How old are you?

I am (probably) almost 2 years old. When I came to the shelter, mom estimated that I was about 9 months old, which makes my “birthday” July 13th

Where did your name come from?

Mom and dad came up with a whole long list of names for me. Dad really wanted to name me Digby. Hehe. But they finally decided on Remy because it seemed to fit the best and mom would not feel weird calling it across the dog park.

How did you get to be with your forever family?

I got lost…or something like that…and I was very lucky to end up at the shelter where my mom worked as a registered vet tech. She was actually not even supposed to be at work the day I came in, but she ended up covering for another tech and that’s how she met me. The very first thing she did when we met was give me a Parvo test – you don’t want to know how that goes! I didn’t mind though; I had a special feeling about this girl and she had a special feeling about me too. She had met about a billion animals working there. And lots of them were very, very nice. But something about me just felt different and she knew she was meant to be mine.

I had to stay at the shelter for little while because I was chosen for a special program to help troubled kids, but I handled shelter life pretty well. And boy were mom and dad excited when they finally got to take me home!

Do you have any fursiblings you live with now?

Oh yes! I have two kitties, named Linus & Schroeder, and one bunny, named Artemis. My kitties were not very excited about me when I arrived…and I was a little too excited about them. But now we all love each other a lot and I get kitty cuddles every day! I love my bunny too, but we don’t get to run around together. Mom says she is very delicate and I might hurt her if she starting hopping fast and I got too playful. Artemis gives me kisses through her hutch though and shares her bunny poops, which are Delicious! (Don’t tell mom about that part, okay?)

What is your favorite treat?

Hmm, it’s so tricky to pick one favorite treat! But when I was getting ready for my Canine Good Citizen test, mom mixed some bacons into the treat bag. Oh my goodness, that bacon stuff is very tasty! And I guess it must have worked because I passed the test, even without the treats J

Where do you like to sleep?

My most favorite place to sleep is on mom and dad’s bed! Once in a while mom takes an afternoon nap with me there and I am in heaven J

How did you tear your ligaments?

*Sigh* The veterinarian says I was already prone to this ligament injury and that playing fetch didn’t help. I was very serious about fetch and I would do a lot of very quick starting and stopping and a lot of sharp turns. I will not be able to play regular fetch anymore, but I might be able to play fetch in the ocean someday and that sounds pretty great to me!

What type of therapy are you doing to help your legs?

Oh, I love my physical therapies! I go twice each week and we start out with some very relaxing cold laser treatment (I usually fall asleep). Then we do some special exercises with balancing on these funny shaped balls and cavaletti and stretches and stuff, to help make my muscles strong in the right places and help me to use them better.

And the last thing we do is the water treadmilling, which is really cool! I even won “Athlete of the Week” for water treadmilling the longest and the fastest of all Dr. G’s patients!

And I get a joint supplement called Dasuquin. Mom is hoping to get an injectable joint medicine for me called Adequan for me too, but it turns out that stuff is in short supply at the moment!

On top of all that, mom does range of motion exercises with me each day and some other special exercises. She has also been teaching me lots of new things to keep my brain exercised. My favorites are playing dead and licking my face when mom says “Is that tasty?” J

Do you still go for walks?

I do! For about four weeks I only walked to go to the bathroom. Then I got to start doing 5 or 10 minute walks. And now I am up to three 15 minute walks every day! Mom takes me different places so I can be out in the world. And sometimes she brings my special mat and we take a break half way to just sit and watch the scenery for a long time. Oh, I love it! I even got to walk with my friend Cali the other night, who had torn ligaments too and is recovering from surgery.

Are you allowed to run yet?

No running yet. I am not even supposed to trot. No stairs. No jumping on or off the couch or the bed. It will be many, many weeks before I can do any of these things. But I am just happy for the walking at least J

Do you have any advice for people looking to add a dog to their life?

Good question! After all her experience at the shelter, mom could on about this for at least 3 hours. But I will try to keep it shorter than that 😉

People need to spend a lot of time thinking about what it means to have a pup. It takes a lot of time! I mean a LOT. Pups needs exercise, training, cuddle time – it’s really not fair to adopt a dog (or any animal) and then not give him the things he really needs. And we also need things that cost money, like vet visits and good food, so also be sure you can afford these things. Having a pup is lots of fun, but only if you are really ready for it. If you’re not sure if you’re ready, try fostering a few pups. This is a great way to help some dogs in need and find out if you really can commit to caring for a dog of your very own.

Of course, I think everyone should adopt their pups. Even if you are determined to get a particular breed, you can find them in shelters and rescues, I promise. Just have some patience. It will be worth it! If you don’t think it’s really that important to adopt, just go visit some public shelters in your area and see how many very sweet animals are almost out of time.

Also, spend a lot of time thinking what sort of dog will fit in to the way you like to live. Are you very active? Do you want a dog you can take everywhere? Do you mind spending hours grooming your pup each week? And remember that bigger dogs are usually more expensive than smaller ones. The more you focus on picking a dog that fits, the happier everyone will be! If you have very particular needs, look for a dog that has been fostered in a home. This will give you a better idea about their personality; living in the shelter is very stressful and it’s hard for a dog to show it’s whole personality there.

And the last thing is to find a good trainer who uses reward based methods (not punishments!) and arrange for a least a few training sessions with them. Even if your new pup seems perfect. It will help you and your new pup more than you might think. Lack of training is one of the most common reasons for dogs to be turned in to the shelter.

What are your thoughts on spaying/neutering?

If it were up to me, nearly every dog and cat would be spayed or neutered, at least for now. I know there are some health reasons not to spay or neuter, but there are plenty of good health reasons TO spay and neuter too.

When I came to the shelter, it was so full of lost and homeless animals just like me. They were suffering and sad. I was very lucky that my mom found me. And mom helped lots of other animals find good families too. But she also has a lot of sadness because there were so many animals she could not help. She had to make many of them go to sleep forever. Nice animals, even puppies and kittens, who could have been happy and lived a wonderful life, but there was no one to give them that life. So they ended up in a dark, cold freezer and who knows where after that. She wishes she make people go through that experience with her – to look into a sweet, healthy animal’s eyes and watch their life just disappear for no good reason at all – so maybe people could understand why spaying and neutering and being 100% committed to your pets for their whole entire lives is so important.

Sometimes I have dreams about a world where there are not enough dogs and cats, so more people will understand that we are valuable. Where every person who brings an animal into their family knows that it is forever and all the breeders do a very good job of picking only the healthiest, nicest animals to have babies. I know I will probably never get to see this world, but I hope that, one day, it will be real.

Is there anything else you would like to add?

Thank you very much for interviewing me! I am very honored to be here on Peace, Love & Whiskers! Remy J

Author’s Note: Many thanks to Remy for taking the time to answer my questions, you can find him on facebook, his blog or instagram. Photos were used with permission and belong solely to Remy one blue dog. 

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