Meet Fatboy Babushka


Meet Fatboy Babushka


How did you get the name Fatboy Babushka?

“Well, my first name … I don’t know how I got it. Oh, yes … I remember now. I’m big-boned … not braggin’ just sayin’. My last name is a long story. Maybe we should get some treats. Excuse me….MOMMY! Can me and my guest have a few treats? Thank you! Well, a babushka is a scarf that ladies wear on their heads to look beautiful. Anyways, when I was a kitten I was feral and I slept outside in a wooden box that my Mommy made for me. I wouldn’t let her touch me so at night she would take a blanket and throw it on my head so that it wouldn’t snow on me. Then, she would tuck it in under my chin and she said I looked like I was wearing a babushka. I love my name. I have a friend, Mr. Lucky … do you know Mr. Lucky? Well, he likes to say my name over and over again. He says, Babushka, Babushka, Babushka. He is so funny.”

How old are you?

“I am four years old.”

How did you come into your mom’s life (I see you were a rescue kitty)?

” Well, I was abandoned as a kitten and raised by a possum.  It all started …. wait, I better have a few more treats.  Where was I?  Oh yes … it all started in Fall and the leaves were falling from the trees.  I was hungry and tired.  I spotted a treehouse in a neighbors yard and decided to climb the tree and take shelter there.  I was very surprised to see a possum asleep in the corner of the house.  At first I was frightened; but I was so tired from climbing the tree that I quickly fell asleep.  When I awoke, I felt something very warm and furry next to me.  I opened my eyes to see a  pointy nose staring at me; MOL.  It was the possum letting me know that he liked me and he would take care of me.  I named him Pete.  We went everywhere together.  We found our food in garbage cans and gardens.  Pete was very good at hunting for food.  During the day, children played in the treehouse  so me and Pete explored the neighborhood looking for food.  One day we found Mommy’s yard and we watched her feed the squirrels and the birds and the chipmunks.   She kept trying to pet me but I wouldn’t let her because I was feral. Anyways, one day she tried to pet me and I got scared so I put my teeth on her. It was an accident. I don’t mean to do it. Well, someone told her that she better catch me and take me to the veterinarian to make sure I wasn’t a rabbit. After 2 weeks they decided I wasn’t a rabbit, and they let me go home with her. I didn’t want to bite her anymore. Now, I belong to her and she belongs to me.”

Does being double pawed make life easier or more difficult? (I don’t believe I’ve ever see a double pawed cat before)

“I think it is easier because my thumbs come in very handy when I use the computer … you know for the space bar and all. It’s called …. um … Sunny! What does Smoky call me?


SUNNY: Naughty.

“Not that! Oh, I remember, I’m called polydactyl. But I’m not a dinosaur or anything. It just means I have extra toes on my paws.”

I see you have quite a list of accomplishments on your facebook page, may I share with the readers?

“Oh, yes. Feel free to share everything with the readers. Well, I don’t like to blow my own kazoo or anything, but …… hey, that reminds me, I must add “plays the kazoo” to my resume. Excuse me … now where was I? Oh, yes. I have a list of accomplishments but …. MOMMY …. am I bragging if I speak of all my accomplishments? Mommy? Oh, she must be on the toilet or something. You may not know this; but I  don’t know to meow, I  quack. Wanna hear me? Okay wait …. I have to get down from this chair. Now listen carefully, because sometimes it comes out too soft …….. ahem ……. {Buuuuurrrrrrrp} … excuse me … that wasn’t it … Sometimes that happens. I’ll try again later.

Fatboy’s Accomplishments:

Fatboy Babushka has appeared in several music videos created by lonestarbabe01 for The Lucky Knight Pub.

Fatboy Babushka was also a Supermodel and appeared on the cover of PetFancy Magazine and was voted “Mr. Handsome of the Universe for all Eternity”.

Fatboy Babushka won a consolation prize for not winning PetMeds “The TV Star Search Pet Photo Contest”.

Fatboy Babushka is the President and Chief Designer of his own Jewelry Company. His first design was an ankle bracelet – embellished with bells, feathers and a mouse for his Mommy as a Christmas gift. His inspiration? “I wanted to hear when my Mommy was coming to look for me”.

Fatboy Babushka was asked by Tyron one of his good friends from Africa,  on facebook to name their kitty cat. After viewing a photo of the kitty, he immediately thought of ” Holly Go Lightly” (as in Breakfast at Tiffany’s) because he said the kitty’s face reminded him of Audrey Hepburn who starred in the movie. He has now added “Kitty Cat Namer” to his list of credits.

Fatboy Babushka formed his own Production Company and now makes movies under the name Fatboy Babushka Productions. His videos can be viewed on YouTube as well as on his facebook page.

Fatboy Babushka created and starred in an Info Commercial for kitties who have been put on a Diet by their owners; titled “Fatboy Babushka Ignores his Mommy”. The video shows how to effectively make your human feel sorry for you after they have rationed your food. Proven methods such as “Talk to the Butt” … “Avoid eye contact with your human” and “Look like you’re Starving” are shown how they will have your human feeling sorry for you in no time.

Fatboy Babushka wrote an Advice Column for his Facebook friends on 1/14/12 and offered advice (free of charge)on how to solve their problems.

On April 6 of 2012 Fatboy was awarded “Inspirational Friend of the Week” by Royal Ruskies. This was a very important award for Fatboy because they said “Fatboy was chosen as this weeks inspirational furfriend because he is always looking for new way to help others…” Fatboy was thrilled and has put this achievement in his scrapbook

What award/accomplishment are you most proud of?

“Well, I was voted “Most Inspirational Friend of the Week by my friends and Jack and Elwood from the Royal Ruskies. They have a newspaper called the Blues News and that was a very special honor for me. I cried a little when I found out.”

“And I was asked by a popular author, Bingo, (you may have heard of him), to write a review of his book “Bingo Explores the Farm”. My review appears on amazon.com.
Oh, and I was asked by the famous radio show personality, Joyce Parmelee, to appear on her internet radio show W4WN and let’s see … oh, yes …. I made a poster with 87 of my friends from The Red Wig Society and sent it to the troops overseas to show them that we support them. And Sgt. Larry Thomsen III, sent me a thank you note and said that he hung it up in the Morale and Welfare tent for the US soldiers.”

“Oh, and me and my BFF, Stinky held an auction on Fatboy Babushka’s Auctions for KIN facebook page and we raised $3,000.00 for over 20 needy kitties who had chip-ins. But everything I’ve accomplished was done with the help of all my friends who are very supportive and very generous. My friends are the best!”

“Oh, one more thing …. did you happen to see my movie “The Case of the Missing Hen”? It’s on YouTube. Well, it was my first mystery and I am a little proud of it because I not only starred in it but I also Directed and Produced it. I was Inspector Clawseau and a lot of people said I did a very good job acting.”

I see that you have a chip in for KIN (kittens in need), how did you start this and how to do you choose what kittens it supports?

“Oh, yes. we created a Directory called Fatboy Babushka’s Directory of Chip-Ins so that all the chip-ins would be in one place to make it easier for everyone to find and donate.

Mommy set up some guidelines for the chip-ins to make sure that they’d have accurate information; like the name of the veterinary hospital, and an address and phone number and important information like that. We want everyone to feel comfortable that their money is going to a good cause.

Anyone who provides the information that Mommy asks for will be listed in my Directory of Chip-Ins. Most of the time it’s kitties but we will list any chip-in if someone needs help. For instance, we have listed chip-ins for dogs, and rabbits, and birds and raccoons and … oh, wait … I didn’t mean raccoons. Because, you know what happened? We had a family of raccoons who broke into our pet door and ate all my food. They also ripped the head off of Sunny’s toy mouse and then pooped all over Mommy’s new rug. Well, anyways, we don’t have a chip-in for raccoons right now, but if there was a needy raccoon I think I would help him and so would my friends … just sayin’.”

For those cats out there that are on a diet do you have some words from you info commercial Fatboy Babushka Ignores his Mommy that you would like to share? May I include the info commercial?

“Oh, did you see that movie? Well, I was a little mad that day. My Mommy tried to put me on a diet and only gave me a half a can of my Fancy Feast. She thought I wouldn’t know but I did. I didn’t want to play with her and I turned my back to her when she tried to film me. Well, I almost fainted from hunger … just sayin’. But, let me see, if I was to give any advice, I would say …. Oh, here’s a good tip … MOL ….. I don’t share this with too many kitties … but, when your humans are asleep, go in the drawer where they keep your treats and take a few bags out and hide them; then you will always have food when you want, just sayin’.”

Do you plan on doing another Advice Column in the future?

“I would very much like to do another Advice Column. Thank you for reminding me. I shall hold a meeting with Sunny Papoochie and Smoky to see how that can be arranged. (Note to self … meet with Sunny and Smoky for advice).”

Tell us about the Red Wig Society and what got you started with the idea.

“Oh yes.   When Goody, mon ami (that’s French you know)  came to my Birthday Party (see Fatboy Babushka’s Birthday Party page on facebook) (https://www.facebook.com/pages/Fatboy-Babushkas-Birthday-Party-Page/222654327826725?ref=hl), he wore a red wig.  It was so popular that everyone wanted a wig just like Goody.  So, I created The Red Wig Society, an organization where animals all over the world could get wigged for charity.  I named Goody President of France and I am CEO … just sayin’.   Well, then we needed a place to get wigged, so Amy Roach created a page for Fatboy’s Boutique and Hair Salon.  We have a staff of 4 professional wiggers (Patricia Seguin, Amy Roach, Lisa Sterling and Katy Buddhiraju) who will wig anyone in exchange for donating $1.00 to the chip-in of their choice. Here’s a photo of a keychain that I created for my on-line store where 100% of the profits go to help Kitties In Need”.

What advice would you like to give to people who are afraid/scared to pursue their passion?

*** Fatboy puts on his baseball cap and starts to perform a rap song he wrote ***

Don’t give up … I’m just sayin’
Stay in the game and keep on playin’
Winning’s only half the fun
Doing your best is getting it done.

Be happy, be smart; you’ve got what it takes and that’s a start
Be happy, be smart; you’ve got what it takes and that’s a start.

Be yourself and act how you feel
Don’t be a phony ……. Keep it real
Look in the mirror everyday
Love who you are and then just say ….

I’m happy …. I’m smart … I’ve got what it takes and that’s a start
I’m happy .… I’m smart … I’ve got what it takes and that’s a start

The more you say it, the sooner you’ll see
Your dream will become a reality
Tell yourself “Hey, I am strong” …
Don’t be a bully ‘cuz that’s just wrong

Just sayin’ ….. now Believe it!
Just sayin’ ….. now Dream it!
Just sayin’ ….. now  Try it!
Just sayin’ ….. now Do it!

Is there anything else you would like to say?

“Yes I would like to say to children everywhere to never stop dreaming because they can be whatever they want to be as long as they try hard enough. Oh … and also I’d like to say hello to all my friends on facebook because I have the best friends in the world. Mommy how many friends do I have? …….. oh, she didn’t answer …. Oh, she must be in the bathroom or something, just sayin’”

Fatboy Babushka’s Links:

Fatboy’s website – http://www.fatboybabushka.com/

Fatboy’s facebook page for Kittens in need – https://www.facebook.com/FatboyBabushkasAuctionsForKinKittiesIsNeed

Fatboy’s Youtube Page  – http://www.youtube.com/user/fatboybabushka?feature=watch

Fatboy’s  Boutique –http://www.zazzle.com/fatboysboutique

Fatboy’s Birthday Party Facebook page – https://www.facebook.com/pages/Fatboy-Babushkas-Birthday-Party-Page/222654327826725?ref=hl

Fatboys Means Business- http://www.fatboybabushka.com/Page_5_.php

Fatboy’s Kittens in Need Auction Page – https://www.facebook.com/FatboyBabushkasAuctionsForKinKittiesIsNeed?ref=hl

Fatboy’s Boutique & Hair Salon – https://www.facebook.com/pages/Fatboys-Boutique-and-Hair-Salon/372401999458534?ref=hl


Author’s Note: A huge thank you and pets go to Mr Fatboy Babushka for taking the time out of his busy schedule for the interview. Photos were used with permission (as they are copywritten and trademarked according to Mr Fatboy Babushka). 

Meet Spike Wee, the therapy dog to animals


Author’s Note:
After stuffing myself full of Thanksgiving goodness, I was unable to fight Spike Wee’s insistent advances on taking over the blog.. without further ado let’s welcome Spike Wee the therapy dog to animals. =^.^=  

My full name is Spike Wee Toomey and I am 19 years old,  that’s 133 in doggy years!!  Just to wet you know, I have twouble  pwonouncing my L’s and R’s so you’ll have to bear with me.

Sunday Morning wewaxation time……….ahhhhhhh ………..um, moma?  Fwench Toast Pwease
Playing home on the range for the guests at my dude ranch.
Muffy and I when we were dating………….those were the day’s!!
I came from Kowea and was Stitched, stuffed and sewn on July 4, 1993 by a magical  wizard who bwought me to wife.  Once I was put together I decided to wun away and hitch a wide on da back of a toy twuck to come to the United States to wive the American dweam!!  I knew dat if I could get myself onto a shelf in a toy store dat someone would adopt and take care of me forever so dat is just what I did.  Knowing how soft, pwush and cute I was, I felt confident I would find myself a home fairwy quickly, so I propped myself up onto a shelf in a hospital gift shop and all I had to do was to just be my iwesistible self.  Well wots of people wooked at me and thought I was just adorable but only one person weawy had her heart set on me, a cute girl named Twixy who wanted to buy me for her sick fwiend who was in the hospital.  Next thing I knew, I was stuffed into a paper bag and cawied to my next destination.  Before no time at all I was being pulled out of da bag into the arms of a sweet girl named Juwie who instantly fell in wuv with me and took me home with her as soon as she got better and dats where my wife (life) truwy begins!!
Wife was good wiving with mama.  She wuvs all animals and had a couple of cats named Scooter and Daisy, dey were gweat, I snuggled with dem all da time. 
Scooter on left & Daisy
Soon mama started bwinging home wots of stway, sick or abandoned animals and every time she did, she would ask me to snuggle with dem and make dem feel more at home. I didn’t mind at all, in fact, I wuved to help as I reawized how wucky I was and how unfortunate these animals were, I felt so bad for dem so I went to work immediatewy!!  
Micky the German short hair Pointer who was emaciated and had seizures daily.
We found this little darling stuck in a huge woodpile in someone’s yard, it took us 2 hours to take the whole thing apart and another 2 hours to put it back together as not to crush him from moving the logs. 
 I learned what it took to make my animal fwiends feel safe, comfortable and wuved.  I have to admit, my techniques  were very effective and before I knew it, I was a master at it, dey just Wuved me!!! 
This is Buddy, he was chained to his doghouse by a 10 foot lead for 15 years, never groomed, infested with fleas, ticks, skin dermatitis and a fungus, his hair was so knotted that he would of had to be anesthetized to remove it.    This photo was taken at the bottom of the hill in his yard where the doghouse was located and the rain water would rush down the hill right into his dog house. 
This is Shianne, a year and a half year old female, Chow Pit bull mix.  Shianne grew up in the same yard as Buddy above except she was tied to a tree her entire life in the dirt, no shelter.  They would throw stones at her and also throw her food right on the dirt sometimes without a bowl.  They never left her water.  I called animal control but they said by law there was nothing they could do.  I would have taken her except my landlord at the time didn’t allow dogs.   Sadly, I had to have Shianne euthanized  because she became too vicious to everyone except me.  Trust me, I exhausted all of my options to find a shelter or home for her and found one no kill shelter that took her and then 4 days later they called me and said she attacked everyone in the shelter and that I would have to come and pick her up because they could no longer keep her there, she was too much of a risk, nobody would take her on and my only other option was to bring her back to that hell hole……..I could not consciously do that and still stand strong on that decision even though it was the hardest thing I ever had to do in my life.  What a waste of a young strong healthy dog sadly she was better off at peace.  The only good thing about this story is that they agreed to surrender her to me after a year and a half of kissing their butts just so that I could have access to there property and give them both water every day,   We wuv and miss you Shianne! xoxo
Meet Tundra, a stray I picked up off the streets.  I always put up flyers, notify animal control, shelters and Vet clinics to give the owners a chance to come forward.  I also put a temporary name tag on her just incase she is a Houdini but  the owners eventually did come forward to claim her, whew!!  : )    I was so happy she got to go back home because pets get homesick too!!
I asked mama one day why she wuved animals so much and she told me how it all started.  A long time ago she seen this very sad movie called Project X with Mathew Brodrick about a military base animal testing laboratory and how dey torture chimps and other animals for medical and other laboratory testing.  This movie upset her very much and opened her eye’s to the reality of how animals are abused in this world which made her extwemely sensitive to every aspect of animal welated issues and things just took off from dere.
Over da years Mama got more and more involved with animal wescue gwoups and da MSPCA and would also foster animals for dem.  I was getting wots of experience and it was very rewarding but da down side to dis wescue business is giving da animals up to permanent homes, dat was very difficult but worth every minute of it to know dat dey were going to their forever homes.  I have no idea how many patients I’v had over da years as dey just kept pouring in and I never counted but it was never ending for 30 years for my moma and 19 years for me. 
As far as my pweference for dogs or cats, I have to be honest……I wike cats better!!  First of all dey are softer, dey smell better and are gentler, on da other hand, dogs are smelly and too wough, dey would always have me in their mouths roughhousing me, good gweif, no wonder I am fawing apart at da seams, hehehe!!  
Below are 3 pictures of my favorite kitty Stanley, we found him and his twin brother in the woods all awone, their mama must have been killed because she never came back. We found a home for his brother and kept Stanley because he was berry berry sick and we had to get him better. Now he is my favoritest kitty in da whole wide world! 
Getting bigger, better and stronger!!  Yay Stanley : )
My little boy all grown up, hangin with his big brother spike Wee.
Next three pictures are of my Simba…….. AKA……. Prince Poppycock, fluff-a-nutter or hot lips Toomey.  I found Simba as a stray about 8 years ago and he is still with us and staying strong, now his is the old wise man, I should call him Mr. Myiagi now.
Simba Chillin inside their cozy box and blankets together.
I know I’m beautiful!!
Next up is our late, long time friend Snoopy.  We found Snoopy as a stray and we ended up falling in love with him.  With a lot of patience, we got him to finally trust us.
Birthday boy!!!
Royalty at it’s finest………………can someone pleeeease pass the Gray poupon?
To answer your question as to who my first patient was,  it was a wittle kitten named Silly who mama found stuck in da wafters of Grandpa’s old business. Silly was a tiny wittle grey and black tiger who’s mother never showed up so we ended up bottle feeding her and as fate would have it, we kept her as well, I mean, she was my first weal patient and I begged to keep her, of course!! 
It’s a tough job but someone’s gota do it, right?
If I Had to say who my favorite dog was, dere is no question, it was Ginger and her 6 pups.  Ginger was an amazing dog and mother, we had a deep connection.  Eventually we found Ginger her forever home which was a berry berry sad time for us but happy for her as she had another doggie waiting for her at her new home.   We have always gone back and visited Ginger and all of our foster dogs just to make sure dey were settled in ok and to ease da twansition for dem. 
Now, if you want to know who was my favorite patient in genwal, that would have to be Scrappy da squirrel, he was da bomb. We got him as a very tiny baby and raised him (with da help of a wildwife rehabiwitator of course, it’s da law) until he was ready to be released back into da wild. Scrappy was a ball of fun and I Wuved him so much dat we became da bestest fwiends ever!!  When Scrapy was ready to be reweased back into da wild, we did what you call a soft rewease which is simpwy putting a tempowawy shelter in a twee for him until he adapts to da wild and builds his own nest, also, checking on him daiwy until he had adapted to his new environment. Scrappy came to us on command from his twee house for da first couple of weeks and would come up to mama and kiss her wight on the wips teehehe then swowly stopped coming all together which was a berry berry sad day for us. We want to believe dat he met his soul mate somewhere in da twee tops and had little babies of his own. We have wots of video and pictures of Scrappy and many other animals dat we have wescued.
Bed time for my little sweepy doo monkey guy………….zzzzzzzz
Table for one….. hehehe
Our wescues are mostly cats, dogs ,  birds, squirrels and a few  other animals, we have also rescued  a fish bewieve it or not.  Mama went to a wedding once and the bwide had chosen gold fish as a centerpiece on every table and mama seen these dwunk guys throwing beer and other stuff in da fishbowl!! She stormed over there and yelled at all of dem, took the fish away from dem and brought him home to wive with us, poor fish!
This bird belonged to a distant friend who was unable to properly care for the bird because of her busy schedule and also the location of the cage was too stressful for him so he began pulling out his own feathers which they will often do if they are stressed.  I placed him in a home with another woman who had lots of experience and other birds, he was quite content there.
As far as house calls, mama has made many over da years including the bird above.  Also, mama is a twapper for da Homewess Cat Project a nonpwofit organization who’s mission is to contwol da stway cat popuwation.  It is a twap, spay/neuter and release pwogram.  It is based on all vowunteers and money is waised through different methods.  Dey have participating vets who do da spay/neutering at low costs.  Once a colony of cats are reported to us, one of our volunteers go out and twap each cat, bring dem into da cwinic for altering and vaccinations, den returne dem back to where dey were twapped then feed da colonies and we also pwovide shelters.  we have done over 10,000 cats to date.  During surgery, da vet cuts the tip of the left ear off for identification purposes  just incase we twap them again we will know that we have already done them, especially because a wot of cats look identical, it is called ear tipping and it does not hurt them.
Mama has fostered and volunteered for different rescue organizations over da years as well, incwuding da MSPCA.  Dere are no dogs dat we have wescued dat have gone on to become thewapy dogs demselves, maybe someday.  
Well, this concwudes my part of da interview, below mama will answer your question as to what advice would she give on animal wescue for those who are interwested. 
Your Fwiend,
Spike Wee
Hello, Christina, thank you for the opportunity to share my thoughts and idea’s about what animal rescue is all about. 
First, before I give my advice on animal rescue I have to address one very important issue which is the whole basis of this subject.  Many times over the years I am asked time after time, how is it that I can do this type of work and that they could never do this themselves because it would be too painful and heartbreaking.  Well, my answer to that question  is, do you think that this doesn’t bother me or any of us who are involved in rescue, to see animals suffer and sometimes die right in our own arms?  Of course it bothers us and it is  overwhelmingly painful for us because of our sincere love for animals, however,  you have to put things into perspective.  If I and people like myself didn’t reach out and act in a selfless manner then who would? 
Most people are animal lovers and only  love to hear happy ending stories but you have to remember this, there has to be a horrible beginning  before there can be happy ending.  Rescuers make it possible for that happy ending to occur. If we didn’t step in, that animal would still be suffering as we speak.  I look at it this way also, If your fear is that you are going to come across an animal who is going to end up dying in the end, then you are still winning.  I say this because I believe that is much better to humanely end their needless suffering than to allow them to linger in pain and  for days, months and sometimes even a lifetime.  
For many people if it’s out of sight then it is out of mind which makes their own lives a lot easier but think if It were you out there stranded, all alone and injured, I can guarantee you that the only thought that would be running through your mind would be a hope that a wonderful angel would come out of thin air and just rescue you from your extreme anguish.  For myself, I can’t even enjoy a nice cozy snowy winter day by the fireplace knowing that there are hundreds of animals freezing to death out there.  I may be a little extreme but that is just my compassion taking over. So with that being said. Please, If you ever see an animal in distress, don’t choose to look away, make a difference in the life of that living, breathing creature even if you have to call for help.  There are so many local rescue groups who would love to get involved and would do anything to save the life of an animal.
Now, if I were to give anyone advice on getting involved in rescuing animals, here it is:  As much as we love what we do there is not always a happy ending.  Unfortunately there is a lot of sadness and disappointment in rescue and you learn as you go along that, saving the life of one animal may not change the world but the world will surely change for that one animal, that is a very powerful statement as well as one of my favorite quotes.   Rescue is very rewarding but for me, it is a part of my every day life and just comes naturally.  I would never turn my head away for an animal in need.  They need our help and our voice but you have to pace yourself  with it, take frequent breaks because it can be not only physically and Financially draining but most of all it can be extremely emotionally draining as well  and you can burn out very quickly!   You have to CONSTANTLY  remind yourself that you can’t save the world!!!!!  If you do rescue expect that you are not always going to have a happy ending for whatever reason, you can only do what you can do and there is no, if ands or buts about it!!  don’t put yourself on a guilt trip, tell yourself you did the best that you could do and that your not in the business of hurting animals, it was out of your control.  It took me a very long time before I could  tell myself this and actually believe it, beating yourself up is not going to change the outcome of the situation, it will only slow you down. I can say this thought, you get harder as time goes on but it never gets easier if you are a true animal lover.  Remember, pace yourself and don’t be too hard on yourself, tell yourself you are doing the best that you can.  Allow yourself to mourn but you need to move on to the next animal that needs your help and also for your own sanity. 
I have an example of what I am talking about.  Several months ago I noticed a stray male cat in my neighborhood.   I began my befriending techniques on him. It is a long process of trust techniques that I have developed along the years along with food of course.  Whenever I fed him, I could see that he was starving and ate his food up like a mad dog which made me feel even more bad for him.   As time went on I named him Chippy because he was always so happy and chipper.  I got him to the point where I could actually pet him a little on the head but only when he was eating.  Eventually I trapped and neutered him.   After his recovery I released him back to where I found him which he was ecstatic over.  I made him a nice warm shelter and continued to feed him.  About a week later I was lying in bed and who comes waltzing into my bedroom but Chippy.   Well…I said to myself, that little stinker, he figured out how to use my doggy door, and he was determined to get in to my house.  I allowed it only on one condition and that was if he was polite to my own cats so I told him that he could stay if he behaved and that he be tested for any communicable diseases before I brought him in my house and put my own cat’s in danger.  
Chippy and I had very good communication between one another and understood each other very well and he eventually learned to be good through a lot of love , trust and encouragement, I think he was just so grateful to have a warm place to stay.  While Chippy was with us he began to throw up a lot  and at first I thought it was just because he ate too fast.  I figured he ate so fast because he was in survival mode and didn’t want another animal to take his food away from him.   I also noticed that he would have these weird spells were he would just seem like he was lethargic and lifeless, then 30 minutes later he was fine again.   I couldn’t afford to spend a lot of money on expensive tests so I took him to my long time vet and asked for her advice without spending a lot of money that I didn’t have.   She offered a couple of theory’s and possible solutions.  We went back home to take it one day at a time through trial and error and things seemed to be ok for a couple of days and then one day I came home and found that Chippy had passed away.  I was absolutely devastated, number one because I was really starting to fall in love with him, number two, I spent all this time and effort trying to befriend him which I finally accomplished and three, for him, that was like hitting the lottery and then he dies.  Instead of blaming myself which I would have done years ago, I turned it around and said to myself, ya know,  Im just so happy that Chippy found a home and was loved before he died, even if it was for a short time.  He knew that this was his permanent home and had someone that he could truly rely on and that was just so heartwarming for me and was worth all the pain that I went through.    I couldn’t be mad at myself for not having the money to have all kinds of expensive tests done but I knew I did my best to make his life more comfortable and if I could have done something more for him, than I would have.  It took me many years to learn this.   It doesn’t mean I have no pain for his loss, it just means that I have learned how to cope a little easier and to put things more into perspective.  I am just one of the links of a very long rescue chain.  If everyone acted as one link, what a difference it would make for these helpless animals.  Below, I have a couple of pictures of Chippy, one when and where I found him and the other is when I surrounded him with stuffed animals in a protective circle of love!
 This picture is so very special to me to know how comfortable and at home he was, he could finally rest from looking over his shoulder all the time.   
To conclude this interview, I want to introduce you to BooBoo, my newest and current rescue project.  I found him roaming around my neighborhood and have a good idea that BooBoo is Chippys brother because they are the same age and I’v seen them together once when they were very little but it is hard to tell.  I’ v made quite a bit of progress in the last 2 months with him and he lets me pet him a little and is just starting to come in my house, perfect timing for the bitter cold heading our way.   BooBoo is a unneutered male feral cat meaning born in the wild and he is missing 1/2 of his tail  but seems to have no problems with that at all.  He is mostly good natured but likes to bully my Stanley but they will work it out eventually.  I will post two pictures of him below and will keep you posted with his progress.
Julia Toomey
Author’s Note:
Many many thank yous to Miss Julia And Sir Spike Wee for taking time out of their busy schedule to answer some questions and share some pictures. 
If you want to catch up with Spike Wee… please visit him at https://www.facebook.com/SpikeWeeRescue

Meet Lord Ugly Boy Byron


Meet Lord Ugly Boy Byron

Author’s Note: Lord Ugly Boy Byron is from a small island in Greece.

How old are you?

I am about 10 years old now. I am not sure what day I was really born so Mom went with the day I was found.

Where did your name come from?

My name came the day I arrived into the lives of my parents. Mom and Pops were on their way to work at the Taverna when Pops heard crying inside the big community Trash Compactor being that Pops heart is as big as they come. He crawled into the horrible machine and pulled my dirty, stinky hairless self out of the jaws of death. Pops said “Kaimeno!” (that means poor thing) “He is so ugly…poor poor boy!”

How did you come into your parent’s life?

We went to the Taverna where I had a wash and a big bowl of Noms, antibiotics, anti worm, anti flea and just about any other medicine mom could think of. We don’t have vet here so Mom does her best, we’re lucky she used to be a nurse.As the days pasted, I was always waiting at the Taverna door, Pops would say thats my Ugly Boy.Now in Greece sometimes it is a good thing to say the opposite, for protection from the evil eye.Slowly I changed, fattened up, got hair on my legs and tail, myeyes stopped oozing.But we kept the name just the same and what a lucky name it has been!

Fish-sitting.. and self control

What languages do you understand/speak?

I speak English, Greek and Catinese

What is a typical day like for you?

My routine is always the same:

Mom comes to the Taverna every morning at 11:00 am. I am waiting for her on my little patio off the Bar window where Pops has built a wonderful Space Pod house.
Once the doors and windows are open I can have my brekkie with my little brother Moussaka in the front patio.
We open for business at 7:30 pm…Mom gives us noms again.

Usually Big Red Roy comes to eat too…
Only I am allowed in the Taverna during service…

I have 2 beds behind the bar 1)The Beermbile & 2) DJ corner
At the end of the night Mom gives us Steakie or fishy or some other yummy treat from Pops kitchen, that’s around 2am.

After that we go outside and before you know it Mom is back again!

resting up for a night in the taverna

Do you swim? (since you live on an island)

No, I don’t know how to swim, but Mom’s friend Black Tooly Cat goes to the beach with her. Right to the waters edge!

Have your parents always been interested in cats?

Mom and Pops have always been animal crazy.

The famous beermobile

When the pet store finally was built was that the first time you had actual cat food?

We had cat food in the supermarket but not alway kitty biscuits, or any selection…Now we don’t worry at all!

What is your favorite thing to do?

My most favorite thing to do in the whole world is to cuddle with my mommy at the bar…I can just hug her for hours!

Are there any pictures you would like to share of Greece for those who have never seen it?

Filakia (that means little kisses)!!!!

The view from one of the many beaches

Author’s Note: Many thanks and filakia to Lord Ugly Boy and his family. For more adventures, check him out on facebook at http://www.facebook.com/LordUglyBoyByron

Meet Nibbles, Nutty, Buddy & Basil


Meet Nibbles, Nutty, Buddy & Basil from Hutch a Good Life

Please introduce yourselves:

Nibbles the eldest

Nibbles – As the eldest I think I should make the introduction. *ahem* I am Nibbles, I am a six year old tri-colour guinea pig. Mummy says that I am grumpy but I prefer ‘distinguished’!

My cagemate is three year old Nutty. He is the colour wild guinea pigs are which is quite cool but Mummy says it makes him very difficult to spot when whee are in the garden. It is sort of brown with flecks of black called agouti.Nutty is super spoiled and famously ran up Mummy’s dressing gown sleeve the morning after he arrived home. He has been a clingy Mummy’s boy ever since!
Buddy is a nine months old tri-colour piggy like myself. He is currently recovering from the loss of his brother which hit him quite hard. Usually he is a cuddle monster who loves the smell of lady guinea pigs! Hence his Buddy’s Babes fanclub on the blog!
Our newest addition it Basil. He was only six wheeks old when he arrived and it a pretty grey agouti and white. He is very small but Mummy says his
biggest focus in life is definitely his stomach! He just doesn’t stop eating! I don’t know where it all goes!

How did you come into your mum’s life?


Nutty – Well I came into Mummy’s life when Nibbles lost his first friend, Nugget. Nibbles is a ancient grumpy old man who must have arrived with Mummy a bazillion years ago! I was only five wheeks old which was of course to young to go to a new home but Mummy soon became very protective of me.

Early this year Bingo and Buddy joined the family to be pets for Mummy’s younger brothers. Unfortunately Bingo was almost immediately unwell. When whee lost him Buddy was so upset Mummy had to get him a friend same as she did for Nibbles getting me. And so Basil came into our lives. He is already nice and cheeky!

Do you all live together in the same cage?

Nibbles – Nope. Nutty is certainly enough for me! Whee live in pairs because it is actually nearly impossible to make three boy piggies get along. Most trios will end up having a big fight when they hit the hormonal phase and then you would end up with three single, possibly injured, piggies.

Mummy says some hoomans have made trios work but they had lots of experience in pigsonalities and lots of space! Space is a big thing with us boy piggies. The miniumum cage requirement is 120cm for a pair of piggies, because the more space you have, the less likely whee will argue about getting under each others paws!

Unlike us boars, ladypigs can live in herds of as many as you like. Obviously the cage has to be really big if you have lots though! Most shop bought cages aren’t big enough for more than a pair so it is usually best to look into DIY C&C grid cages (which Mummy doesn’t know all that much about!

Are there different types of piggies? If so what type of piggies are you?


Buddy – There are lots of different types of piggies. Long haired, short haired, and even no haired (known as Skinny Pigs)! Me and Nibbles are tri-coloured short haired piggies. That just means that whee have three colours on our fur. Ours are black, white and tan/ginger. Nutty as described before is an agouti cutie short hair piggy. His fur is brown but the tips of each strand are black which makes him quite striking to look at and surprisingly good at blending into grass and plants in the garden. More than once Mummy has worried that he has escaped his run, only to get closer and realise he is sitting right there munching the grass!

Mummy says that Nutty is funny because he has a sandy coloured belly and ring around his eyes which look like he is wearing make-up! Basil is similar to Nutty in that he is agouti but the similarities end there. Basil is a mainly white piggy but has patches of grey agouti. Those patches of his fur are light grey with a darker grey tip. Mummy suspects that this darker grey will darken to black as he gets older. Like Nutty he has a ring of light (white) fur round his eyes making them stand out even more. Basil eyes are actually pretty special. They are actually purple! Mummy has been trying to get a pigture but none can capture it perfectly. Mummy says some other piggies can have blue eyes but the rest of ours are just a normal black.

What is a typical day like for you?

Nutty – Whee actually did a post about this! You can see a Saturday in the life of me, Nutty Nutkin, here:

[Taken with permission from: http://hutchagoodlife.wordpress.com/2012/08/18/saturday-nut-fever/]

A Saturday In The Life Of Nutty Nut Nutkin!
8:45 – I wake up to fresh food and water nomming a nice brekkie before settling down in fresh hay for a nap.
9:00 – I notice that no piggy has squeaked at Mummy for at least five minutes and begin demands for eleven o'clock veggies . . . To no avail.
10:00 – Glare at all hoomans and look half starved and pathetic. It is difficult with fluffy tummy fur like mine but I try all the same.
11:00 – Mummy FINALLY gives us veggies to loud squeaking and popcorning round the cage.
12:00 – After eating veggies, begging for more and having a cuddle I settle down for a lengthly nap.
3:00 – Mummy wakes me for cuddles and lets me run around the living room, if it is cool enough on a hot day, or warm enough on a cold day, I head into the garden for a run around a taste fresh green spaghetti straight from the lawn . . . Al fresco!
5:00 – Mummy checks food and water levels when cleaning out my lovely messy cage and makes it smell all girly. Does she not understand the work I put into smelling this boarly?!
7:00 – Brought inside from run and begin rearranging the horribly clean cage. Kicking out fresh bedding and restocking the poop piles is just the begining!!!
8:00 – Evening telly box time. Mummy lays a blanket on the sofa next to her and whee cuddle up to watch X Factor with her covering my ears when the hoomans begin to sing like strangled cats (apologies to our kitty friends but it is true!)
9:00 – Returned to cage where Mummy makes sure I drink and eat something (as she does with all the others!) and whee get evening munchie rations of hay. Nomnomnom!
9:30 – Loudly drink from the water bottle through the weather a news until Mummy gives up and says night night before heading up to bed.
9:38 – Proud of my accomplishments I wheek my good night to the others and go to bed, dreaming of all the havoc I can wreak tomorrow.
11:45 – Decide havoc cannot wait and proceed to destroy food bowl, throwing it around and tug on the water bottle till it falls off. Mummy not impressed, refixes the bottle and tidies food before rocking me to sleep in her arms.
11:59 – Back in cage I smile sleepily at Mummy. She knows I can’t wait to do it all again next Saturday!!!
What do you do on Saturday?

Basil, the newest member

Do you get to go outside?

Buddy – Yep! Being British piggies whee have to put up with the always changing weather. Some wheeks it will rain and rain and whee will only get to run inside, on the lino in the hallway. Other wheeks it will be so hot Mummy will only put us out for half an hours with ice bottles to lie on and cover the run with a blanket or she will wait until it’s cooler in the evenings. When it gets really cold in Winter she picks our grass rations from the garden and brings them in where whee will cuddle up with head pads and central heating to stay cosy. But sometimes the weather is sunny, but with a cool breeze and she will put us out with our food, veggies and water and sit out enjoying it with us for most of the day! As whee piggies are quite prone to dehydration and heatstroke Mummy always sits out with us to make sure whee are ok and if whee look even vaguely off colour she takes us straight back inside.

Nibbles smiling

Do you have any advice for people who have never been around piggies?

Nibbles, Nutty, Buddy & Basil – Don’t be scared! Whee don’t bite! Well not unless seriously provoked. That is why it is said whee make such good childrens pets. Mummy says that it is important that an adult is always around when children handle piggies and that an adult takes responsibility for the piggies but otherwise kids can have great fun with them. Mummy has three younger brothers, ‘the little hoomans’ as whee like to call them and they love us all! The only time Mummy has ever been bitten was when she was clipping our claws and whee weren’t to impressed with her piggicuring skills. As long as you speak to us in a calm voice whee are quite happy to chat back to you! Our various squeaks, purs, pops, chatterings and singing make us very entertaining pets. Remember whee are prey animals so whee will run away when you try to pick us up. It’s instinct. Mummy has tamed us so that whee associate cuddles with good things and let her pick us up without fuss but Basil is only just begining his training so he is pretty nervous about leaving the cage!

Websites whee recommend

http://www.theguineapigforum.co.uk/ (A great community of experts who can advise on pretty much anything and share pigtures and funny stories)

http://www.guinealynx.info/ (Mummy calls it the ‘Bibles of Piggy Health Care’ All whee know is it taught her about bathing us and clipping our claws *pouts*)

http://www.petergurney.com/ (Pretty much a guinea pig guru, Mummy loves his books which are definitely worth a read if you are interested in getting piggies or even if you just want to know more about caring for your own!)

http://www.hutchagoodlife.wordpress.com/ (What?! It is the best piggy blog if you want to know how the world looks from the point of view of four cheeky piggies and their Mummy!)


Buddy, rest in piece little one

This article is dedicated to the loving memory of Bingo who suffered much in his short life.

Here is a poem that the piggies mum wrote in loving memory of dear Bingo:

A Piggy Mummy’s Lament

Hush little piggy,
Yes I cry,
I’m very upset,
And I can’t say why.
Hush little piggy,
Cuddle close,
This is the one thing,
I will miss the most.
Hush little piggy,
Feel no fear,
There’s no need to be afraid,
When your Mummy’s here.
Sleep little piggy,
While I cry,
It was the hardest final kindness,
But now I say “Goodbye”.
My little furbaby,
Popcorn free,
But don’t you forget,
What you meant to me.
Your cage feels empty,
Your friend’s alone,
He doesn’t understand,
You won’t be coming home.
Hush my sweetheart,
While we cry,
I’m drowning in my tears,
Like my cheeks will never dry.

Author’s Notes:
I want to sent snuggles and thanks  to Nibbles, Nutty, Buddy and little Basil for agreeing to the interview and their mum for sending their answers. It was a pleasure. I don’t think I’ve giggled so much while editing a blog article. To my readers please take a moment to read their blog and become a follower, it’s a very cute blog written from the point of view of the piggies. =^.^= 

Meet Miss Dolly


Meet Miss Dolly the Diva

How old are you Dolly?

I will be 4 years in March 2013 my first photo was taken in April & mommy thinks i was about 4-5 weeks old when it was taken mommy say’s i was just a little ball of fluff when they got me.

Where did your name come from?

My hoomin sister named me Dolly but my brother wanted to call me Shakira! pheww! i am so glad my sister won on that one mind you i do have some moves like Shakira. Then mommy called me a Diva as i am her little Princess & i like to be in control i have mommy & my hoomin sister wrapped around my paw.

How did you come into your mommy’s life?

before i came along mommy had a white cat called Sugar she was a special cat as she was also deaf. mommy adored Sugar  she was very loud & very naughty as to get attention she used to break mommy’s ornaments & vases but she also had a big personality & was very smart & funny. Then Sugar went to Rainbow Bridge when she was just over 2 years old it broke mommy’s heart & mommy vowed no more kitty’s as she could not take the pain when they passed over. Then a year later my hoomin sister walked in the house with me…well mommy took one look at me in the box & her heart melted,

May I ask how old your son is?

My son Prince Harry will be 3 years old in the first week of January 2013.

Why the name Prince Harry?

It was mommy’s niece that named him Prince Harry she lives in England & was here in Libya with a group at an ancient site as she is an archaeologist  on her way back home she stopped off to stay with us for a week & when she saw Harry mommy had not yet decided on a name for him so she said oh!! he has ginger spiky hair just like Prince Harry of England so we agreed on prince Harry as his name.as it suited him perfectly & of course he was our little Prince .

Are you and your son allowed to go outside or do you stay indoors?

We used to stay indoors all the time then mommy started taking us in the garden for 15 minutes a day sometimes twice a day but during the war we were stuck indoors all the time as it was dangerous mommy found about 12 bullitt’s lying in the garden so we were kept indoors during that time but now she has resumed taking us outside again and we love going in the garden we have our favorite spots and we just like to sit & listen to the birds but we are not allowed out if the weather is really hot or if its cold as Persians are very sensitive.

What would you like to tell people about Persians that they might not know?

Just that we can be very sensitive kitty’s & you have to take very good care of our ears as they are prone to infections if not cleaned every month with our features being flat.

Do you require any special care (extra grooming,nail clipping, eye drops etc? )

Yes! i have really very pale blue eyes which are really sensitive & like a lot of white Persians i get a lot of discharge from my eyes so my hoomin sister has to clean my eyes for me everyday or they go all crusty & don’t look very nice I also am prone to eye infections so sometimes i have to have eye cream & drops i also have to have my nose cleaned as well. I.  have soft silky fur and mommy brushes me & has no problems but in August i was feeling naughty as i wanted mommy’s attention as mommy had been to the hospital all morning while her daughter had an operation and then went straight into the kitchen to cook so she could take food for her daughter at visiting time…mommy was cooking & i jumped up on the dresser & knocked a bottle full of flowers & a oily substance onto the floor. I jumped down onto  the floor & slid in the awful oil which made my fur go all knotty even though mommy gave me that horrible thing the hoomins call a BATH! My fur knotted so much that i had to have my fur on my tummy & sides all cut off & i am not pleased about that at all so i will not be doing anything naughty like that again for sure.

How did your mommy get involved with cats?

Mommy has always had cats since she was a little girl but it was after the war here & what we went through & she was thinking about all the poor animals then mommy joined a lot of rescue pages on Facebook and started signing causes for abused animals  & cross posting for kitties on death row in them awful shelters but mommy wishes she could do a lot more but there is not much she can do being here in this country but she wishes she was outside so she could work helping in a shelter as they don’t have shelters in this country.

Since you are from Libya what would you like people to know about your country?

(the map is courtesy of wikipedia – http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Libya_(orthographic_projection).svg)
I am actually not from Libya i was born in the Ukraine & was put on board a big ship bound for Libya via Egypt by kitty traffickers,  now i was just an itty bitty Kitteh at that time so i can not remember all the details but i know i was with my mommy & my 2 siblings who were also pure white Persians like me as well.
What i do remember i was took to this awful dirty place full with animals and it was not nice & i felt very scared…
Then i had been there for a few days & somebody took me away from my mommy & siblings & handed me to somebody that smelled really nice & cuddled me as soon as she saw me….that was my hoomin sister she had told a colleague at work she wanted a white Persian kitteh and he had walked into her work with me…we then went home & i saw mommy and she was so happy when she held me but she cried as she was thinking of her precious Sugar who went over to the Bridge the previous  year.
After mommy cuddled me she gave me a bath & i heard her counting after that…she got up to 70… Yes!! mommy said i had 70 fleas on my little body…i was so blessed to be taken to my hoomin family but me & mommy always wonder where my mommy & siblings went..we pray they went to good furever homes like me..

Would you like to share anything else about you & your family?

What i would like to share is we never thought we would be stuck in a civil war..that was a very stressful time for us & terrifying at times.. of course me & Harry did not know anything until the bombs started dropping around us the first night that Tripoli was hit by missiles from the sea.  Harry ran under mommy’s bed where he stayed for 3 days he only came out to use his litter box & mommy had to put his food & water at the side of the bed & he was acting really strange that mommy got very worried about him. We have military places all around us so when bombs dropped our windows & doors used to rattle the bombs started after dark till 4 am so we could not sleep but the worst time was when the battle came to Tripoli in August 2011 they were fighting with heavy weapons all around us for 3 days & nights so we got very scared but i knew i would be safe with mommy as mommy stayed here during the war just because of me & Harry. The hoomin daddy wanted her & my hoomin sister to go to England where it was safe as he was away in the oil field for 4 months & only mommy & our hoomin sister & brother were in the house alone with us & things were very scary. People might ask why mommy did not take us with her & go to England but they have a 6 month quarantine time for animals in England & mommy could not be apart from me as she knows i get very stressed even if i am apart from her just for a day so she stayed & risked her life because she loves us so much.

I see you share missing cat pages would you like to share here?

The pages i mostly share is for kitties that are in need of their furever homes that are in shelters one is an animal rescue page that try & save cats from Miami-Dade Animal Shelter which is a very high kill shelter which do not keep the precious furbabies for long….the rescue is   https://www.facebook.com/Undercats4Life?fref=ts    these people are very caring and do a great job trying to save as many cats as they can.
The other page is a Animal Shelter but they have a page which they try & find homes for the kitties so i would also like to add their page..  https://www.facebook.com/TheRealCatsAtWMASS?fref=ts
Also this is my page on facebook…. https://www.facebook.com/MissDollyTheDiva?ref=hl
Author’s Note:
I would like to thank  Miss Dolly and her mother for taking the time to answer my questions. It was a pleasure to interview them as well as get to know a little bit about them. All pictures used with permission. My thoughts and prayers on with Miss Dolly and her hoomans hoping that the civil war ends soon. 

Meet Zoe Blue


Meet Zoe Blue

Zoe when she was little..

How old are you?

I turned a year old on July 23rd. I am no longer a kitten, now I am a CAT!

Where did the name Zoe come from?

It is a name my mama liked and she thought it would be a good cat name. She has a list of good cat names for the future in case she needs them. When mama went to the Wisconsin Humane Society she knew she wanted to adopt a girl kitten and name her Zoe. It is two syllables, so it is pronounced ZO-ee. I was eleven weeks old the day mama adopted me, and my name at the Wisconsin Humane Society was Allie. So I went from A to Z! MOL!

Are you a true blue Russian?

I am not a Russian Blue, but cats that are grey in color are often called ‘blue’. I took the name Zoe Blue for my Facebook page, but I have a secret. My real name is Zoe Chickapea! I thought if I used my real name on Facebook everyone would think I wasn’t spelling chickpea correctly, but it does have the extra ‘a’ in the middle. Mama used to hear it on a podcast she listens to. The man would call the listeners Chickapeas and she liked it.

What do you really think of having a big brother like Jerry?

I love my big brother and he loves me! When I was a kitten Jerry would cuddle me and wash me. He was like my second mama! MOL! When Jerry drinks from the water bowl in the kitchen, I try to get a drink at the same time but the bowl isn’t big enough!

Zoe sneaking in some cuddles with her brother Jerry’s stuffed rat

Is your brother upset you have a boyfriend?

He doesn’t mind. He’s kind of sweet on Ziggy’s older sister Tilly. Jerry likes all the ladycats! He likes to dance with them at parties!

Are there any pictures of you and your boyfriend that I can share?

We don’t have any photos of the two of us together, yet!

What are some of your favorite things to do?

My mama puts peanuts outside on the ledge of the big picture window and the squirrels come to eat them and they are inches away from me! I get so excited! But there is glass between us and the squirrels. I have toys I like to play with, especially anything with catnip.

Is it true you like to be covered in blankets?

My favorite thing is when mama changes the sheets on the bed! I love it when she throws a pillowcase or a sheet over me! It is so much fun! She pokes at me through the sheet and I purr loudly and try to get her finger and mama laughs! Mama has two blouses hanging on the doorknob of the linen closet in the bathroom and I love to pull them down so they land on top of me! She leaves them there just for me because I like to play in them. One time I was under the blouses and my big brother Jerry walked past and I attacked him! He didn’t know I was there because I was under the blouses! It was so funny!

Zoe playing in her mom’s blouse

Is there anything else you would like to add about yourself?

I really like to help other kitties. I had a photo contest on my page this past summer and part of the prizes was to make donations to Chip-Ins that the winners of the contest chose. It was fun to let others chose where the money went! I also had a scavenger hunt on my page recently, and I will be having more of them in the future. The people or pets who want to enter have to pay an entry fee to a chip-in, then they get to play. They are a lot of fun! The winner gets a few small prizes. My friends Jake and Elwood of the Royal Ruskies came up with the idea. They had a scavenger hunt to raise some money for an animal sanctuary, and guess what! I won! I also help my mama make things to donate to auctions to help Kitties In Need.

PS: Miss Zoe Blue wanted to add that she is going to have a scavenger hunt on her page on the 24th.  For rules on how it works check out the note on her facebook page.

If you would like to visit her facebook page and say hello please go to:


Author’s Note: I did an article on her brother Jerry, check out the article here. Many thanks to their mom for letting me interview Miss Zoe.

Meet Reed the Itty-Bitty Three-Legged Pittie


Meet Reed the Itty Bitty Three Legged Pittie


How old are you?

I am 17 weeks old, approx. 4 months.

Where did the name Reed come from?

The founder of PitEssentials Rescue named me, my siblings, my mom and grandma when we came in!

How did you get rescued by Pit Essentials Rescue, and how was the trip to Noble, Oklahoma?

When the cruelty case against my former owner was complete, and we were legally taken from the man, someone from a small town in Texas where we were called the Rescue and explained the situation. The founder talked to the group of volunteers and we did everything we could to raise money and get foster homes to step up. Once we had what we needed, 2 volunteers drove down to Texas and picked us up. The ride was really long, but I was pretty relaxed most of the way. My brother Giddian was sick the entire trip, He was rushed to the ER as soon as we got in. We discovered that he had the PARVO disease. Soon after, my other brother, Spencer, was diagnosed with PARVO too…
When we got to Oklahoma, we were met by all the foster parents and the volunteers to get us vaccinated, dewormed and take us home. That’s where I met my (now forever) momma and daddy! They had wanted to be my foster home!

Were you scared about having surgery?

I was very scared… Every time we went to the vet I would shake. I was afraid I was going to be left again. During the pre-op consultation, the vet had said that it would be extremely painful to have this surgery, since they had to cut through the bone, muscle and nerves. He was right… Even after the surgery, I came home and was so excited to be in a familiar place! But when I went to the ER 2 nights later, I was scared I would be left again… Momma said I clutched her like a cat!

Day #3 after surgery, the area is still swollen

How are you recovering?

I am recovering well! I am on an antibiotic every 12 hours to keep my incision from getting infected, I am on a pain medication every 12 hours, and another pain medication (since the pain was so bad, the ER vet gave this to me) every 8 hours to keep me as comfortable as possible. I am learning how to walk again. Before I would drag my half a leg on the ground, keeping my front left shoulder popped out, and my back right leg extended. The vet said all my muscle was deteriorating quickly. Now I have to learn how to walk like a normal puppy.
My incision is looking great momma says and I am finally getting more energy!

What is the first thing you plan to do when you recover?

There are a few people close by that donated to my surgery that I want to go and thank in person. After that, I am starting training school, where I will become a Certified Therapy Dog by the time I am a year old!!

Do you live with any other four-legged animals?

I live with 3 other dogs:

Miss Ringo aka Buggy (she keeps Reed in line)

– Ringo “Buggy”: Female Boxer, almost 3 years old. Rescued by Red Dirt Boxer Rescue and adopted by momma a couple of years ago.


-Bruno: Male Pit Bull, A year old. Rescued PitEssentials Rescue in January from the Sulphur, OK animal shelter right before euthanasia, adopted by momma and daddy in January (foster flunky #1!)

Journey, previous life as a bait dog now in a happy loving home

-Journey: Male Pit Bull, about 3 years old. Rescued by PitEssentials Rescue last November. He was found in GA starving and wandering the streets. He had been used as a bait dog in the “dog fighting” world. He has scars all over his body and is very timid. He was heartworm possitive too. Momma started fostering him last spring, and he is now foster flunky #2! They have adopted him too. smile

Do you represent a shelter?

I represent PitEssentials Rescue the best I can. I want to get the word out that Pit Bulls are not the scary monsters that people say we are. I am a cuddle bug and a momma’s boy. I want to become a therapy dog to allow me to help people, like people helped me, and to show people a good side to the breed. Most people do not adopt black dogs, pit bulls, or dogs who have “conditions”. I want people to understand that none of these things make us bad! Color of our fur doesn’t change our personality OR your luck. Pit Bulls are not mean monsters like media has made us to be. Look at my brother Journey and I! We were abused and neglected, but we are lovers. We want to sit in your lap, smooch your face, and nap with you as much as possible. (Journey is just a little heavier than I am…Hehe!) The “conditions”, like heartworm positive, missing a leg, blind, deaf, etc. don’t make us bad dogs. It makes us different. We can make a difference and change people’s minds about us! We can still function like any other dog! We may need medicine or help during recovery, but we are still awesome creatures! Ask momma! All of the dogs in our house have had a REALLY rough start to life. We were all rescues. All dumped, abused, neglected or abandoned. And now, we are the best family she and daddy could ask for!

Reed before the surgery notice the stump that is left of his leg.

Are you an advocate against animal cruelty?

I am a HUGE advocate against animal cruelty. My leg was cut off by a man who claimed I was “injured.” He said something happened and it was just “hanging there” so he chopped it off and threw it away. I had to heal outside, with no medicine or anything for the pain. I don’t ever want any other dog to go through this! It was so scary and so painful.
After meeting Journey and learning what he went through as a bait dog, makes me sad. He has so many scars all over his face and body. He has holes in his little ears. His face is covered in gashes and teeth marks. He has scars around his legs where you can see he was hog tied up- perfect circles around his ankles. He is so sweet, and yet people did that to him. Someone was heartless enough to intentionally put him through that! I want it to stop!

Where can your fans send you fan mail & best wishes on your recovery?

I get all of my facebook messages on my page every day, so that is the easiest way. If they want to actually send something, they can send it to the rescue addressed to me! It’s not far from my house smile
PitEssentials Rescue
PO Box 1640
Noble, OK 73068

Reed playing..

Is there anything else you would like to add?

I just want to thank everyone for the support, and all of those people who have donated towards my surgery! We were able to pay IT ALL up front. That is awesome!! I can not thank people enough. Though it hurts, I will be able to be a normal dog for the first time, and I am excited!!



Author’s Note: I would like to thank Reed and his family for letting me do the interview. All photos were used with permission. And thanks to a reader for catching that I have forgotten to add the link! Sorry about that..  

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