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How old are Chip & Reilly?

Chip is a twelve year old Doxie-Poodle mix. Reilly is a four year old Dalmatian.  Chip is every bit as serious as he come across in From Our Dogs to Yours, though he becomes a much different dog when you show him a ball, and Reilly is an absolutely fun loving free spirit, though he is maturing a bit.

How did they come into your life?

I was working as a vet tech at an animal hospital while in school when a toy poodle mix had to have an emergency C-section because she had ovarian cancer while pregnant. We were able to save three puppies, who ended up being abandoned. My family ended up adopting one, who we named Chip.

Reilly was a present from my husband. We found him on

Where did the idea of From Our Dogs to Yours come from?

I wanted to do something online and my love of dogs led me to focus on that. The actual idea and format came from a family discussion, just building from a basic idea until we got to the site you see now.

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What are some products you would recommend for first time dog owners?

Reilly and Chip would say that the basics are a good place to start, a place for the dog to sleep, dishes for eating, a collar and leash or lead for walks and anything needed to make the house safe for the new family member. Beyond that it depends on the age of the dog.

For those who adopted a puppy, they’d say puppy pads, puppy toys (but no rope), harness leash and a short leash, and a crate the puppy could grow into and that can be blocked for potty training.

If they adopted an older dog, then they’d say adult toys, gentle leader or harness, extendable leash for longer walks, and dog exercise pen.

For both, they’d recommend a dog tag on their collar, preferably one with name and phone number. With that tag, a GPS tracker that will help the pets find the dog should something happen to it.

I saw that you attended your first BarkWorld, were you overwhelmed, scared, excited or all three? Will you be attending BarkWorld again next year?

I would say that I was part all three but mostly excited about the possibilities. I wasn’t sure what to expect since I’d never been to anything like this before.

Barkworld was good opportunity to meet in person those I’d met thru social media, learn about new products and find out some ways companies are giving back to those in need. I can’t wait to get to it again next year!

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What are Chip & Reilly’s favorite things to review?

First are those things that have special meaning in their own lives, such as Chip’s discussion of the combination dog crate / end table he got several years ago after back surgery to protect him from hurting himself again (he was very active) and still enjoys.  Of course, the both love to review any type of treat or food, but what dog wouldn’t?

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Can you give a sneak peek of what’s in store in the future?

We are going to be doing a Halloween photo contest! You should see that happening very soon!

We also just started a Pintrest page, however that is still slow to get started as we figure out Pintrest! Both Chip and Reilly love to ham it up for the camera.

Soon you’ll see a Recipe section on our page as well! We will be asking for everyone’s favorite recipes that they’d like to share!

Anything else you would like to add about From Our Dogs to Yours or Chip & Reilly or yourself?

From Our Dogs to Yours started out as a way to try and make some money while sharing my love of and knowledge of dogs but I never imagined how much fun it would be and how many great people I would meet as a result. I also didn’t expect Chip and Reilly to take on such real personalities, but their web personas really are an extension of how they act around the house.

Many many thanks to Miss Christina Booker (who I met at BarkWorld) for answering all the questions. You can follow the From Our Dogs to Yours facebook page or follow the From Our Dogs to Yours Blog, they are also on Pinterest, Twitter @FromOurDogs2urs. Pictures were borrowed with permission and belong exclusively to Miss Christina Booker and From Our Dogs to Yours.

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