How old are you?

 I am now 18 months old.  I was born on September 15, 2011.  Mom knew it was meant to be because that is also her and dad’s anniversay – nice huh?  Mom and dad adopted me October 6, 2011.

Where did your name come from?

Mom has wanted a pet pig since she was little.  Her grandfather had a farm and she use to chase the pigs and pull their tails – it was cute when she was 5 – HEE HEE.  So she grew up wanting a pig and she *always* wanted to call him Bacon.

How did you come into your parents’ lives?

Mom had the opportunity to get a pig – finally a dream come true.  Her and daddy didn’t have children of their own and she wanted me.  She saw a picture of me and fell in love.  The moment I saw her, I fell in love.  I fell right to sleep in her arms.  It was meant to be.

How did the purr things react to you being in the house?

 PLOL (Pig laughing out loud).  They were hesitant at first.  I was only three weeks and weighed 1 pound when mom adopted me.  I was what they called a runt.  The cats were so much bigger than me… at first!  Hemi is a Hemingway cat with extra toe digits and Mouse Girl is a Maine Coon.  Mom held me a lot when I first came home to get used to the Hotel Thompson.  Then she started letting me explore by myself with the purr things separated.  Then she would let one purr thing out with me for us to get used to each other.  It took about three weeks but after that – boom – we are FAMILY!

Do you ever play with them?

Me and Hemi play all of the time.  We are constantly chasing each other and slapping each other on the behinney.  There are videos of us playing around.  He even sleeps on the sofa with me sometimes when me and mom are watching television.  Mouse Girl is the princess of the house – we get along and we tolerate each other.  Heck, she tolerates Hemi.  She is daddy’s little girl all the way!

Do you ever have staring contests with the purr things?

Sometimes we will stare each other for a bit.  My favorite thing is having a staring contest with mom.  Pigs can’t look at you straight ahead.  Did you know that?  It’s the way their eyes are positioned that they have to look at you at an angle.  Me and mom stare into each others eyes and it’s like we are reading each others thoughts.  It’s kind of neat.

What is your favorite snack?

Look at this body – I like ALL food.  I guess I would have to say my favorite though is watermelon.  I LOVE watermelon – the melon, the rind and the juice.  The juice I like to slurp down.  It’s kind of funny to hear me doing that.  Mom laughs every time.

What is your favorite thing to do?

 Of course, I love surfing the net, writing my blogs, answering my fan mail, sleeping and eating.  My favorite time of the day is after dinner.  That’s when it’s piggy-mommy snuggle time on the sofa.  I crawl up on the sofa and we watch television together.  Sometimes mom does her writing while I sleep.  She rubs my belly and massages my back during mommy-piggy time.  It’s the best!

What myths would you like to correct about pet pigs?

 We are *not* dirty animals.  In fact, we are actually clean animals.  We are sociable animals and hate to be ignored.  We actually make great pets.  On the other hand, we do require a lot of attention.  We are, in fact, attention hogs – snort.  Daddy is always telling people that Mary had a little lamb but Junie (that’s mom) has a pig.  I follow her around just like a little puppy.

What kind of pig are you?

 I am a miniature pot bellied pig.

Is there anything else you would like to share about yourself or the Hotel Thompson?

Hotel Thompson is great!  I have my very own room – can you believe that?  When mom knew she was adopting me, she turned the guest room into my nursery.  I have my bed, my television with cable and Netflix and my potty pad in there.  I’m not too fond of nature – heck I’ve never been outside.  I was a runt when I was born so the caregivers took me inside and bottle fed me.  Mom picked that up when she adopted me.  Mom has tried several times to get me outside into our big back yard with the rabbits.  I don’t get nature.  I have everything I need right inside of the Hotel Thompson.  Don’t all pigs live this way?

Why do you blog?

It lets out my inner pig. I’m full of thoughts and questions. I like to share those with the world to let them know I’m more than just a handsome miniature pot bellied pig.

What is your favorite post?

All of them are kind of my favorites but I really do take a special liking to my Dear Bacon issues. Those are fun and keep me on my hooves with the questions.

What post do you like the least?

Well, you know any posting from the purr things at the Hotel Thompson when they go behind my back and post on *my* blog – snort.

What is your favorite thing about blogging?

Letting the world know that pigs are great pets, very loving and contrary to belief – are very clean!

What do you dislike about blogging?

Time. Sometimes there just isn’t enough time in the day to get out what I want to get out. I think I need a secretary

Sneak peek on future posts? (if you want to share)

Bashful is opening up more and getting more used to talking. He might be doing some special postings in the future about his life at the Hotel Thompson. He may even post about some field trips that he has planned. Journalist Rocky the Squirrel also has some specials coming up. Since spring has finally arrived, he’s been busy collecting nuts for his little home in the back yard.

What blogs to you read that you would like to share?

That’s really hard to name just a few – what if I leave out some? I love to read about other animals, humor, comedy, paranormal ghost hunting, mysteries – just to name a few 🙂 oohh, and don’t forget about piggilicious food. I love to read about food and look at the pictures!

What are you thoughts on spaying/neutering?

Responsibility is the key. My mom was responsible when she adopted me at such a young age. I don’t remember a thing. You can’t miss what you don’t remember – PLOL (Pig Laughing Out Loud). Seriously, humans need to take care of us animals. We can’t do it ourselves. If they took the time to let “us” adopt them, they need to take care of us.

Anything else you want to add about you?

I just hope the world gets my whacked sense of piggy humor and I make them laugh. That’s my goal in every posting on my blog!


Author’s Note: Yes, that’s Bacon’s butt.. it’s pretty handsome as far as pig butt’s go. 🙂  Photos were used with permission. Many many thank you’s to Mr. Bacon, his mom and Sir Bashful for answering my questions. You can follow the adventures of Bacon, Bashful and all his other friends at the blog called Pig Love. 

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