How old are you?

The vet checked my teeth last night and said I’m probably about 6 years old. Thing is…I feel like I’m only about 2 years old.

Where did your name come from?

I’m not sure. I think maybe the kind lady who found me. Mama said there was no way she was going to ever change it. Silly mama…she said her favorite character on her favorite television was named Elliot Spencer. So, I get to be Elliot forever now. But that’s okay. It’s a pretty cool name.

How did you come to be with your furever home?

I was living in the Raleigh, NC area all by myself. That’s where a kind lady found me with this big wound on my neck (around my ear). I had the worst … things that were in my ears. They made me so itchy and I just scratched, scratched, and then scratched at my ear even more. All I knew was the scratching made it feel better. I didn’t know that all my scratching was scratching my fur right off. The nice lady tried to make me better but she couldn’t do all that needed done.


That’s when the Cat Clinic of Cary stepped in. They tried laser but that didn’t work. I ended up have two skin grafts to close that big wound. My mama knew a group of ladies who knew the lady that had tried to help me. They put a picture of me on Facebook hoping someone would say they’d like to give me a furever home.


My mama fell really hard when she saw me and after a lot of thinking, she said I had to come home to live with her. I can’t blame her. I mean…even at my worst I’m still handsome. When I was healthy enough to travel, the most wonderful and amazing group – Imagine Home – got me from Raleigh, NC to Pittsburgh, PA


Was it hard to trust humans who were trying to help you after being mistreated?

A little bit. Like even now I feel really bad that I think I tried to bite the lady who was trying to help me. But changing the bandages hurt and I was scared. It took some time but when the itching finally stopped I realized it was the humans who made it go away. Sometimes even now I might get scared but that goes away. I know the humans that are around me only want to help. My mama wouldn’t have them around if it was any different.


Do you have any fursiblings that you live with?

I sure do. Up until July 14th, I had 4 brothers. Now…I have five brothers. Mama went to the mall to shop and came home with a Poncho. A four legged black and white Poncho. Cinders and Chino are my oldest brothers and they are real brothers. I think I heard that they’re going to be 9. Mr. Big and Noah are my next oldest brothers but only in seniority around the house. We’re the same age but cool thing – Mr. Big and Noah are real brothers, too. And then there’s the youngster, Poncho. He’s only two.


Do you require any medications or are you fully healed ?

Thanks to everyone involved…I am fully healed.  Mama does try to take peeks at where the skin was grafted to make sure it’s still okay. The nice vet man gave her drops for my ears just as a precaution (is that what it’s called?) so that I don’t get the mites again. My new baby brother came from the Humane Society and he had bad ear mites too so we’re not taking any chances.


What advice would you want to give to others who are looking after pets that may have been abused previously?

Be patient. It takes time. The people need to know that it’s not going to be easy and it might even be really difficult. An abused pet was betrayed by the person who they loved the most. We’ll give our hearts out to love again, but you need to be patient with us and keep giving us all the love you can. Don’t give up on us.

Is there anything else you would like to share about yourself or your situation?

I’m grateful to the kind lady who found me and tried to take care of me. I’m grateful to the Cat Clinic of Cary for not giving up on me and for working with me every time I scratched my stitches open. Even if they did make me wear the ‘cone of shame’ it was for my own good. And I’ll never be able to thank all the great people at Imagine Home for arranging my ride to Pittsburgh and to the sweet lady who kept me overnight before my journey. It took me a little while to settle in but I love my mama, my brothers, and even my new brother. I’m going to have surgery on July 23rd to remove a lump from my tummy. I’m scared about that but mama will make sure everything is okay.

I do have a page that you can link – https://www.facebook.com/elliotthegentlecat   And I would love so much if you could link the page for the wonderful people who took such good care in getting me to my furever home –https://www.facebook.com/imaginehomeorg  And it might be nice to link to the Cat Clinic of Cary since they took care of me for MONTHS. http://www.catclinicofcary.com/   Someone is helping mama get the pictures. The 1st lady who has most of them hasn’t answered mama’s message asking if she could have them to use. And the pictures that mama has….when she got rid of her big computer, she put all her pictures on CD but…silly mama didn’t mark the cases. She said she promises to get pictures to you! 🙂


Author’s Note: Many thanks to Elliot and his mom for answering the interview questions. Pictures were used with permission.  My sincerest apologizes to him and his mom for this article publishing prior to the pictures being added.  You can follow his continuing story on his facebook page, here. This article is a part of the Opt to Adopt theme. Please click the link below for more articles.

 Skip to other “Opt to Adopt” Articles link the below link.  The image was made by the wonderfully talented Miss Ann of Pawsitively Pets.

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I am so sorry I neglected to have the pictures in the article prior to it being published. My sincerest apologizes. Once I add the pictures, I will share on Facebook and Twitter as if it was a new post and add an apology for publishing prior to having the pictures in it. I will also include the link for the page as you generously provided it in a previous comment. Thank you again so much for letting me interview you about Elliot.

Linda Rattenni

Thank you :) They just show such a big part of his life. I really enjoyed reading his interview.


I will add them tonight or tomorrow. I apologize for the oversight.

Linda Rattenni

What happened to the pictures I sent? You mention that they were “used with permission” (and of course that’s true) but you didn’t use any of them. They tell a lot of his story. I’m very much appreciative for the interview but wish his pictures were used like all the other blog entries.

Rebecca *Becca*

♥ Precious Elliot, is at is forever home. =^♥♥^=
He lives with 5 other furkids, the newest member being Poncho. ♥


AWW ELLIOT SEEMS LIKE SUCH a sweetheart, hope he finds his forever home soon. ill tweet this :)


Age is just a number Elliot its how you feel that is important!xx Speedy

Wallace and Samuel

Elliot you sound too sweet for words!! Forget how old your teeth tell you you are – you are as young as you wanna be!! xxx

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