Introduce yourself:

I am Sparkle the Designer Cat, award-winning author, blogger, and advice columnist! I was born on June 24, 2002, so I will be 11 this year.
How you came into your human’s life:(adoption/found, etc)
I actually just wrote about that recently: Short story, my human fell in love with the Somali breed and wound up with me. My roommates Boodie and Binga are rescue cats. They don’t hold it against me that I am a purebred. Binga DOES hold it against me that I get to eat whenever I want and she doesn’t (I’m thin and a picky eater).

Why do you blog?

It was my human’s idea. She is a journalist and professional writer and she knew before she even met me that she was going to put me on the internet! But once she did, I kind of took over a big part of her career! She is my assistant now, and she has to get my permission to work on her own stuff.

What is your favorite post?

You have to realize, I’ve been blogging more than 10 years and have over 1,600 blog posts! So it is hard to pick out a favorite. I actually do have one personal fave, though – my Zombie Toy post ( because it was lots of fun to do! I also love the “happy ending” posts I do when a cat in need that I have blogged about gets rescued or finds a home.

What post do you like the least?

Any post that involves me going to the vet! I can’t even give you any links because I can’t bear to relive them.

What is your favorite thing about blogging?

Meeting kitties all around the world! Also making a difference in the lives of kitties who need a home or whose lives are on the line at a kill shelter. I don’t blog a lot about kitties in need – readers come to my blog for fun and attitude, not usually for rescue – but when I do, it is so gratifying when I play a part in helping out.

What to you dislike about blogging?

I blog every day, and sometimes it’s 10 at night and my human still hasn’t helped me with a blog post – then I have to pull an idea out of my furry behind at the last minute! But actually that works out not-so-badly on occasion: my post the other day about Five Surprising Lessons Humans Can Learn From Cats ( was one of those late-night, last-minute posts, and it turned out to be really popular! I also hate when one of my blogging pals dies – it’s one of the sad parts about being in the blogging community.

Sneak peek on future posts? (if you want to share)

I don’t have any grand plans at the moment, other than a few giveaways in the works. But I do want to mention… last year, I began Cat World Domination Day, which also happened to be my birthday (June 24). Well, Cat World Domination Day is now an annual holiday. ‘Cause I say so.

What blogs to you read that you would like to share?

I probably have hundreds on my list! And they are all my favorites.

What are you thoughts on spaying/neutering?

It is not something one thinks about. It is just something somebody does, if they are responsible pet cohabitants, period. Only small, legitimate breeders are exempt from this in my view.

Anything else you want to add about you?

You can find out more about my two advice books and see my Amazon Author’s page by going to And I am working on a couple of new book projects! The first one is a book about Cat Rules for Humans. Also I have a Zazzle store with fun kitty items: I will be adding more there soon!

Author’s Note: Many many thanks to Sparkle for getting the questions answered and my sincerest apologizes for not getting this up when I said I would. 😦  All pictures were used with permission and belong wholly to Sparkle.

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