Friskies Crispies Cat Treats



My deaf white cat, Neptune, absolutely loves Friskies Crispies. Cheese is his favorite flavor, although these tasty little morsels come in a variety of yummy flavors.



 I have found Crispies at Target for $1.37 a bag, while PetSmart carries them for 1.52 a bag. Target carries two flavors, neither of which is cheese flavored. Both PetSmart and PetCo carry more of a selection, both of which include Cheese.


 I found a few stores online selling them for $1 a bag, but by the time I pay shipping, Target is still my best buy. I found the best deal to be from Wal-Mart offering bags at $1, so if you live near or shop at Wal-Mart, this is the cheapest place to get a bag of Crispies. I don’t have this option.


Crispies comes in 4 flavors: Cheese, chicken, milk and salmon. Neptune, my deaf cat will eat the salmon, but only if he’s out of Cheese. Neptune is addicted to cheese flavored Crispies. He doesn’t care for the chicken at all, and we’ve never even seen or tried the milk flavor, though I bet he’ll like it. I’ll have to look for a bag of milk flavored Crispies!!!


 The two best features of Crispies are their price and the fact that Friskies workers’ fill the bag up the the point where they barely seal closed. I like getting a lot of cat snacks for an affordable price, especially when its from a proven company, like Friskies.


 A portion of the bag is clear, so you can see the product. Of course the best way to know if your cat will like them is for your cat to go shopping with you, and let it sniff the different flavors. I take both my dog and my deaf cat pet shopping with me, and they pick out their toys and treats, by themselves, as if they were kids. It’s much easier and cheaper than me picking things out for them, and having them never get played with or eaten.


Neptune gives Crispies RAVE reviews as well as 4 paws up.






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