Milk Bone Trail Mix for Dogs

a review by Miss Sharon

Trail Mix is a brand new product from Milk Bone. Unlike other edible commercial dog products, these are all natural, with NO CORN, preservatives, or artificial flavorings.
Instead, you and your canine pal with find yummy morsels of oats, beef and sweet potato.
When I first saw the package I thought the sweet potato chunks were carrots, and this piqued my curiosity, since our vet keeps telling me to reduce our dog food by ¼ cup, and replace it with green beans or carrots. I thought maybe this was a creative way to get him to eat his veggies. And I was pleasantly surprised when he gobbled up every piece.
Then I checked the package and was even more amazed my dog was actually eating and enjoying sweet potato chunks!!!
The sweep potato chunks looked like dried carrots, the beef is a chewy morsel, and the oats are light and dark colored itty bitty tiny miniature milk bones.
Just like the package advertises, Trail Mix is both chewy and crunchy, and the chunks and morsels are all one bite snacks. No more leftover crumbs of dog snacks on your hard floor or in your carpeting!!!!


The sweet potato and beef are soft and chewy, while the oats are hard and crunchy.
Trail Mix is perfect for a training reward, since every bite is bite size, with a variety of flavors and shapes.
I make my dog work for his snacks, so with these small bite size snacks, and others like them, which I will review soon, I have taught my Bowzer to catch his treats. Those he doesn’t catch, I get to toss it again. I give him 5-7 snacks each evening, which is hardly over working him; sometimes I make him jump for them. My desk has more dog and cat
treats in it, than office supplies!!!! All of my animals gather at my desk for snack time while mom works at home.
If you don’t think your dog will eat sweet potatoes, try playing a game like we do, though I don’t think you will have any problems, if my dog of all dogs, gobbled them up.
Trail Mix is yet another package where the manufacturer crams the bag full. I love these companies and products. In a day where cereal boxes are filled 1/3 of capacity, it is soooo
refreshing to find pet snacks crammed full of product.
The price is right, too, providing you shop at Target, WalMart, CostCo, or other retailer. Once again, I found PetSmarts sale price to still be higher than Target. Target has them
priced at $2.89 for a 9 ounce bag, and PetSmarts sale price was $4.49, regularly 4.99.
I also saw a jug of Trail Mix, which must have been the 3 lb mega-size, which is perfect for families with multiple dogs, or for a shelter or rescue organization, online for $13.99.
I didn’t see this size at Target.
You can print coupons if you visit . Plus you can view the different sizes of Trail Mix, and review their other dog and puppy products.
The best thing about Milkbone is that a portion of every MilkBone product sales is given to their charity which trains service dogs. You can read about that on their website, too.


Bowzer and I give MilkBone Trail Mix 4 paws and two thumbs up.

Author’s Note: This pet product review is the sole work of Miss Sharon McDermitt, she was not compensated in anyway for her review.  You can read more of her reviews here, also her cat Neptune is the subject of a book that was just written, you can purchase the book here or you can follow Neptune & Mr. Moo & the rest of the furry family on facebook here.