I wanted to end the month on a furry note.. and as a small thank you to the cats (and kittens) that have cross my life over the years I wanted to share the lessons I’ve learned from them

Naps are strongly encouraged, especially with others.

don’t be afraid to cuddle

It’s ok to like water

and it’s ok to not like water

Be expressive

It’s ok to be different from your peers

CAt with wings


Befriend the elderly… you’ll get old too one day and want someone to listen to you

(and feed you and pet you and tell you it’s going to be ok)

Take in those less fortunate

It’s ok to overindulge once a while.. just don’t make it a habit

Try new things… you never know you may like it

Share your favorite places with others

Think outside the “box” aka the norm

Warning : Nap attacks do happen suddenly… make sure you’re in a safe place

Toys are everywhere… you just need to reach out and play with them

Cleanliness is being feline

Love wholly and whole hearted