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I wanted to end this month’s theme with my experience at BlogPaws as well as thank the many bloggers that let me interview them for this month’s theme. There are so many wonderful stories to share and I thank you all for taking the time from your own blogs to share them.

The conference is for pet bloggers and was held at the Sheraton Premiere in Vienna,  Virgina. I had gotten our (mine and my now husband’s) tickets back in November after hearing about it from Moki the Wobbly cat and what a great trip he had.

The conference was 2 and 1/2 days long so here’s the break down of things I did.


The conference started on Thursday with registration where you get your initial swag bag and your name badge.


Daisy and her mom at BlogPaws

The name badge was awesome, it came with tickets for drinks for two nights, your name and blog name, a space for a pen, business cards and a flip up Velcro pocket to put things in. I used this as my holder for others business cards.


The initial swag bag

The swag bag had several pet products, puppy pads, dehydrated goats milk for dogs or cats, a calendar, some pamplets, dog chews, and a few other items. Thank goodness for the swag trade table as I exchanged dog items and kept visiting the table for items that could be cat related.. I was lucky and grabbed another bag, some cat treats, and two calming coats.. I will have to try them when it thunderstorms again.

There were two sessions I attended on Thursday afternoon. I know I looked terrified at the registration table, but I got some greetings from a few people.  I was so worn out from all the excitement and activity I left around 6ish.

Friday – We woke up bright and early to attend the newbies breakfast on Friday morning, there were about 6-8 newbies tables. I had the intentions of attending more sessions than I did. I only did one session for that day but I got to talk to a lot of the bloggers hanging outside smoking.

I also got to make a prayer flag to honor two of the many pets that had gone over the rainbow bridge.


Prayer Flag made at BlogPaws to honor Pingu the livershunt cat and Pete the betta fish

Again, I didn’t stay for evening activities.. but I did get to meet Miss Teri from Curlz and Swirlz


Brighton and Teri

as well as Miss Carol who let me hold Maus which was my first experience holding a cornish rex.. she preened on me!


Miss Carol and Maus

Saturday – I got to sleep in until about 8ish, had breakfast at my hotel. It was nice not having to get up early for once and got there around 11ish. I made it a point to stop by the vendors to make sure I met everyone I wanted to talk to and get some more samples (you can never have too many samples). We had lunch and I did two sessions.

As I was going to get some water… I made the accidental discovery of Pixel. I did an interview on her a while back and she had won tickets to go to BlogPaws. Her and her mom are both sweethearts.


Pixel Blue Eyes and her mom

We attended a session together and hung out a bit for the Yappi hour and then I said goodbye to new friends.

Tips for Newbies

      • Don’t feel pressured to attend all events or sessions. There is too much for one person to do.
      • Don’t feel like you need to have to stay at the host hotel. This was my first blogpaws and I found a hotel for $66/nt on which was about 20 minutes away from the chaos of BlogPaws. It was great to be able to go somewhere to relax. Yes, getting up earlier might be a pain but saving the money is worth it.
      • Whether you are a smoker or not, go hang out with the smokers. I hung out with them and had a great time getting to know people and sharing stories about pets and learning about pets.
      • Make it a point to talk to the rescues, they love to have publicity and though they may not be able to compensate you, you help them they help you get visits.
      • Be active on the blogpaws community discussion groups, it’s sometimes hard to follow but make a few friends there and ask if they will be attending and pick their brains for ideas, information and tips from them on what you can do to make your blog better.
      • Don’t be afraid to go off premises if the food being served for lunch/dinner is not to your liking. I would highly suggest speaking with some locals about what’s in the area.
      • Stop by a grocery store or the hotel’s market/food pantry for something to drink (water, soda,  tea, etc. I would suggest a six pack of bottles) as all that talking to people – other bloggers, pet media companies and potential sponsors- will dry out your throat.

This article is a part of the Pets that Blog theme, for more interviews on blogging pets, click the image below. Many thanks to Miss Ann from Pawsitively Pets for the image. 

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