How old are you?

14 yrs old.

Where did your name come from?

They named me Chaps because when you look at me from the side angle, I look like I am wearing Chaps! …and hey! This is Texas!!

Do you have any toys you play with?

My favorites are my huge assortment of catnip mice. However, if you accidentally drop an ink pen on the floor, I will steal it! No worries, I don’t eat them. I like to bop them around and see how far I can knock them. Ha! I shoulda been a soccer star! MOL.

Where is your favorite place to sleep?

In my mewtiful black and white bed that looks just like me. Its soooo comfy. Santa brought it to me last Christmas. (there are several pictures on my FB page of me in it.

Do you live at the vet’s office or do you have a forever home?

Yes, the Vet office IS my forever home. I am an extra lucky kitteh because I have 20 mommies and a couple of daddies!! …and 5 Veterinarians at my beckoning call.

How do you greet visitors to the vet’s office?

I jump up on the front counter, so I am eye to eye with them, so I can get some petting and head scratching from them. I’m easy to reach that way. And I give them kisses too! Of course, I am totally sweet and irresistible to them <3. If its a 4 legged visitor, I walk around them and smell them and then we are usually instant friends 🙂

Do you tell the scared cats and dogs it’s going to be okay?

Absolutely. I tell them how nice and sweet and gentle the Vets are and it usually puts them at ease. I will also sit with them before the doctor calls them into the exam room.

Can you tell if one of the staff is stressed or upset?

What do you do to cheer them up? I give them kisses and head bonk them. Sometimes I do something silly to cheer them up, like hiding in the bathroom and then jumping out to surprise them when they come in to use the bathroom. he-he, I’m sneaky that way.

Is there anything else you would like to add about yourself or the staff?

I was picked up as a stray by the Animal Control Officers near the animal hospital where I live now. They had to close their building because they were moving, so I was brought to this clinic to live at / or be adopted out. Well of course, they fell in love with me and decided to keep me. I have a paw some life! I am never alone – they are here 7 days a week. I have come a long way from running the streets scavenging for a scrap of food to eat, to this wonderful place I live now. My favorite thing to do is greet the clients at the front counter as they come in. As a matter of fact, my title is the Official Greeter! I always make them smile & feel comforted… and gets lots of love, kisses, and head rubs. I truly have it made. All the Vets and staff give me so much love and attention. Life-is-good!

Author’s Note: Many thanks to Chaps and his “staff” for letting me bug them with interview questions. You can visit him on his facebook page

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