How old are you?

I am five doggie years old, which I believe translates to something like 35 people years old. But I prefer to say I’m five doggie years young because that’s how I feel.

Where did you name come from?

My name was given to me by an angel named Katie at the Oshkosh Humane Society. When she saw me, she said I looked like a coyote, “like Wiley Coyote” I remember her saying. The first family that adopted me tried calling me Zorro, but that never stuck. I’m a coyote at heart.
Thinking of You

How did you get to be with your furever family?

That’s a great story actually! I thought I’d found my forever family (or that they had found me) when a family took me home from the shelter. You can imagine my disappointment when I discovered I was wrong. The family had two other dogs and three cats and there wasn’t enough love (or food) to go around. I jumped their four-foot backyard fence thinking I’d set out for a better life, but they found me and took me back to the humane society where my real forever family found me a couple months later. The folks at the shelter were very protective of me because I had been returned, and apparently mom had to put up quite a fight to prove she was buying ME, not just buying a cute face. She had to agree to take me to a behaviorist, who signed off on that silliness herself. I’ll never forget when she told my mom “he’s so smart – I don’t know why they would have made you bring him to me.” I was so happy in that moment, not only to be called smart, but to be called smart by an expert in front of my new family.

Where did the idea to start blogging come from?

It’s something I always wanted to do – share my joy with the world. I didn’t know how to do it until that special day with my mom in the snow (December 20, 2012). She was so happy and I was so happy and I couldn’t tell whose joy started first. As I watched the snow fall down from the sky that day, it was like little notes from heaven inspiring me to send the notes right back up. That’s where joy: from the ground up came from. That’s where it all began.
Singing in the Rainbows

What is your favorite post?

It’s hard to pick just one. So I am going to cheat and pick two. One of my favorites is called “Let Me Be A Lantern of Love,” which was among my first posts. It is dedicated to my best friend and forever mom. (Need I say more?) Another favorite is “Mirror, Mirror,” which features a photo of my drawn by a family friend as well as one heck of a message. I hate how women look at themselves in the mirror and just wish they could all see themselves like I do.

What has been your least favorite post?

Any writer has good days and bad days. Sometimes I struggle to come up with something to say and these are the days I am least happy with the product. But I’d have to say my least favorite post is the one I did on the Lance Armstrong debacle called “My Favorite Kind of Chance.” The post itself wasn’t too bad, but the picture with me on the bicycle? I was terribly uncomfortable with that one.

I saw you’re a Packers fan, who is your favorite player & why?

Sports stars get a lot of attention, so it’s important to me that they use their stardom to do positive things in the world. Being a good leader expands far beyond the locker room and the field. While I have a soft spot in my heart for Aaron Rodgers, Donald Driver is my favorite player of all-time. Not only was he a team leader, but he has been a leader in Wisconsin in so many ways for so many charities. He is a role model to many, and for good reason.
When Dogs Blog

Do you like the snow or do you prefer the warm summer days?

My feelings on the weather change as frequently as the seasons do in my neck of the woods. I love each and every day and nature never ceases to amaze me with its beauty. I do place a higher value on these days when I’m enjoying them with my people, however. Summer days have walks and times at the dog park, but winter days with the snow brings out something childlike in my people that doesn’t happen on walks. Because of this I would have to say I favor the snow that brings joy with it as it falls from heaven.

Is Wisconsin cheese really better than other cheese?

Of course it is! I’m not supposed to know this (of course) since cheese is one of those things mom always says are “not for doggies,” but let’s face it – I’ve had my fair share of cheese. It’s Wisconsin, after all.
Figuring it all out

What is your favorite thing to do when you aren’t writing?

Spending any time with my people is my most favorite thing in the whole world. It doesn’t matter if we are on an adventure or sleeping.

Do you have any fursiblings?

I don’t have any fursiblings, and while I do greatly enjoy the friends I have at the dog park, I’d prefer it to stay that way. I’m not afraid to admit I am a one-dog-household kind of dog who loves every waking second of attention and love. I don’t think I’m very good at sharing. Maybe I should work on that.

Is there anything else you would like to share about yourself?

The only thing I’d like to share is the biggest thing I can share – joy. Please come and check out my blog on joy from the ground up.
I love you world!

Author’s Note: Many thanks to Sir Wiley for answering my questions and letting me borrow some pictures for his article. The pictures were used with permission, you can visit his blog here or facebook here.

Photos were used with permission.

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