Author’s Note: This isn’t a “pet blog” per say as they use the blog for advertising, but this is a group that does a lot of good for the online pet community, so I wanted to do an interview on the lady behind the NipClub. Their 3rd anniversary pawty was May 11-12.

How did NipClub start out?

3 years ago there weren’t many pawties and a group of anipals that liked to hang out wanted a place to come every week. A little bit about our first pawties can be found on my personal blog and 2 or 3 subsequent posts after that one. Then @thenascarkitty & @tinypearlcat created a blog specifically for our weekly pawties
In late April 2012, @georgetheduck and I decided to start a monthly 24 hour pawty to provide a larger scale focus on fundraising for no-kill shelters, rescues & animal sanctuaries. That blog is found at pawty.nipclub.comand we have an overarching website

Why the name NipClub?

At the time the majority of my pals were cats that liked to roll in catnip and be silly. We wanted the atmosphere to be like a nightclub, so we shortened catnip to nip and added club and voila #Nipclub!

What organizations have you helped?

In the 2012-2013 time frame, we have featured Feral Cat Coalition of Oregon, New York Abandoned Angels, Safe Haven for Cats, Furever Dachshund Rescue, Owensboro Humane Society, The Rescued Rescuers, Assisi Animal Foundation, Rocky Mountain Great Dane Rescue, Black Cat Rescue, Bichon and Buddies. And many other great groups in the since our inception on May 13, 2010.

Why Twitter and no another social network?

Because Twitter is conversational. We have several blogs and a facebook page but those are mainly to advertise what will happen at the pawties.  This year we have started Pinterest so we can pin pictures of the pawties, groups we help, volunteers blogs, etc.

How many NipClub members are there?

We have had as many as 160 people at a recent monthly pawty. There are about 40 regular staff and managers. Anyone can show up for a pawty and add #NipClub to their tweets and join. There aren’t any specific membership expectations other than being respectful of the #NipClub hashtag and people joining the conversation.

When are NipClub parties?

Every Thursday night from 4pm-1am Eastern and the second weekend of each month from 2pm eastern Saturday to 2pm eastern Sunday.
We occasionally host a wedding, bachelor/ette pawty, birthday pawty and @skeeterthetabby’s fun quarterly races. We stay BUSY!!
neon birthday cake

What does the future hold for NipClub?

More fun themed pawties, great games with fun prizes, an occasional anipal celebrity appearance. We are always thinking of ways to maximize our fundraising and to find the best possible groups to feature.

Is there anything else you would like to share about NipClub?

One of my favorite success stories from the last year of fundraising was from Owensboro Humane Society (not affiliated with HSUS). We earned approx $850 for them in February. I got an email from our contact in March that they had taken the $850 and gone to a high kill shelter and pulled the 13 cats & dogs that had been waiting the longest, which included 4 puppy mill survivors. They wouldn’t have been able to do that if we hadn’t featured them and collected donations so they could get them vetted. That is serious bang for the buck.
#NipClub in its original vision was to provide a place for friends to gather and shake of the work week. I’ve heard all kinds of heart touching stories about how the friendship and fun at the pawties lifting spirits. One specifically that touched me was a lady that is wheelchair bound and for the few hours she visits #NipClub she complete forgets about her disability. Those kinds of stories make the work it takes to organize 5 pawties/60 hours of pawties or more a month so worth it! Anyone that would like to make a difference for animals and humans alike is always welcome to contact me and join the #NipClub team!

Author’s Note: Many many thanks to @flacatlady for taking time to do the interview.. please check out the blog, facebook page, or the Anipal Times or just hop on Twitter on Thursday nights from 4pm – 1am Eastern to join the pawty. Photos were used with permission. This article is a part of the Pets that Blog theme, for more interviews on blogging pets, click the image below. Many thanks to Miss Ann from Pawsitively Pets for the image. pets that blog 200x200