How old are you?

I turned 2 yearz old June 14!! Meh and daddy share our birfdayz!! 😀

Where did your name come from?

Mah name came from da show “Dexter”, mama and daddy wuv da show, they wuv da name too but I iz no killer tho BOL!!

How did you find your humans?

Mama and daddy wentz in da shelter to find a new addition to da family aftah they hadz lost a bery special girl in their life, Bella, she waz used as a bait doggieh in her past, they waz lookin thru da cages wifout any special puppeh in mind, I waz jumping and falling all ovah da pwace to getz their attention to meh, da mama looked at meh and called daddy ovah to look at meh, they wentz to talk to da man dat fed us dere and he saidz It would be bettah fur themz not to adopt meh coz I hadz whut he called Parvovirus and I waz gonna be “put down” dat day, mama and daddy asked whut they could do to getz meh outta dere coz they feltz a connection wif meh and da man saidz all they could do waz put their name on da list fur meh and wait 2 weekz to see if mah condition would get worst or not (since all mah 5 siblingz and furmama passed away) and he said he would call mama if I survived thru da 2 weekz, they nevah called so mama and daddy wentz to da shelter praying I waz okay!! And dere I waz relieved they came back fur meh!! 🙂
Aftah being in a cage fur 2 months I waz quite da nut once they took meh out to da patio BOL!! But they wantedz meh even wif mah bad back legz and hyper puppeh energy!! So here i iz!! 😀

Dexter's day at the beach

What did you do to get your fursibling sister to like you?

I would share everything!! Mah toyz, mah food, mah wata!! I learned dat she didntz wike it when I pwayed wif her rough so I learned to pway bery gently wif her and she startedz to warm up to meh aftah she knew dat I wouldn’t hurt her and I waz startingz to calm down!! 🙂

How long did it take for you to get your CGC?

I waz a year and a half when I tookz mah CGC test!! I gotz it December 15th 2012 and I passed on mah bery 1st try!! I waz bery proud of mahself!! 😀

Dexter and his CGC award

Dexter and his CGC award

Do you know any tricks?

Yessies I knowz lotza trickz!! 🙂
I can sit, down, stay, bow, go around da mama, go around da mama going backwardz, shake wif both mah pawz, go backwardz, go backwardz up stairz, spin, go down slidez, roll ovah, pway dead, i can pwace on anyfing youz want meh to, put mah paw on stuffs, wike anotha doggieh or an object, go unda stuffs wike mamas legz, jump ovah stuffs (I habz some dfficulties wif dat one coz of mah back legs but I do knowz how to BOL!!) I gibz a high 5, weave between legz, hug on command, go thru tunnelz wike Agility tunnels, I nevah cross da street until mama or daddy tellz meh to and I pose bery well fur cameras too itz one of mah best trickz BOL!!!

What is your favorite thing to do?

Mah favurite thing to do … datz a tough one!! I wuvz to do lotza stuffs BOL!!!
But I thinkiez dat mah bery favurite thing iz to be in da wata, wike going to da beach or go Dock Diving wif mah furiends!! 🙂

What is your favorite toy to play with?

I wuvz stuffies and squeaky’s but mama doesn’t let meh hab da stuffies often … coz I kinda de-stuff themz in 5 seconds!! Well … mama sayz itz 5 secondz I thinkies itz more wike 3 secondz!! I habz been tryina set a record lately BOL!! 😀

I saw you are a part of LARPBO, did you make any friends there?Yessies!! I madez lotza furiends and friends!! They iz da best!! ❤
I wuvz all mah LARPBO buddiehs!!! 😀
Dexter's begging face

Have you met any people that were scared of pibbles like yourself and after meeting you realized you are not scary?

Yessies I habz met Hunams wike dat!! I wuvz to change peverypawdy’s mindz bouts mah breed!! I habz helped mostly children wif their fear of big doggiehs!! Dats why mama and daddy wanna make me a Therapy doggieh!! 🙂

What would you suggest someone do when meeting you or any dog for the first time?

Mah suggestion would be ask da Hunam handling da doggieh 1st and nevah put yourself ovah a doggieh!! I don’t care if da Hunams do dat to meh i’ll wuv themz no matta whut but lotza doggiehs get alarmed and scured wif dat type of body language!! Once da Hunam sayz itz okay then go down on one of your kneez, let da doggieh smell youz and then youz can pet him/her or meh!! 🙂

Dexter's smile

Dexter’s smile

Is there anything you or your humans would like to add?

Yessies!! Pwease don’t get discouraged when peoplez are afraid of your Pibble or Pibbles, prove to themz that they iz wrong boutz our breed by showing themz how good wes can be when wes raised right, trained and wuved!!!
Dexter sunbathing
If youz see somepawdy not being responsible wif their doggieh, speak out!! Youz are our voice!!
Author’s Note:  Many thanks to Dexter and his humans for letting me interview him.  You can find him on his facebook page. For more pittie related interviews, please click on the adorable badge made by the wonderfully talented Miss Ann from Pawsitively Pets.