How old are you?

Oreo is 2 and Cinnamon is a year.

Where did your names come from?

Oreo……it is pretty simple….he reminds us of the cookie with his fur color. He also so darn sweet.
Cinnamon…..Our little Cinnamon bun…..another sweet name for a sweet bunny.

What type of bunnies are you?

Oreo is a mix. He is lop/Rex  His fur feels like velvet. So I am thinking he has some more mix to him.
Cinnamon is a Mini Lop
Our two new rescue buns, Mr. WB and Simba are both Lionheads

How did you come to be at your forever home?

I had never had a bunny growing up. Never thought about it. Knew nothing about bunnies. One day my kids and I were getting lawn supplies at a feed/lawn store. They had bunnies in a box and the note said clearance. They were right next to the snakes. I had such a horrible feeling that I left the check-out stand and went back and told the lady I would take Oreo. Very random but my heart told me to do it. That day was a life changing moment. We went and bought a big outdoor hutch and supplies. I didn’t even know bunnies ate hay. I thought it was bedding. We get home….started unloading the hutch….and I could not put Oreo outside. I looked at his little sweet face and just knew he wasn’t a thing to leave in the yard. I brought the hutch in and put in the living room…..he didn’t last long in the hutch…he pretty much owned the whole house in a few weeks.
Cinnamon came from the same place. She was another bunny that was dumped at the feed/lawn store. The lady actually saw me at the store and asked me if I would take her…..and of course I couldn’t say no.

Do you have any other siblings? If so how do you all get along?

Yes. We have a house of 4 humans….2 mini schnauzers…..2 hamsters….a lizard…and two more bunnies….Mr. White Bunny….and Simba.
All animals hang out and are happy. It is so funny I will come downstairs and the two dogs will be laying on the pet bed with two bunnies curled up next to them. We do have a little issue with Oreo and Mr. WB. Two boys that want to be in charge. We are working on it and I see small steps everyday. Considering the mix of all of us….I think we are very lucky.
Mr. White Bunny and Simba are two bunnies I rescued from a Craigslist ad. Mr.WB was going to be left at a shelter if he had no takers by a certain date. He has been with us for about 6 months. He is such a funny character and always busy. That is why he is named after the bunny in Alice in Wonderland.
Simba….came from HORRIBLE conditions. She was in a tiny cage. She lived up in the mountains behind a barn. She had very little human attention. Even forced to have babies as a baby. The person had put her cage by the road with a sign for takers. I saw this roadside pic on Craigslist and I couldn’t get to her fast enough. She was a four hour drive away. I was very lucky and talked the person to meet me half way….for the right amount of money.
When Simba first came home she didn’t want to come out of the basket I brought her home in. I put her in a bathroom so she could come out when she was ready. Just the site of us would send he into hiding. I would sit on the floor with her and just talk to her. Slowly she made her way out. It has been about 4 months now and she is a changed girl. I remember her first binkie. She slowly found her way into the living room. I was laying on the couch watching her slowly build the confidence to look around. All the sudden she does a little run and jump. It is very cheesy to say but I just felt blessed to be able to witness that. A bunny that came from such a horrible and painful past shared a moment of pure joy with me. Just an honor.

Were there bunnies at the house before you?

If not what did your parent(s) have to do to make things bunny proof?

We had no bunny knowledge. We have learned as we go. Thankfully I have found bunny friends online and bunny pages to help me. Facebook and Bunspace have become Bunny Bibles for me. I can find how….why and peace of mind talking to other bunny families.

Do you have any advice for someone thinking of adopting a bunny?

Do you support any shelters or rescues?

Well….I would say that if you are looking to adopt. Remember this is a new family member. Treat a bunny like you would treat a child. You don’t leave your children outside all day and night…don’t leave your bunny out either! You will need to bunny proof. You can’t love material things too much if you are going to be a bunny parent. I have chairs and walls that have a bunny love chews on them. I have learned to laugh at bunny chew marks. It is just stuff. I can say the love you get back is far more valuable than material stuff. A MUST is connecting with other bunny families. 

I donate to and

These two charities are run by two of the most wonderful women I have ever come across. They give their heart and soul to the bunnies. I could only hope to be as a good of a bunny parent/person as they are. 

Anything else you would like to add?

I have noticed a lot of bunny parents have come from broken backgrounds. A lot of life challenges. I had no idea when I first made friends that this was the case. It was in speaking and opening about that I have learned this. I know animals heal emotional wounds. Just something about bunnies is so special. You must earn their trust and love. You must be calm and peaceful to be close to them. They are so fragile and you have to respect that. That energy comes to back to you. I am a changed person since my bunnies came into my life. I would definitely say a better person because of them.

Author’s Note: Many thanks to Oreo & Cinnamon’s mom for doing the interview, please visit their facebook page. 

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