Meet Bagheera

How old are you?

I am eight years old. I was born in March of 2005

Where did your name come from?

It comes from the black panther in the Jungle Book. My human thought I was going to turn darker with age, so he thought I would be a black cat. It did not happen, but the name stuck.

May I ask how did your dad find out you were diabetic?

He took me in for a routine check in the summer of 2012. He didn’t think anything was wrong with me even though I was drinking a lot of water and peeing a lot. We were having an unusually hot summer and he thought that was why I was drinking so much water. But it turned out I was diabetic. Eating a lot of food and losing weight and drinking a lot is a symptom of diabetes. We drink a lot of water because our kidneys have to work very hard to eliminate the extra sugar in our blood.

Do you have to go to the vet to have your blood sugar checked or can that be done at home?

I get ear sticks from my human at least twice a day and he uses the blood to test my blood sugar

I read your dad had to change your diet to add more wet food to it, what did you think of the change?

I kind of like wet food. There are many people who say that I should not eat any crunchies, but that is not practical for my human. Besides, I like them!

Do you have to visit the vet more often now that you are diabetic?

Now that we know I am diabetic and we know I need to be treated, I don’t need extra visits. My human was working with a specialist, so he will take me in there. But if a fellow feline is diagnosed with diabetes and the humans in white coats can help get it under control, they do not need to see a specialist.

Are there any extra precautions that are needed around you? (can’t have anything other than cat food, extra play time, etc)

Not really. The insulin shots help keep things under control, and I’m the same happy, playful, and feisty cat I have always been.

Is there anything you or your dad would like to share that you learned since you became diabetic?

It is a commitment beyond what humans must make for their cats. But the time involved is not much. It is about 15 minutes a day. A human with a diabetic cat needs to commit to being there or having someone there to inject insulin twice a day. But that’s it.

Any signs for cat guardians to be watchful for?

Yes. If you see your feline furiend drinking a lot of water, and losing weight despite eating a lot, have him checked for diabetes. If you don’t catch it in time, it can make us very sick. But if you do catch it and treat it, we can live long and happy lives. And we will be just as loving and fun as any cat.

Author’s Note: Many many thanks to Bagheera’s dad for letting me interview him and answering the questions, you can visit Bagheera on facebook or on his blog. Photos were used with permission. This article is a part of the extra love needed theme. Please click the below image for more extra love needed articles.

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