How old are you?

9 months young!

Where did your name come from?

The fosters husband and youngest daughter called him Tate/ Tater so my family decided to call me Tater Tot!

I see you were adopted from MARS what is that?

It is a rescue in Minnesota, Mars stands for Midwest Animal Rescue and Services

What do you think of your new family?

I love them very much! I love getting treats and new toys!!

Were your parents looking for a pittie?

My littlest human,who’s 14 years old was set on having Pit. She has been wanting one since October, when she first learned about the breed.

What advice would they first time pittie owners?

Always us positive training methods, never physical. My humans hired what they thought was a really good trainer, they had read a lot about him and the reviews all said he was the best of the best. After 3 weeks we decided to fire him because he was too physical with me. Every time someone tried to pet me I would duck my head. After about a week of not having him I then learned no one is going to hurt me when they would go pet me. It wasn’t my humans fault, trainers should never be as rough and as physical as him. They didn’t know it was going to be like that until after they hired him.

Do you have any fur siblings?

Yes! I have 2 cat siblings that I love and would never hurt!

Have you learned any tricks so far?

I have, I know sit, down, shake, switch, high five, roll over, over (for agility), jump, wait (working on it), come, rest, leave it (still working on it), bang (play dead) still working on it)

What are your thoughts on BSL?

I don’t agree with it, nor do my humans. Taking the dog away itself is not the solution to what they think is a problem. If they are so untrusting of the breed they should require all owners, even responsible ones to go to workshops, training classes the city would pay for, ect. Also what I think every shelter should should do before they adopt out and vets should do at every check up is a temperament test, with all breeds! That would keep every community safer, because sadly people either train their pets to be aggressive or love them too much to give them to a place that is experienced with his or her needs and train the owners how to handle the dogs issues.

How are you working to fight it?

My human just went to her first Anti BSL peaceful protest this past weekend to learn how we can help. Also we are educating people about “Pit Bulls”.

What plans to you have for the future?

I am in an obedience class right now and train with my little human during the day. We have hurdles that we do if its not to hot out and I will be starting an agility class soon. I will be a service dog for my little human in the future

What would you like to say to people who are scared of pitties?

If you are scared of them because something happened to personally with a pit, try not to have anger, fear or blame to every pit you see, being afraid won’t get you anywhere in life. If you are scared of them because of things you have heard , don’t be. I bet you have met dogs that are one of the “Pit Bull” breeds and you haven’t realized it. Just give them a chance!

Is there anything else you would like to add?

Just always remember to ask the handler if you can pet their dog before you do! 🙂
Many thanks to Tater for the interview, photos were used with permission. Please visit Tater on his facebook page here

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