Author’s Note: Many apologizes to Miss Sue for messing up the name of her blog. I sincerely apologize for not noticing this prior to this posting. Thank you for bringing this to my attention. 

The Talking Dogs

Why did you decide to blog?

I began blogging because I have a business and everywhere I read: you HAVE to blog. So, I did.

However, in the beginning (2007) I blogged in the “voice” of one of my dogs. I guess Tucker didn’t have much to say – that I knew of anyway – and when I changed to blogging with my own “voice,” I did 😉 Though I do blog a bit about my dog jewelry, my blog posts are a mix of opinion, events, adoptable dogs, photos.

What is your favorite post?

One of my favorites is the story of how Tucker came to live with us. I wrote it as a sort of tribute after he crossed the rainbow bridge.

There’s a sort of follow up here 

I also like the post I wrote about how we’ve named our dogs because the reader comments were so much fun! Check it out here  and yes, I wrote about our cats’ names, too here

I have to mention my Dog Song Saturday feature. Each Saturday, I post dog song music video

And I have to mention Jeffie’s Birthday Party – fabulous dog party photos from our friends!

What post do you like the least?

Seriously? Hmmm, there are several that I’m not keen about from the early years.

What is your favorite thing about blogging?

The opportunity to share a little bit about my dogs and my thoughts about dogs, plus the sense of community with other pet bloggers and animal lovers.

What to you dislike about blogging?

That there’s never enough time. This relates to my least favorite posts. I often wish I’d have said something differently, fleshed it out more, gone into more depth.

Sneak peek on future posts? (if you want to share)

There will be more about our puppy,Rosie. She is growing up so fast! So many have asked for more about our farm (animals) so I plan to tell some draft horse, mule, cow stories. I’ll be sharing my recent experience with an animal communicator.

What blogs to you read that you would like to share?

That is a very long list and if I begin naming names, I’m afraid I might forget one and hurt someone’s feelings.

What are you thoughts on spaying/neutering?

My dogs have all been rescues, strays, and/or shelter dogs. More than one was the product of an unplanned pregnancy. Though a few of mine have been purebreds, I’m not in the business of breeding dogs. My dogs have all been spayed or neutered. In fact, our puppy Rosie was spayed last week.

Anything else you want to add about you (or about your pets)

Jeffie, 7, is a Golden Retriever/Border Collie mix adopted from a shelter.
Rudy, 3, is a Labrador Retriever, the product of an unplanned pregnancy and we found him via our vet.
Rosie, 5 months, is a Golden Retriever mix puppy we adopted from a shelter

[Original Talking Dogs – Tucker was a mutt, probably Lab, Chow and ?, who showed up as a stray puppy. Lucy was a Golden Retriever / Labrador Retriever, the product of a “whoops” pregnancy of neighbor dogs.]


This is dedicated to the loving memory of Tucker.  Please know you will always be loved.

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