by Fatboy Babushka ™


FATBOY:  “Do I hear a mouse?”

SMOKY:  No, it’s Baby Tiago.  He’s crying because he can’t find his blankie.

FATBOY:  “Oh.  I think Sunny borrowed it. But you can’t go in there.”SMOKY:  Why not?

FATBOY:  “Because Sunny is getting his room ready so he can Read Paws, give Fairy Readings and tell Fortunes.  He doesn’t want us to see it until he’s finished.  He’s very excited about his new hobby you know.”

SMOKY:  Does he know how to do all those things?

FATBOY:  “He says he does.  He’s been reading all morning”.

SMOKY:  Well we won’t disturb him, we just need to see if Baby  Tiago’s blankie is in there.  You know he can’t sleep without his blankie.

*knock, knock, knock *

SUNNY:  Who is it?

SMOKY:  It’s Smoky and Baby Tiago.  We’re looking for his blankie.

SUNNY:  Go away.  I’m not ready yet.

SMOKY:  Sunny, you open the door right now!

SUNNY:  Go away.   I’m very busy.

SMOKY:  Sunny, you open up this door right now or I’m telling Mommy.  We’re not allowed to lock doors.

SUNNY: Oh, alright.  But close your eyes when you enter.  I’m not finished yet.

BABY TIAGO:  mew mew.


SMOKY:  Sunny!  What in the world are you doing with Baby Tiago’s blankie on your head?

BABY TIAGO:   mew mew.

SUNNY:  I told you not to look.   Baby Tiago, I’ll give it back to you later, I need it in order to practice my ESP so I can read minds.  I’m a Mystic, you know.


SMOKY:  I think you should give it back to him, Sunny.

SUNNY:  Mommy says we’re supposed to share, Smoky;  and I am using it now.

SMOKY:  Well, why don’t you use your blankie?

SUNNY:  Because mine has monkeys all over it and  Baby Tiagos’s  looks more like a real Turban.

BABY TIAGO:  mew mew mew.

SUNNY:  Here, Baby Tiago, you can have this feather.  Now, run along and play with it and I’ll return your blankie later.  Okay?


SMOKY:  Are those Mommy’s earrings and her Joan Rivers Bee pin? Sunny, does Mommy know you are playing with her jewelry?

SUNNY:  Not unless she has ESP.  Now, please run along, Smoky.  I have to put something in my secret treasure box and you can’t look.

SMOKY:  Why can’t I look?

SUNNY:  Because what I have in this box is highly secretive.  It’s not for anyone else to see but those of us who have “the gift”.

SMOKY:  You can show me, Sunny.  I won’t tell anyone.

FATBOY:  “Are you open for business yet, Sunny”?

SUNNY:  I guess so.  Smoky was the first to arrive. I think I’m ready to demonstrate my ESP.

FATBOY:  “What’s ESP, Sunny”?

SUNNY:   It’s a gift and I have it.

FATBOY:  “How does it work”?

SUNNY: I’ll show you.  You sit over there and think of a number.

SMOKY:  Excuse me Sunny, but you were going to show me what’s in your secret treasure box.

SUNNY:  Oh, That is impossible, Smoky.  Now, where was I? Oh,  yes.  Now, Fatboy, you sit over there.

FATBOY:  “Okay, now what”?

SUNNY:  Tell me the number.

FATBOY:  “Five”.

SUNNY:  That’s the number I was thinking of.

FATBOY:  “Really”?

SMOKY:  Wait a minute.  Fatboy, …. you told Sunny the number you were thinking of.

SUNNY: That’s right and I confirmed that it was the correct number I was thinking of.

FATBOY:  “He did, Smoky.  I heard him confirm”.

SUNNY:  I can do it again if you don’t believe me, Smoky.  Okay, Fatboy …. think of another number.  And make it a hard one this time Fatboy.

FATBOY:  “Okay”.

SUNNY: Got it?

FATBOY:  “Yes”.

SUNNY:  Okay – what’s the number?

FATBOY: “Thirteen”.

SUNNY:  Correct!

SMOKY:  Fatboy, you told him your number again!  Oh, I don’t believe any of this nonsense; no offense Sunny.

SUNNY: Oh, none taken.  The book says that there would be naysayers and non-believers; so I am not surprised.

FATBOY:  “Is Smoky a naysayer?”

SUNNY:  Oh, yes.  She is also a non-believer.  It is my job to prove to her that I have the “gift”.

SMOKY:  I bet I can prove that you don’t have ESP.


SMOKY:  This time, I’ll think of a number.  Okay now what’s the number?

SUNNY:  That’s not how it’s done Smoky.  You tell me the number you’re thinking of and I’ll tell you if it’s the same number I’m thinking of.

SMOKY:  That’s what I thought.  Now, listen very carefully, Fatboy. Okay, Sunny, I’m thinking of a number.

SUNNY:  Now, what’s the number?

SMOKY:  8.

SUNNY:  That’s the number I was thinking of.

SMOKY:  I was fooling you. The number I was really thinking of was 9.

SUNNY:  I knew you were fooling.  I was thinking of the number 9 also.

FATBOY:  “MOL!  Sunny, you are amazing!”

SMOKY:  Fatboy, tell me you don’t  really believe any of this.

 FATBOY:  “If  Sunny says he has “the gift” – then I believe he has “the gift”.

SUNNY:  Thank you Fatboy.  Now, I’d like to be called The Amazing Mr. Sunny from now on; or maybe The Mystifying Mr. Sunny … if you don’t mind.   Perhaps I can charge clients in the Salon $1.00 to read their minds.

SMOKY:  Why would someone pay you $1.00 for something that they already know, Sunny?  If you told them something they didn’t already know, then maybe that would be worth $1.00.

FATBOY:  “She has a point,  Sunny.  Can you tell us something we don’t already know?”

SUNNY:  Well, I haven’t read that chapter yet … I just started this book, Fatboy.  But I’ll try.

Okay please sit over there and tell me what you would like to know.  Oh, wait a minute, I have to get my lucky bone.  Close your eyes, Smoky.  I don’t want you to see what’s in my secret treasure box.

SMOKY:  Meeeeeewwwwwww.  Where did you get that thing?

SUNNY:   If you must know, I found it in the backyard. I’ve been keeping it with all my other lucky charms in my secret treasure box.

SMOKY:  What’s it for?

SUNNY:  It’s a lucky charm that all us mind-readers use.   I also have a magic harp that I received from my Secret Admirer, Christina McNeair.   I have other charms too – but they are highly secret.  And, no one is allowed to look in my box … ever … or else.

SMOKY: Or else what?

SUNNY: Oh, you don’t want to know, Smoky.  It’s too frightening.  There are things in this box that only us mind readers are allowed to see.  Secret things.  Now, Fatboy, what do you want to know?

SMOKY:  Wait a minute … I want to know what will happen if someone looks in that box?  You said “or else” … what did you mean by that?

SUNNY:  Oh …. I cannot say, Smoky.  I cannot say.  I only warn you as the book says to warn anyone who does not have “the gift”.  Now, Fatboy, what was it you wanted to know?

SMOKY:  That doesn’t frighten me, Sunny.  Are you trying to frighten me?

SUNNY:  No, Smoky. I just warn you that these charms are very powerful and you never know what will happen if you look at them without my permission.  And, I am sorry, but I cannot give you permission.

FATBOY:  “Sorry little one … maybe if you weren’t a naysayer  Sunny would let you look in his secret treasure box”.

SMOKY:  Did Sunny let you look, Fatboy?  Do you know what is in that box?

SUNNY:  Excuse me, but I would like to continue while I am still feeling the “gift”.  Now, Fatboy, what was it you wanted me to tell  you?

FATBOY:  “Oh, yes … I would like to know when I will become famous”.

SUNNY:   Okay.  I am concentrating …. I am thinking very hard.  The Amazing Mr. Sunny, I mean The Mystifying Mr. Sunny is concentrating.   I am thinking … ohmmm … ohmmm … it’s coming to me ….. I have it!  The answer is “soon”!

FATBOY:  “Oh, Sunny, this is too good to be true”.

SMOKY:  That doesn’t prove anything, Sunny. I don’t believe any of this.

SUNNY:  I know, Smoky – because you  don’t have the gift.  And now for my next act, I will hypnotize someone.  I’ll need a subject.  Do I have any volunteers?  Anyone?

FATBOY: “Hypnotize Smoky”.

SUNNY: Okay.

SMOKY:  I don’t want to be hypnotized and I certainly don’t want you waving that old bone in my face.

SUNNY:  That just goes to show how much you know.  I don’t use the bone for that.  I use an eyeball.  Now where is that  …..


SUNNY:   “Shhhhh Smoky. It’s not a live eyeball.  It’s a charm that Lord Ugly Boy Byron sent me all the way from Greece. It’s very powerful and lucky.  Okay … I’ll see what else I have.  Excuse me while I look in my secret treasure box.  Please turn your backs, everyone.  I’ll need to get one of my charms.

SMOKY:  May I see one of the charms, please?

SUNNY:  I am very sorry, but that is forbidden.  Now, everyone please close your eyes.  I will now be going into my secret treasure box to look for one of my secret charms that only us professionals use.  oooooooh ….  hmmmmm …. maybe I should use this one. Oh, no, this one is too secret even for me.  Smoky, are you sure I can’t use the eyeball?  It’s what the book says to use.

FATBOY:  “Smoky, let him use the eyeball.  I want to see him hypnotize you”.

SMOKY: Okay – but I don’t want to touch it.


SUNNY:  You’re not allowed to touch it.  You must never touch the eyeball.  So, please keep your paws to yourself.  Now, then where was I?  Oh yes …Smoky, just sit over there and relax.  I will take this lucky eyeball and slowly dangle it in front of your eyes.  Concentrate on it and let your mind empty.   Are you relaxed?

SMOKY:  Yes.

SUNNY:   Now then … oh, maybe I should put some music on.  Would you like music, Smoky?

SMOKY:  If you like … but I don’t need it.  I’m relaxed.

SUNNY: Okay then.  I will now begin. Silence please. Look into my eyes. Listen to everything I am going to say to you.  I will dangle this eyeball in front of you and  I want you to follow it with your eyes. Pay attention to every word I am going to say.It is important that you listen and concentrate on what you are about to hear.You are getting sleepy. You are getting very sleepy.

Let your little paws go limp.  Relax and concentrate on what I am dangling in front of your eyes.  You see the eyeball.  It is moving from left to right.From left to right.Moving slowly as if it is looking at you.Keep your eyes on the dangling eyeball.You are feeling a little sleepy.Your eyes are getting heavy.  You will be going into a little trance.Do not be afraid to let yourself go.When I count to three you will not remember that I, the Amazing Mr. Sunny have  hypnotized you.  You will only remember to do whatever I say.   You will be my little slave.   You will do whatever I tell you to do. I will now begin to count …. one … two … three … zzzzzzzzzzzzzz


SMOKY:  Fatboy!  He hypnotized himself.  Now what?

FATBOY:  “I better go and get some water to bring him around. I’ll be right back.”

SMOKY:  Sunny, can you hear me?SUNNY:  zzzzzzzzzzzzz

SMOKY:   Poor Sunny.


* Smoky eyes Sunny’s secret treasure box; she looks around to make sure no one is watching her and then  gently opens the lid and removes the first object she feels.  She screams then faints.*


FATBOY:  “OMC!  It worked Sunny!  You hypnotized Smoky!   You really do have the “gift”!