Molly the one-eyed wonder dog

May I ask how old you are?

I am six years old!

Where did you name come from?

When I came to my humum and hudad I alweady had my name which is Molly but everyfur calls me Moo and I wespond to dat as well!

Do you have any fur siblings you live with?

I dus yes I has two sisfurs and one brofur. Suki is a Jack Russell and is 8 years old, Jess is a Springer Spaniel and nearly free years old and Jack is a jack-chi and we fink he is about 9 years old

May I ask how did you lose your eye?

I lost my eye due to an accident wiv my sisfur Jess. Jess is very accident prone and fell off the bed on top of me and I dus admit I do bully her so I bit her and she turned awound and whacked me on da head wiv her paw it was just a werry unfortunate accident and we are all good now wiv each ofur!

Did your caretaker/human treat you differently since it’s removal?

Yes Mummy definitely does treat me definitely she is alot more aware of my surroundings and fings what has to be moved espeshully at nightime and on my walks. I am much slower on my walkies now and she will always hang back wiv me so I feel secure. I get werry scared if any dogs approach me and tend to hide behind her legs!

Did it take long to adjust with just one eye?

Really and truly it didn’t no I adjusted quite quickly I fink it took the hoomins longer to adjust than it did me! I still has issues at night I dusn’t like the dark and we has lots of lights on and I am also much slower walking. I do still have an issue if somefur approaches me on my blind side because it makes me jump!

Did your fursiblings treat you different?

Initially after the accident Suki did she was quite protective espeshully as I had a cone on fur sometime and had to be careful wiv my stitches but other than dat not weally day just accepted me I am still very much the boss of my fursibs!

May I ask your caretaker/human a question?How did you adjust to people asking you about Molly?What would you like to tell everyone about her?

Thank you so much for doing this! I have always never minded explaining Moo’s predicament and what has happened to her and for the most part I find the public very understanding and in most cases she will get lots of positive attention. Sadly I have come across a few people that insist on ridiculing her as she is slower and looks slightly different. What I would like to say is that Molly is amazing how she has adapted to one eye is amazing (if you think about how it would be with a human). Molly is a happy go lucky six year old girl and just because she looks slightly different and walks slower she is still the same dog inside! I find it very hard when people pick on her Moo doesn’t know any different and just wants attention from everyone she meets! I just wish that people would bear that in mind

Miss Molly.. is it okay to give you the title “Miss Molly the one eyed-wonder dog”?

I like that title and I think it’s fitting. Oh squeeeeee I wuffs dat so much fanks woo *turns to mummy hoping she notes the wonder dog bit when I eat her slippers*

Do you require any additional care for your eye such as eye drops or meds?

No I don’t require anyfink further my eye was pawsasfully removed and my fur is now growing over da socket of my eye!

Anything else you would like to share with others about yourself or your caretaker?

I would likes to say fanks woo fur interpawing me and I am hoping dat dis interpaw waises awareness about doggies, cats any anipals dat look different we all still wuffs the same fing walkies, playing, eating but above all love and we wespond so well to love! We don’t know we looks different we don’t looks in da mirror! Just be pawspectful to us!

Moo & Emma

Author’s Note: Many thanks to Molly & her mom for answering the questions. Photos were used with permission and belong solely to Molly. You can find her on Twitter

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