the day’s journey.

“Yes, but it is not your fault. ” she fumbled again for the words, ”The Goddess led me to you. It is not your fault.”

“If you hadn’t found me, you wouldn’t have to leave.”

“No, my path Was chosen before you were there.”

“You are a shaman?”

She blushed for a moment, looking down, “Almost. I was on a journey to become one when the Goddess lead me to you.”

“I am sorry.”
“It is ok. How are your hands?”

He flexed them gently, unsure of their ability, she sat next to him and unwrapped them there was no tugging on the skin this time and no loose skin that came along with it. The green paste was absorbed into his skin and there was new pink skin over the badly burnt places.

“They feel better, but how?” he said amazed at how quickly his skin healed.

“Zarani, it is a healing root. Rest.”

Sleep came to him easily enough but so did the dreams…

Mountains shrank slowly giving away to snow-capped mountains fierce winds and shin deep snow he trudged through it while she walked on snow piles as though weightless and not cold but her hands were.

He awoke with a start to find himself in the cot that had been his bed for the past few months since they had been in I’shara.

His heart raced hands throbbed painfully as though freshly burned.

“Another nightmare?” a voice said in the dark.

He jumped

“Sorry. I heard you talking in your sleep. Was it the same one?”

He nodded then realized she couldn’t see him, “Yes, we were trying to make our escape it was right before the beam fell.”

She whispered a few words in another language and the fire sprung to life  suddenly, bathing the hut in an eerie orange glow, like Nyma on fire he thought to himself.

“I can take them away.” She offered

“No.” he said more forcibly than he meant causing her to cringe.

“I’m sorry.”

“It’s not your fault, you saved me and that is call I can ask for. Maybe seeing the ruins in person will stave off the nightmares.”

“Will it bring you peace knowing there is nothing left?”

“I don’t know, but it’s better than just sitting here and trying to not fall asleep and hoping for something to release me from this. I must see the ruins for myself and know there’s nothing left for me there, my future is now in my scarred hands maybe then… I’ll accept it.”
“You are not as scarred as you believe.”

“I am only scarred where it counts and it can never be mended. I should have been hit by that beam instead of her, may she would have lived instead.”
“She would have felt the same way, so it solves nothing.”

“No, it wouldn’t.” he agreed gloomily.

“Then go, nothing holds you here.”

“What about you?”

“I have no reason to see it nor return to those mountains. I am safe here if that is your concern.”
He blushed, “Of course it is.”

“But I couldn’t save you from the pain of the memories. I have failed in that way.”

He lifted her chin up with his cupped hand, looking into her forest green eyes,” How many people here alone owe their lives to you? You never failed. I’m alive and I’m thankful for it.”


“You did what you could and that’s what matters. Thanks to you I can wield a sword again.”

The tendrils of early light had just begun to creep into the sky when Delmar woke up, gathering his things that he had packed the night before in hopes of not waking Adra.

He was just tiptoeing towards the door when he heard her voice

“You were going to leave without goodbye?”

“I didn’t want to wake you.”

“Sleep is a luxury only the lazy can afford.”

And within a few moments she was heading for the door allowing him to go out first while she grabbed something before heading out herself.

The air was crisp cold and his hands throbbed dully, he flexed them gently within the confides of the gloves he had purchased a few days ago.

“How are your hands?” she asked noticing him flexing them.

“Ready to leave the never-ending winters here for grass, trees that aren’t snow covered and mountains in the distance.” He caught the wistful look in her eyes, “Are you sure you don’t want to come with?”

“No, I belong here at least for now, the villagers need me.”

A sudden breeze caught his coat trying to push his hood off, he pulled it closer to his head, shivering, wondering if he had such a good idea to leave in the middle of the blizzard season.

“Are you not cold?” he asked her, noticing her lack of a thick coat much less snow shoes, she was walking on the top of the snow-covered ground and not sinking into it as he was.

“No.” she said as blew her hair to the side of her face.

They walked to the end of the village and he could have sworn it had gotten colder in those few minutes.

“Well I guess this is it.”

“It is.” She agreed, handing him a bag to his questioning look she supplied,” provisions courtesy of

S’aarm the baker. I know you love his soft rolls. He made some as a thank you for helping him There is also some cured meat, candy and some crushed herbs.”

“You shouldn’t have.”

“I could not let you go without supplies.”

He smiled, “Thank you.”

She gave him a quick hug, “May the goddess bless the path that lies before you.”

He trudged through the snow, pausing for a moment to look back and see her disappearing into the distance.

Chapter 1 – Exile (part 1)

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Chapter 1, part 1,  this is longer than the prologue so part 2 will be posted tomorrow.


“Adra, you stand before your peers accused of breaking one of our most sacred laws. You were sent on a quest for your future placement in this tribe as its shaman and return with an outsider. Knowing we do not make contact with them, much less bring them within the sacred boundaries of our village.  Explain yourself.”

The red-haired woman stood before her tribe stoically if not defiantly, “The Goddess spoke to me.”

The crowd began to whisper among themselves, sounding like leaves a tree shaking in a sudden gust of wind.

The Elder held up a hand withered with age to silence them, turning to the redhead who stood before him, “The Goddess Sories Maria herself spoke to you?”

“Is that that hard to believe? That is why I was sent to the mountains with little food and water isn’t it, to find if I am truly worthy to be a shaman. “

“Yes, but-“

“It was She spoke to me and told me there was suffering in the city below? Should I have ignored Her and faced Her wrath and let those people die or follow the path that She has laid out before me?”

“Adra, you cannot expect to go unpunished. You know our laws.”

“That city has done nothing but protect us; allowing us to live in the peace and prosperity. How can we stand by and watch innocent people suffer?

“We do not know if they are innocent.”

“Who are we to judge? They were in need. There was an evil presence there, you felt it, Cloud as did you, Celicy,” she turned towards the Elder’s personal shaman and then a blonde woman in the crowd,” You both are healers  in your own rights, do not tell me you did not feel it.”

“I did feel something sinister.” The tall blonde piped up, wanting to say more but she received a few disapproving looks from others.

“It was the Goddess chiding us for our involvement in outsider affairs.” A voice came from within the crowd; Adra recognized the voice instantly as the tribe’s head warrior Sky. The crowded murmured in agreement, she tried to resist the urge to roll her eyes, ever since turning down his marriage proposal it seemed his sole purpose was to do what he could to make her life difficult.

Noticing that he had the upper hand at the moment he continued,” The outsider is within the very walls of our home; soon the Goddess will enact her vengeance and strike down this great mountain for violating Her laws.”

The crowd stirred obviously scared by his words.

This time Adra couldn’t suppress herself,” Her laws? I highly doubt the forgiving and peaceful goddess that  She is would want us to not help others when they are in need.”

“Adra, I warn you not to challenge the laws that have held this tribe together for centuries.” The Elder said angrily.

“But that is what this is about isn’t it? I dared to help an outsider not watch him slowly die.  How can we as a tribe condone this type of behavior? We are no better than the H’enigh who attack villages for the sake of pillaging.”

Gasps in the crowd, she knew she had made a mistake comparing her people to one of the most violent tribes in all of Yasorus, but it was too late to take it back. Her fate was decided long before the trial had started.

“That is quite enough from you.  I hereby exile you from our lands and if you try to return it will be under penalty of death. You have until sundown to gather your belongings as well as your outsider and leave our lands.  Whatever fate awaits you, it shall not be the fate of the rest of the tribe.”

With those words the Elder proceeded down the stone steps of his chair and disappeared among the crowd heading towards his hut. The world seems to stand still, his words ringing in her ears; she bent over trying to keep herself from fainting.

“I am sorry, Adra.” A voice said softly next to her, it belonged to the blonde woman of whom has been her mentor the past few years. .

“You tried, Celicy. That is more than I could ask for. “ she forced herself to regain her composure, there was more than just her life at stake.

“But your quest to become a shaman was in vain.”

“No it wasn’t.  The Goddess has chosen my path and I need only to follow it, wherever it may take me.“

She turned her back towards the chair the Elder had sat in just a few minutes earlier and walked to her hut, the crowd had long since dissipated there was nothing more to see.

Her cheeks flushed with anger as she neared her hut and saw the dark haired warrior that was Sky blocking entrance with his broad frame.

“You brought this on yourself you know.”

“I hardly think there was a need for a public trial.”

“If you had simply said yes your place as a shaman would was guaranteed without the need for a quest. “

“You simply do not get it do you? I saved someone’s life and you cannot accept the fact that I want nothing to do with you? Are you truly that self-centered that you do not see our laws our wrong?”

“The only thing I see is a woman who will be without a head as soon as the sun sets,” he reached out and caressed her chin,” and what a pretty little head it will be to lose.  I hope you know where our borders end.”

He walked away leaving her fuming both in embarrassment at him having touched her and in anger that he was no more obedient  of the tribes laws than she was and yet she was the one facing exile. Pushing through the cloth fabric and stepping into her hut she found her anger quickly disappeared when she caught the sight of the sleeping form of the man she had rescued from the smoldering ruins of the city of Nyma.

The end justified the means, she had saved a life, his, whomever he was. She felt that it would be his turn to save hers one day.

Happy New Year

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(I couldn’t help myself  =^.^= Anyways, happy new year)