Good Evening Mr. Hitch sir,
Thank you for letting me pester you with some interview questions.AWWW SHUCKZ! I CANT EVEN BLEEV DAT U WANTS 2 INTERVIEW LIL OL ME!! *blushing*  I habs tew admits I’m bery nerbous but BERY excited!!  A lot of peeple finkies us black cats are bads lucks and twy tew stays away, but it’s jus nawt twu.  Okay okay *breathes deeeeep* I’m weady tew be interviewed….

How old are you?

We beliebes I’m awound 4 years old.  Hold on lemme go check…
*runs to his Momma*
*Whispers in her ear*
*Runs Back* 
Momma saids I turned 4 August 1st!! I was tew young to wemember when I was borned… But I finkies hers is right.

Where did your name come from?

MOL, cause I might habbed been a hitchhicker…. MOL!!!!!!

Can you tell us how you came to be with your furever family?

Oh YES!! I wood lubs tew!!! 
I JUST SHOWED UP!!!! MOL, and I neber left!!! I twyed tew come rite in da howse but Momma sed NOOOOO!  Ok, ok, one day I showed up and saw my Daddums and I walked ober and started talking tew hims and rubbin on hims while he was dewing yard stuffs… and he went insides and told Momma bout me…. hers came outside and sat on the step and I got right on her lap….  They got a good look at my face and it was all bloody and snotty and crusty (sowy nawt twying tew be nasty but it’s da twoof) and I herd dem say it looked likes I gots throwed frum a car or sumfing and landed on ma face…  At first dey thawt part ob my face habbed been bwoken.  They cleaned me up and make me a comfy place in da garage to sleep and gabbed me food and waters.  They alweady had Spam, Jack & Bella and didn’t finkies dat they cood habbed anuver kitty, but figured they’d twy tew helps me owt…  Welps a week or so wents by and I’m still hanging owt and one day I showed up wif my face all swollen and puncture woonds on my chin and below my eye.  So Momma and Daddums got antibacterial stuff they habbed used before on Jack and warm wet washcloths and held it on ma face.  Then Daddums barely put pressure on the swollen area and it blew up it was soooooooo gwoss.  It literally shot 1/2 across da garage.  It was a bad infection.  But I sat rite dere and let em squeeze owt da yuckies…  So dey decided dat I wood move intew the enclosed porch, where I’d be safer, while I healed.  Momma was able tew gets some kitty antibiotics and started to gib dem tew me.  Shew I’m glad too cause it was killing me.  Well another week goes by and I’m doing muchies better so they make a veggie appointment for me, tew make sure I don’t habbed anyfing contagious, and I didn’t!! Nawt eben earmites. So then I was allowed tew moob inside.  That was when the veggie wealized… yes trama habbed happened tew ma face… but nothing was bwoken… I HABBED A CLEF LIP an 3 nostrils MOL!!!!!!!

Did you have to have any surgeries?

Da veggie checked me all owt and sed hers didn’t finkies I needed tew hab surgery.  As long as it wasn’t affecting my bweathing tew muchies and my eating and dwinking, it would be best left alone. *whispers* da onlee surgery I had was tew get nuetered but dats nawt manly tew say so thats best left between us….

Are you able to eat and drink okay now?

Yepps I dwink my water a little funny and stuffs and sumtimes it dwips outta my nose but dats ok, I jus sneeze it owt!! Foodies I hab NO pwoblem wif!!
I heard you have bad allergies, do you have to have any medication for them?Yeah I habbed environmental allergies and my nose get dwippy and my eyes get dwippy and that’s when Momma calls me her “Mucky Monster” and I sneeze like 20 times in a row ….  My ears get all yucky and Momma has tew clean them, it tickles A LOT but I twy to be vewy still, but it’s hard!!  I started taking Zyrtec and it’s helped me soooooooo much!!  There hab been a few times (before I started taking Zyrtec) that I habbed sinus infections and my face got all puffy and stuff but I gots antibodies (antibiotics) and they mades me all better.

Does anyone else in the fur family have allergies?

Yep Spam & Jack do. Spams only deal with hims ears but Jack habbs all sorts of heart issues and stuff so he takes Zyrtec too cause hims can’t be getting all sneezy and habbing a hard tyme bweething.  Dat causes too muchies stwess on hims heart.

What would your momma like to say to those people scared of adopting cats that need extra love & attention?

Lemme go gets her
*runs off* 
*Momma and Hitch return* 
Hi thanks for including me in the interview I would love to say a few words.PATIENCE is the key.  Since kitties can’t technically tell us whats wrong, be willing to investigate all their symptoms.  I’m definately not saying treat them without your vets approval though.  Vets are people too and might not always have the answers right away so sometimes have suggestions helps immencely.  The reason I found out about the Zyrtec for Hitch and Jack was through their friend Junipurr.  My vet looked into it and was astonished and excited to learn that this was a great way to treat pets with allergies (not food allergies) but allergies that deal with the bronchular tubes, etc.  I never thought I’d be pilling cats or having to give injections but it’s part of all of our lives and I want them around and healthy so I do what is necessary.  I don’t believe in giving animals up because of a sickness.  I wouldn’t want someone to give me up or give up on me because I have physical issues, LOL.

Is there anything else you would like to share about yourself?

*Hitch clears his throat*
Yes mam.  I like tew plays da fetch.  I love wheat bread cwust.  Katikorn is ma bestest sisfur.  I finkies I am a panfur.  I am missing my pinkie toe claw.  I hab 3 nostrils.  I over heat bery easily.  I lus tew be picked up and danced wif.  And if I plays tew rough and ma nose gets hit I hab really bad sneezing fits.

May I use pictures of you for the article?

I will state they were used with permission.
Yes mam pwease feel fwee tew use any picture yew want of us ❤ (HUGGIES)
*Runs off to play with Katikorn*


Author’s Note: Many many thanks to Hitch & his mom for letting me interview him and answering the questions. You can visit Hitch and the rest of the furry family at Spamuel M. Meemo’s facebook page. Photos for this article  were used with permission. This article is a part of the extra love needed theme. Please click the below image for more extra love needed articles.

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