Theo & Rosie having breakfast

Miss Rosie, may I ask how old you are?

Mah apes are not fully sure because we were hopdopted but mah estimated age is now 3.

Do you know where your name come from?

I am afraid not, mah old family did not care enough about me to share that kind of intimate information with the rescue that saved our lives.

How did you end up with your forever home?

Theo and I were victims of a sadly typical story. We were family pets where the young children lost interest quickly. Our lives were spent in a cramped hutch and we were almost forgotten about. Our living conditions were dirty, Theo caught Fly Strike, a life threatening condition for rabbits and I was in very poor health with bad teeth. Our old family rang the Furry Friends Rescue in Coulsdon UK and told them that if they didn’t come to collect us they would open our hutch and set us ‘free’. Of course we would have been in huge danger so luckily we ended up in the rescue where we were cared for, received vet treatment and were eventually rehomed together as house rabbits!

Mr. Theo, how old are you?

I is 3 like Rosie, my wife bun, we do everything together.

How did you get your name?

I does not know, not much is known about our previous life other than we were badly neglected.

How did you end up with your forever home?

Rosie and I arrived together, we have always been together. Our humans had just lost their first house rabbit, Mindy, and were very sad. They knew about our story as they support the Furry Friends Rescue and we touched their hearts. When we were fit and cured they knew they wanted to hopdopt us!

For both of you, was it comforting to go to a new home together?

Rosie & Theo always together

Rosie & Theo always together

Yes, we are bonded and have always been together. We help each other and our humans love to watch us interact. We do everything together and would be desperately sad without one another.

What kind of care did you both need to get better?

We received excellent care from the Furry Friends Rescue and their dedicated vets. Theo needed to be cured for his Fly Strike, Rosie received dental treatment and we were both spayed/neutered and vaccinated. Theo also had blocked tear ducts and we needed proper food to make our fur shiny and healthy. Our rehab took about 2 months and we were looked after by a wonderful lady in the rescue called Anna who gave us our medicines and helped us feel better. She calls us, especially Theo, her ‘Miracle Buns.’

What would you like humans to know about taking care of bunnies like yourselves?

Bunnies are not cuddly toys. We are highly intelligent animals and need to be stimulated. Rabbits need space to play in a safe environment free from harm, both as outdoor and indoor buns. We love interaction and with time and patience we can become excellent members of the family. There is so much information about rabbits, make sure you read it before getting a rabbit because a hutch is not enough! Putting effort into knowing what your rabbits need will bring enormous happiness for both buns and owners. Visit our Facebook page to find out more about our story and how we are enjoying life in our forever home. We are so lucky and happy!
Rosie & Theo Collage

Is there anything else either of you would like to add?

Rabbits are delicate creatures. Observe us carefully and take good care of us. We can’t speak to tell you how we feel so watching our habits, learning how we communicate and knowing about possible health risks is vital. We can die very quickly once we become ill so arm yourself with as much knowledge as possible!
Love from Rosie and Theo xx
Author’s Note: Many thanks to Rosie & Theo for answering the questions. You can find them on Facebook. Photos of Rosie & Theo were used with permission.
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