Baby Gir


10 months

How did you get your name?

My daughter Alicia liked the cartoon characters Zim & Gir

Can you share your adoption story with us?

On October 16, 2012 I was found on a big truck where I took a very long and scary drive from NY to CT. I was on the truck from 1-3 days. When I was found, I was very dirty and my fur didn’t even look white. This nice lady saved me and brought me tothe veggie where I had lots of blood and poopie tests done. I was all healthy and the veggie said I was about 12 weeks old but he said that I was ve…ry tiny and underweight for my age. My nice lady kept me there for 2 days until she found me a safe place. I am very scared of humans but then just 2 weeks ago that nice lady came to visit me and now she comes a whole bunch of times to spend time with me. She wants me to trust her and feel comfortable because she wants to take me home to a real home. This is my story of going from rags to riches being a street feral from New York to a beautiful posh little girl now living in Connecticut. On Dec. 18 I went to my forever home with the nice lady, my new mom and I am so happy that I have a brother to play with. I even love on mom and she loves it. The veggie says I was 12 weeks young when I was brought in so that would make my birthday be July 22, 2012. Mom always uses her birthday number as all of our birthdays.


How long did it take to get adjusted to your forever family?

Definately a few weeks to a month

What do you think of your brother Thor?


(MOL, he is my pimp :P)  He’s my best friend although I am still teaching him the ropes of getting into trouble and not getting caught.

What are your favorite toys to place with?

My peacock feathers and my hanging mousie that hangs from the doorway.

Where is your favorite place to sleep?

Mommy and Gir 12 24 12

On top of my tower, in my soft and comfy pink bed and next to mommy

I heard you are into making applesauce, how did that come about?

larsiStoveTopGranite copy

MOL, Mommy was making applesauce and thought how cute would it be to out my face on the jars and sell them.  Between you and me, I didn’t like it. 🙂

What words of wisdom do you have for people who are thinking about adopting a furry family member?

If you are going to adopt a new furry family member please make sure to adopt rather than buy and give a chance to the ones who seem less loving and shy because I was a street kitten and now I give mommy my head to kiss if I want noms.  She wouldn’t trade me for anything even though I don’t like being held and I am definately not a lap cat but I do love to snuggle up. There are so many of us out there who just need a fresh new start at a new life being loved.

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Anything else you would like to share with the readers?

I have my own facebook page called Baby Gir’s Journeys..From Rags To Riches

Author’s Note: Many thanks to Baby Gir for letting me interview her and her mother for giving her permission to be interviewed.  Please check out her facebook page and her applesauce page which is coming soon!  

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