Author’s Note: I asked Rumpy to do a guest post about animal welfare and here is the short & sweet answer.

What is the animal welfare movement?

It depends on who you ask.There is a camp of people who will want nothing less than an end to ALL animal ownership. In another camp is the animal welfarists. They believe that it is better to partner with agriculture and puppy mills to make conditions better for animals as society slowly moves toward a day when animals will not be considered property. And then finally there is the no-kill movement. These folks are adamant that no dogs or cats should be killed. They take no stance on other animals, and are not otherwise politically active.

While these three groups are all supposedly advocates for the well-being of animals, they are often at odds with each other.For instance, Nathan Winograd of No Kill Nation has written editorials trashing both PETA (abolitionist) and HSUS (welfarist). PETA often finds itself on the opposite side of an issue than HSUS. For instance, PETA does not support TNR as a humane method of dealing with feral cats. To be fair, they don’t oppose it either. Their stance is TNR does not make life easier for the cats; it merely reduces numbers of cats. And herein lies the problem we face in making positive changes for animals in the US. If we can’t agree among ourselves what is good for animals, we certainly can’t effectively change the hearts and minds of those who see animals only as a commodity to buy, sell, or trade.