First of all, thank you so much for agreeing to be interviewed.

Thank you for asking us – we are so excited, this is our first interview!

Sir Wallace, how old were you when Sam came into your life and what did you think of him?

I was 6 months old. Our big brother, Bailey, had just crossed the rainbow bridge and I was lost without him. So, mom and dad decided to get Sammy. Sammy and I hit it off from the first bark and we’ve been inseparable ever since.

Do either of you require a lot of grooming?

*BOL* that depends on who is answering the question. We don’t think we need any grooming ever. Butt mom & dad disagree. Our beards and scottie skirts can get a little tangled at times & do need some brushing.

Do you take baths often?

Since our hugely successful “occupation couch” campaign we’ve had to take baths more often. It was part of the final agreement with dad – we could finally get access to the couch IF we took more regular baths.

What are you thoughts on baths?

We can both just about tolerate them because we know that they are followed by a fun towel drying session with mom which includes tummy rubs and hugs.

Sir Samuel, can you share how you to be with your furever family?


Wally was very sad and lonely after Bailey crossed the rainbow bridge – Wally adored Bailey and hated being left alone when mom and dad went to work, so they decided to find him a Scottie brother. Mom searched and searched and searched and finally found ME! I was 3 months old and still living with my biological mom & dad in Bloemfontein (a city about 4 hours drive from Johannesburg). Mom arranged for me to be flown up to Johannesburg and she and dad and my Auntie Kym picked me up from the airport…and as they say…the rest is history!

Sir Wallace can you explain what a Wheaton Scottish Terrier is?

Oh yes!  Wheaton refers to my colouring. You see I am kinda like the colour of wheat – a golden blonde. I get lots of comments because people are used to seeing black Scotties. Often people mistake me for a Westie ‘cos of my colouring – this really gets mom & dad going butt I don’t mind, Westies are pretty cool dogs too.

Sir Samuel can you explain what a Brindle Scottish Terrier is?

Absolutely! My furs are made up of  a mixture of 3 colours – black, wheaton and brown.  When I have my summer cut you can also see my tiger strips, which is another characteristic of being a brindle. My Oumie (grandma) loves my brindle coat, when it is long in winter she says it looks like I have highlights *BOL*

What are you favorite snacks?


Ooooh…we both LOVE: fresh green beans, green bell peppers, watermelon, special pork bones mom buys for us and peanut butter!

Where is your favorite place to sleep?


Wally: between mom and dad on the couch

Sammy: on either mom or dad’s lap…what?…I’m a small dog, I’m as light as a feather!

Why did you start blogging?

It was actually mom’s idea. She had come across a whole bunch of blogs by other Scottish Terriers & thought it would be fun for us to start a blog of our own. There don’t seem to be very many South African “dog bloggers” out there so, we thought it would be pretty pawsome to be able to share not only our stories butt also stuff about South Africa.

What has been you favorite blog post so far?

ooooh that’s a tough one…uhm…we are quite enjoying our South African-isms series at the moment. We are teaching everybuddy how to speak South African – it’s been a lot of fun. We cover three letters of the alphabet every Tuesday in our “Teaching Tuesday” post.

(Here’s the link to the first lesson )

What has been your least favorite blog post?

We don’t have one…we only post stuff we want to share and which we know our followers will enjoy.

Sir Wallace, your mom mentioned you are an “old soul”, can your mom explain?

Certainly. Wally has a very serene and calm air about him. When the Italian Greyhound cousins come to visit, Sammy and the Iggies go CRAZY chasing each other, playing bitey face and generally just exhausting themselves. Wally prefers to sit / lie with the hoomans and watch while “the children” play. He is our old man in a puppies body and we just love him for it.


Anything else either of you or your parents would like to add?

Uhm, we’d just like to thank you for the opportunity to be part of your wonderful blog. And we’d like to send a bark out to all of our blogging buddies *AROOOOROOO*

Thanks you so much for inviting us to be interviewed – it’s been great fun!! Please let me know if you need anything else.

Have a wonderful day,

Robyn & the boys


This article is dedicated to the loving memory of Bailey – April 2003 – July 2011

Run free big brother – we will love & miss you always.

Author’s Note: Many thanks to Wallace & Samuel for letting me interview them and for sharing some of their posts with us, you can follow them on their blog. Photos were used with permission and belong solely Wallace & Samuel.

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