How old are you Miss Zoey?

I’m pushing the big ‘3’…I was born on October 10, 2010…10-10-10!

Where did your name come from?

I am pure white, with the exception of a small spot of brown on my tail, so the original name given to me by the shelter that rescued me was Spot.  When my mom came into the picture she thought the name Spot was cute, but a different name came to her after a couple of days of observing my free spirited behavior.    As she watched me teasing and playing with my brother and the other dogs that share her life, the name Zoey popped into her head, so Zoey it became.  Interestingly enough, she recently found out that the meaning of Zoey is ‘life’.

How did you come into your mom’s life?

My mom is a huge advocate for pit bull type dogs, and receives emails on a daily basis asking for assistance from rescues and individuals to help place pit bulls.  She works tirelessly for dogs in need, so nothing was out of the ordinary when she received an email from a local Colorado rescue asking if she could foster, and help find homes for eight pit bull puppies that had been pulled from an unsuitable environment in Wyoming.    Unfortunately she was going through a very difficult time when she received the email.  You see, it was a few months earlier, that she had lost her very best friend Cain to cancer, and much as she wanted to help, she didn’t feel that she was ready to foster, but here’s what happened.  I believe that some things are just meant to be, and that there was a much higher power that brought us together.   Though I never met Cain, I feel that he was that special power; her forever angel that watches over her to this day.  As the story goes, my mom agreed to take one of my brothers and me for a short period of time.  She, along with others, had been networking quite a bit, and though I already had people lined up to adopt me, I wove the magic and the special powers that be, deep into my my mom’s heart.  The rest as I say…was meant to be!

I read that you are a part of Wishcuit, would you like to share a bit about what the group does and how it got started?

Wishcuit, (rhymes with biscuit) was originally founded by my mom as a dog treat company to help raise funds for dogs in need, and also as a way for her to be able to spend more time at home with her dogs.  She had a very lucrative career in real estate, but wasn’t very happy because her work took her away for too many hours of the day.  Her plan to start her own business making and selling dog treats, also included donating money from sales to help rescues  and urgent dogs in need.  It was a couple of weeks after she embarked on her new venture though, that her best friend, and heart dog Cain was diagnosed with cancer, and she made the decision to put Wishcuit on hold while she spent the precious time they had left together.  During that time, Cain inspired her to look deep inside herself, and at the world around her and though she had known it all along, she truly learned just how precious each moment is.  It was on a beautiful summer day, as Cain sat by her side, that she sketched a simple drawing on a scrap piece of paper that depicted the love that they shared.    When she lost Cain a few months later, she was devastated, and in her grief turned to the drawing.  She titled it “Love Adds Up”, and embarked on a mission to raise awareness about canine cancer and to help find a cure.  Over the past 3 1/2 years the Love Adds Up symbol of love has raised thousands of dollars and has traveled around the world on bumper stickers, magnets and other products for dog lovers.  A portion of Love Adds Up sales is donated to help rescues, dogs in need and comparative oncology research, along with raising awareness about canine cancer.

Do you have to do a lot of training to become a good spokesdog for Wishcuit?

Not really.  I’m just myself!  A pit bull doing all that I know how to do…sharing my love with everyone I meet.  I have this magnetic power that draws people to me.  Along with my various wardrobe of tutus, which have become my trademark, I can be found at various events throughout the country, helping my my mom, while spreading pit bull love, and being a positive role model for pit bull type dogs.

What are a few things you would like to share about those that don’t know much about canine cancer?

Cancer is a disease that is diagnosed in millions of dogs each year, and sadly 1 in 4 will die from this disease.   That said, the lives of dogs and cats are being extended through advancements that are being made in cancer research, clinical trial studies, and through early detection.  Humans and dogs share many of the same cancers, and it is being found through comparative oncology, that many of the treatments that are used to help save dogs are doing the same for humans.  I would also like to add that vigilance is key in when it comes to cancer.   Please check your dogs and cats once or twice a month for lumps and bumps, and become familiar with the early warning signs of cancer. I have a card, “Warning Signs of Cancer in Pet Animals”, that I share at all events that I attend, and every Love Adds Up sticker and magnet sold, includes the card as well.

What are a few things you would like to share about pit bulls such as yourself?

I could talk all day long about how great we are, but I’ll keep it short and to the point.  Pit Bulls have an inspiring zest for life and a passionate affinity for people.  Beneath our muscly bodies, we are faithful, fun-loving, and affectionate companions.   My mom says that we must use the power that we possess to educate the public and show people the true nature of who we are.

What is your favorite place you been to so far?

There are so many, and I have to say that each one has been very special to me.  Being able to leave my paw print wherever I go, and raise awareness with as many as I can, makes every place my favorite!

What are you favorite toys?

Anything, and I mean anything, with a squeaker!

What is your favorite place to sleep?

Snuggled in bed, or anywhere for that matter, next to my mom.

Do you have any fursiblings?

I have the best fursiblings in the world!!!  First there’s my sissy Bear.  She’s an 11 year old American Bulldog.  Mom says she’s extra special because her ears are broken.  She was born deaf, but mom says that her heart does all of her hearing for her!  Then there’s my bro-bro Pirate.  He’s a pit bull type dog, and he came from a shelter in Salt Lake City called Salt Lake Animal Services. He’s super handsome and athletic, and the girls swoon over him.  Sometimes it goes to his head, but I keep him in line!  I currently have a foster brother that my mom named Eddie.  He was brought in as a stray to a local animal shelter where my mom is on the Board of Directors.   No one ever came looking for him so he’s staying with us for a while…maybe even longer…Wink!  Wink!  My other sissy Sadie, was the happiest, most beautiful yellow Lab ever.  She also got cancer, and I was lucky enough to share the first year of my life with her before she passed away.  My mom says her star shines brightly and watches over us right next to Cain’s.

Has anyone overcome a fear of dogs or pit bulls, after meeting you?

Yes many times!  It’s one of the greatest things to see the expressions on people’s faces when they find out what type of dog I am.  I live outside of Denver, which has a ban on pit bulls, so I run into people all of the time who have misconceptions.  Sharing my love, and the truth about pit bulls has been equally important in my mission of raising awareness about canine cancer.

Anything else you or your mom would like to add about your mission?

Yes!  I hear people say, “Cancer sucks”, or “Fight cancer”,  and I’ve even heard people refuse to say the word at all, referring to cancer as the “C” word.  I myself choose to look cancer straight in the eye and say, “Let’s Stick It To Canine Cancer!!”    I hope that millions will join me in my Love Adds Up mission.My mom has a special ending for everything that she writes, and I’ll share it here as well…FTLoCA, which stands for, For The Love of Cain Always. ♥FTLoCA♥

Author’s Note: When I went to the BlogPaws conference in May, this was one of the first pet celebrities I recognized and I was so excited to meet her and say hello. What a huge honor it is to have the chance to interview her this month.  Big huge thank yous go to Miss Zoey and her mom. You can find Zoey on her facebook page,  check out Wishcuit or twitter or learn more about Love Adds up for a Cure . Photos were used with permission and belong solely to Zoey & her mom. 

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