These are my girls. Sadie, a Belgian Malinois and Zoey, a Taco Terrier (Chihuahua, fox terrier mix).

Let me tell you how they came into my life.

In 2008 after helping my two girls, Gracie and Tatonka, (who I fostered at four weeks of age and adopted at six weeks), cross to wait for me at the Rainbow Bridge, after sixteen years of them being there for me through everything. They had been sisters from the same litter and their health started declining at the same time. So as they started life together and lived life together, they went the next step together.  I had not planned on getting another dog.

My  daughter, who is grown and has two children, didn’t think I should be living alone without a dog as we always had at least two. I didn’t think I was ready but a month later I found myself on were I found my Sadie. She was a year and a half old and I had never adopted an adult dog before. So I took my daughter and grand-kids with to meet her to be sure they would be a good mix. Sadie warmed up to my grand-kids before she did me, which was perfect with me.

I had Sadie for two days and had to leave her with a house sitter to go be with my family and my Mom as my Mom crossed over to take Gracie and Tatonka over the Rainbow Bridge. Sadie helped me through some very hard times when I got back.

Now Sadie did have some issues that we worked to overcome. She showed fear aggression toward strangers, mostly men as she had been abused earlier in her life.  I also had to teach her how to play with a ball and how to swim.

She has been very protective of myself and my family.

Three years later, on my way home from work one night there was this little dog in the middle of the highway and everyone were just driving around her. I stopped, picked her up and took her home. The next day I took her to the vet to look for a micro chip. There was no chip and no collar. I went home and placed ads in the paper and online, also printed flyers and put them everywhere by were I had found her…. but after three months no one had claimed her and she and Sadie had become quite good friends.

Zoey then made a trip to the vet for her checkup, shots, got micro chipped and we found out she was about the same age as Sadie. Next appointment, to get her spayed. I am a firm believer that there are plenty of dogs and cats out there… so please spay and neuter your pets. From Zoey’s actions around other dogs it is believed she was used as a breeder dog. She would not let any other dogs approach her from the rear or she would start yelping and back into what ever was close to hide her back side. Then Sadie would come and stand over her to protect her.

They both have overcome most of their fears and aggression. Zoey still has some food aggression but is dealing much better with other dogs being around her and Sadie is still a little skittish of men wearing baseball caps, sun glasses and shirts or jackets with name patches on them.

Zoey and Sadie are always there happy to see me everyday when I get home from work and no  one can come to the door or in the yard without them letting me know.

I love my girls and God help ANYONE who tries to hurt them in any way.


This article is dedicated to the loving memory of Gracie and Tatonka, you will always be loved.

Author’s Note: Many thanks to my good friend Miss Jody for sharing the story of her girls – Zoey & Sadie. Pictures were used with permission. They do not have a facebook or blog, but I will forward comments to their wonderful mom.

 Photos were used with permission and belong solely to Miss Jody Nila.

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