Please note these beautiful girls already have a forever home.

Ladies, can you please introduce yourselves?

Chamille: Hi i am chamille, this is my sister amelia!

Amelia: hi! and this is Rosie!
Rosie: ZONK

How old are you?

Chamille: we are 9 weeks old! we are little babies still!

Where did you name comes from?

Chamille: mama was gonna call me chamolean but it was too hard to say, so dad said how bout chamille?
Amelia: i like to explore! so i got named after amelia earhart!
Rosie: gramma named me, she looked at me and said, you are just a rose!

How did you come to live with Midnight?

Amelia: well a friend of dads from his work found us.

Chamille: our mama had left and we were very tiny and hungry.
Rosie: yeah, it was very sad.
Chamille: so then dad said he would take one of us in, and one of use would go to gramma.
Amelia: that didnt work tho, cuz mama and dad saw us and didnt want to seperate us.
Rosie: and then i went to live with gramma, but then she got real sick and i had to go live with my sisters again.

What are you favorite things to do?

Chamille: my favorite thing to do is to chase my panfur!
Amelia: i love to explore things and get into trouble!
Rosie: climbing! leaping! jumping! zonking!

Miss Rosie, what exactly is a “zonk”?

Rosie: come real close and i will tell you. ZONK! its like that!

Amelia & Chamille what do you really think of Miss Rosie?

Chamille: oh we love her!
amelia: yeah, rosie is awesome!

Have you ladies been working on your roars for Midnight? If so, can I hear them?

Chamille: ROooAooaaarrr!

Amelia: rawrs!
Rosie: ror. Zonkers!

Anything else you two would like to add?

Chamille: we are so happy to have a furrever home!
Amelia: and we love our panfur, midnight the rescue panfur!
Rosie: i can climb the curtains!

Author’s Note: Many thanks to Miss Amelia, Chamille & Rosie for doing the interview. You can find these beautiful girls at their page Panfurs Angels or on Midnight the Rescue Panther‘s page. 

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