Meet Spartacus the Wonderbull

Where did your name come from?

Being honest I’m not sure where I came from. My brother and me were dumped as puppies. They don’t know how long we had been on our own when they found us.

How was your birthday party with your sister Miss Tori?

Our birthday party was great, mom made us homemade cupcakes. We have presents and our family sung happy birthday to us. It was super amazing, I am so lucky that she allows me to share my birthday with her and our four legged sister Baby.

Can you share you story of how you came to your furever home?

The ACOs from a shelter found my brother and me. When they found me they knew I was very sick. I couldn’t stand, or even hold my head up. I was very skinny and they could see all my ribs and hip bones. They took me to a doctor thinking I wasn’t going to make it. Luckily the vet told him I had a parasite and that there was a good chance I would make it with the medicine. Without thinking the ACOs found me a foster mom named Beth, she took my brother also. She took very good care of me and than the day came for me to go back to the shelter to find a family. As we walked in a lady came out of a room, as soon as she seen me first thing she did was sit on the floor and let me love all over her. There was a boy and a guy also. Kathleen (ACO) told them my story and that I was coming back to be adopted hopefully. They guy asked the lady what she thought and next thing I knew I was in a car and going home with them.

Do you or your caretaker/human/guardians know what kind of parasite you had in your intestines?

The vet told them it could have came from eating raw meat like dead animals and from eating garbage.

How many commands to you know?

I know, sit, stay, lay down, and shake. I also know sit, lay down and stay in sign language as well.

How many fursiblings do you have?

I have three the oldest is Bandit (Pharaoh-Pit Mix we believe), Baby (his daughter), Jake (Boxer who adopted our family)

Do all of you get to play often?

I play all the time, at first I didn’t with being dumped I was around 4 to 5 months old when I was found. I was 6 months old when my family adopted me. My human brother Tyler came home from school everyday and would spend hours playing with me. He is the one who got me out of my shell and showed me it was okay to be a puppy.

Are you the first pittie mix your caretaker/human/guardian has had?

No, dad had a female pit bull named Liz we call her grandma. She was his first and he rescued her. She was at one time used as a bait dog, he talks about her all the time. Mom’s first was actually her neighbor’s pit bull but he didn’t take care of him and so mom and grandma did. His name was Jake also she was super crazy about him. My brother Tyler’s first dog was a pit mix named Buddy.

Do they have any advice for those who are afraid/scared/nervous around pitties?

Please don’t be scared of us, I know you hear a lot of bad things in the media. But I promise you not all of us are bad dogs. We just want to be loved and cared for. None of us want to fight or hurt anyone. The only thing I want is to take care of my family and love them. Get to know us before you judge us. Also remember if you show us fear, than we will pick up on and that scares us as well. Just stay calm and talk to the owner nicely about us. With doing this you just might meet you a new friend for life. I know I have made many new friends who were scared of me till they met me.

Have you done your Good Canine Citizen test yet?

No, I haven’t yet, but will hopefully have it by next year. My goal is to become a therapy pet for children who are sick. It either be in there home, hospice, or hospital. I specially want to help kids with cancer.

Do you think you will become a positive example of pitbulls?

I hope I will be or already am, I am in the public a lot specially during the summer. My family take me floating with them all the time. I’m always on my best behavior and have a smile for everyone I meet. With being this way my family hear a lot of wonderful comments that I’m not like what they thought a pit bull would be like.

Anything else you would like to share?

I am huge on making humans know they need to adopt shelter animals. Homeless animals need homes and love. Without the humans adopting them to many are going to the Rainbow Bridge. Also I give out Kyra’s Random Happys. Kyra is a 9 year old little girl I met of Facebook who was losing her battle with cancer. I took it upon myself to help her fulfill her Bucket List. With the help of my friends Jamie of American Dog Magazine and on my Facebook page we were able to help her do this. We lost in Feb the day after her 9th birthday. Since then I chose special ones to get her Random Happys to let them know they are loved and that we are there for them. I also find one child who is on hospice that has a fb page and give them all the support and love I can give them. I have met many children by doing this on Facebook and wish I could meet them all in person.

Author’s Note: Many thanks to Spartacus & his mom for answering the questions. Photos were used with permission and belong solely to Spartacus You can find him on facebook.

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