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Introduce yourself


My name is Brian Frum and I am the official Spokescat for Brian’s Home (, a blog that shows the joy and happiness of multiple rescue cat households and actively promotes pet adoption. In addition to my official Spokescat duties, I am also responsible for the general decorum in our household which includes my six rescue kitty sisters.


I just turned six on May 20th. My goodness does time fly, and truth be told, I still feel like a young and spry three year old. Of course having six sisters helps keep me young, you know, all that running and romping. Hey, maybe six is the new three!

How you came into your parents lives:

Oh my, for a long time I wasn’t sure I was ever going to have a home of my own. I was actually born on a Christmas Tree Farm in the Upstate of South Carolina. I was having lots of fun with all of those trees and my kitty Mom and my siblings would sure rowdy in the pine needles. Then one day I heard some noise and it was several humans with funny looking wire boxes. It is sort of a blur from there, but the next thing I knew I was not at the farm anymore. Actually, there were several of us in the same situation and, although our voices weren’t totally developed yet, we were all expressing our displeasure as loudly as we could. Turns out I was being rescued, but it sure didn’t seem that way at the time. The nice ladies from Kitten Action Team in Fountain Inn, SC promised me they would take good care of me and find me a loving home. Yea, right. I ended up in a place the humans call PetSmart with a cute little sign that had all kind of information about me. I was adopted alright, but it sure wasn’t a loving home. They were mean, they yelled at me, they kicked me. That’s when I discovered the joy and safety of UTB (Under the Bed). The ladies from Kitten Action Team do follow-up visits, thank cod, to make sure all is well. It wasn’t, they knew it, and they immediately took me from them and I ended up in that PetSmart place once again.

The Kitten Action Team ladies kept telling me I was one of their favorites and that I was just the best kitty. They found it strange that nobody wanted me. I was getting bigger and everyone it seems wanted a little kitten. Two months, three months, four months, five months, six months and dozens and dozens of adoption events and nobody, I mean nobody was interested in me. I was really starting to feel bad, was it me, what was I doing wrong? Then, somewhere around the seven month mark this nice lady stopped by my cage and started chatting with me. She told me I was one of the most handsome tabby cats she ever saw. Well, I could tell how smart she was and we immediately hit it off. Then she was gone. Oh well, at least she was nice. Then the next week she was back again. She told me she was trying to get her husband to come meet me but that he didn’t really want to come by for some reason. Do you believe that? This went on for a good long while and I had just past the nine month mark at PetSmart.

There I was, laying in my cage at PetSmart and I heard that familiar voice again. It was her! Only this time she had a him with her. You guessed it, I was meeting my forever Mom and Dad, seriously, I was going home. I was adopted and moved into my forever home just three days before Christmas. Totally purrfect for a kitty born on a Christmas Tree Farm! When my new Dad came and got me the PetSmart staff actually cheered when we were walking down the aisle, they were all so happy for me. Here I am as soon as I got home…my own Christmas Tree!

Brian's Home, adopt cats, we deserve it!

Why do you blog:

I actually inherited the roll of blogger from my Brother Ivan. Ivan, a very large Maine Coon, was there to greet me when I came home, and he taught me many things about life including the joys of blogging. Brother Ivan died at age four, he screamed in the middle of the night and three minutes after that he ran off to the Rainbow Bridge. Gosh I sure miss him. I blog to continue his legacy and to promote the joys of forever homes. He taught me how to get along with others and how to accept each critter and love them for their individual merits. I really did have a struggle getting here, so I decided to make dedicate my life to helping other critters experience the same joy of having a loving family to call their own.

What is your favorite post?

I have lots of favorites, so I thought I would share a few that are near the top of my list with you.

#3) Last month we helped save Panther Cat, a dear boy who had used up many of his lives and was actually on the table to be put to sleep, not once, but twice:

URGENT: We Need a Late Easter Miracle for Dear Panther Cat

#2) Back in 2010 we did a series of posts showing everyone around our town of Greenville, SC.

Tabby Town Thursday in Greenville SC

#1) My all-time favorite post not only resulted in the rescue of a wonderfully deserving kitty, it also gave birth to a new cat blogger!!! Selina only has one good eye, and she is as beautiful as can be.

URGENT: Prayer Request for a Forever Home (Greenville, SC) Faith was renamed Selina and now has her very own blog at: One Eye on the Future.

What post do you like the least?

I really don’t know that I could put my paw on one post that was a real stinker. I can tell you that we do get incredibly sad when a dear friend goes Over the Rainbow Bridge and we write a memorial post. Sometimes we feel we just must write a tribute, but it is awfully difficult with the tears running down all over the keyboard.

What is your favorite thing about blogging?

Oh, that’s an easy one, without a doubt it is when you realize you just found another critter a loving home. No matter how many times it happens there is always a happy dance at our place.

Also, we love all of our blogging friends and we really do love making new friends. You just never know where the next friend is going to come from and how they are going to impact your life and the lives of others. I have been so fortunate to have a wonderful bunch of loyal friends. So many of them jump in to help me with my rescue efforts and it would be impossible for us to do what we do without them.

What do you dislike about blogging?

It probably goes without saying, but it is always so heartbreaking when one of our friends goes Over the Rainbow Bridge. We all become so connected and our friends feel like such an important part of our family. We also have a tremendous dislike for all of the animal abuse and neglect we are exposed to on a regular basis. Animals deserve better and more informed humans.

Sneak peek on future posts?

We plan on doing a couple more posts in the “Around our Town” series because lots of humans said they started following us as a result of those tours and we’ve had requests to show them around some more. We also love to read and encourage new bloggers so we are looking for a unique way to let everyone know there is someone new out n’ about. One thing we’ve learned about blogging is that you never know who is out there reading. I think we all need to do a little better job encouraging the new bloggers.

What blogs do you read that you would like to share?

Oh boy, I would be in trouble if I left someone important off of the list so I’d best refrain from actually listing blogs. I currently follow 452 blogs and read each new post. Unfortunately I can’t comment on each one every single day, but I am out here reading. If you’re looking for the best-of-the-best, check out some of the very active Blog Hops such as the BlogPaws Wordless Wednesday Blog Hop and you will see several I visit on a regular basis.

What are your thoughts on spaying/neutering?

Take a look at the number of homeless pets, it’s sad, sad, sad. Spay and neuter is so important and I feel the key must be education, not for us pets, but for the humans. Humans have such potential, but we’re going to have to do a better job educating them on this topic. We need to start the education early and help develop programs aimed at the human early years. It’s not us animals fault that we multiply, it’s a human shortcoming and failure to recognize a problem when it’s biting them on the butt!

Anything else you want to add about you?

First, let me thank you for the opportunity to sit down and do an interview with you. Thanks for all you do to help critters everywhere!

I am pretty heavy into social media and can be found on Twitter as @Brian106sc and Facebook as brian.frum. I am also on Google+ but I’ll be dang I don’t know how to tell you to find me there. I have found the social media platforms to be a very effective tool for increasing our odds for finding loving homes for deserving animals. Remember, adopt cats, we deserve it!!!!


Author’s Note: Many thanks to Miss Sue from For  Love of a Dog for doing the interview and sharing a bit about the blog and business. Photos were used with permission. Please check out their blog,facebooktwitter and youtube  This article is a part of the Pets that Blog theme, for more interviews on blogging pets, click the image below. Many thanks to Miss Ann from Pawsitively Pets for the image. 

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