Mr. Peabody

How old are you?

I’ll be five years old on the fourth of July!  I’m an all American kitty!  Actually we don’t know when my real birthday is, due to the circumstances that I was born into, but that’s the date my veterinarian, Dr. Lisa, gave me when Meowmy took me in for my first check up.

Where did your name come from?

My Meowmy’s ex-boyfriend named me after a doggie in a comic strip who was very, very smart.  He said that I was the smartest kitty he ever met.

What are you favorite toys?

I have a catnip newspaper that my Fiancee, Princess gave me that I love, and I also have a length of plastic tubing that Meowmy uses for the air pump in the aquarium that I love to toss around.  Meowmy thinks I’m pretending that it’s a snake!  I have lots of other toys but those two are my favorites.

Mr. Peabody keeps watch

Mr. Peabody keeps watch over his presents

Where do you like to sleep?

I always sleep with Meowmy in her bed at night and during the day I have a fluffy white bed here in her office where I take cat naps.

How did you come to live with your forever family?

Meowmy had just retired from her job as a Vocational Counselor, working with homeless veterans due to illness.   She was still pretty sick and weak when her oldest kitty, Tequila Marie passed away at the age of 21.  A former client, a young man named Tony, helped her bury Tequila.   About six weeks later, there was a big labor day party at Veterans’ Haven where Meowmy had worked.   Tony was still in residence there.   My sister and I were born to a Feral Mom on the grounds there.   We smelled all the wonderful food so we went to investigate!   A man grabbed my sister right away and fed her some hamburger….Tony grabbed me and did the same.   The man showed my sister to his wife who started crying….her kitty had passed away recently and my sister, a little brown Tabby, looked just like her…they decided to take her home.   Meanwhile, Tony called my Meowmy who was out at the local farmer’s market at the time,  and said that he’d found a cute little kitty and that he KNEW that Meowmy had room for me.   Meowmy said “no more kitties, Tony”.   Sooooo….he took my picture and sent it to her cell phone!    She took one look at my tiny little self and called him back and said “okay, meet me at my house”.   Tony stuffed me in the saddle bag of his motorcycle, and rushed me there!  That was pretty scary, but we all lived happily ever after.

Mr. Peabody wants thumbs

Mr. Peabody wants thumbs so he can open and eat his Fancy Feast

Do you have any fursiblings you live with?

Oh yes!  There’s my brother, Smarty Jones, who has his own Facebook page just like I do, he’s a  chef!   He’s just turned 7 years old, and came from our local feed store, where a mother cat wandered in and had kittens.   And I have a much older sister, Osama bin Kittie, terrorist cat (now retired) who turned 20 years old last September.  She is also the offspring of Feral cat from Michigan, who was born on a farm and adopted by a dear friend of Meowmy’s.   Circumstances arose that prevented her from keeping Osama, so she asked  Meowmy if she would keep her since she’d been staying with Meowmy a lot of the time, and Meowmy said yes!

How did you meet Princess?

I met her on Facebook, when we started visiting each other’s pages.  I never thought that I could win the heart of such a wonderful Ladycat.  She is so very beautiful, inside and out!  I’m a lucky mancat!

Mr. Peabody and Princess

Mr. Peabody and Princess

Are there any wedding plans in the future?

Not as of right now.  We are enjoying our engagement so very much and are so happy now that we’re in no rush to marry.

What advice to you have for gentlemen cats for winning the hearts their lady friends?

Always be a Gentlecat!   Open doors, bring presents, and don’t be afraid to let your Ladycat know how much mew love her!

Smarty and Mr. Peabody

Smarty and Mr. Peabody sharing their mom’s lap

Anything else you would like to add about yourself?

Princess was also a rescued kitty, having been dumped at a shelter simply because she was in heat!   Can mew imagine?   We both, and I feel I can speak for both of us, wish that all kitties and doggies could have the same happy ending that we’ve had.   We work diligently, paw in paw to raise funds for Fuzzy Hearts Animal Rescue in her hometown of Clearview Bay Arkansas.   They are wonderful people who help doggies and kitties with a spay/neuter program, a food pantry for pets and foster homes for unwanted doggies and kitties.  They operate on a shoe string, strictly on donations, and we try to do all that we can to help them.

Author’s Note: Many thanks to Mr. Peabody, his mom and family for letting me do the interview. Photos were used with permission. You can follow his adventures on his page Fans of Mr. Peabody.

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