My Name is Speedy, some friends call me Speedster or Sir Speedy….hehehe I am Speedy the Cheeky House Bunny.I live in doors but when the weather is nice I get to play in my garden!


I am about 1 and a half years old.

How you came into your parents lives:

My Mummy was looking for a new bunny to be a house bunny,but Daddy was unsure as they had just lost their bunny Thumper to the rainbow bridge.Mummy was very determined She found a nice man who was rescuing Bunnies from going to some where horrible at a animal auction,so she found out he had a couple of Rex bunnies me and a copper coloured one.Mummy made Daddy come and see us and when Daddy saw me he liked me straight away he started to scratch me then he took me out of the hutch and cuddled me then he said to Mummy that she should  hold me so she gave me a cuddle and I was so happy as I felt at home and safe in her arms that I started to chatter my teeth and Mummy heard it she mentioned it to Daddy then they put me back in the hutch,I was looking out saying don’t leave me….but they left the room I was so sad I thought they didn’t like me but Mummy told me later it was because Daddy was upset because they had just lost their bunny called Thumper.But They came back with a blue box and scooped me up saying you’re coming home with us and that’s when Daddy called me Speedy.I soon lived up to my Name!

Why do you blog?

Mummy started the blog to share my journey through life and all my adventures good and bad and tips on being a bunny parent but she soon realised that I had a big character and voice the needed to be heard so its became my blog although Mummy still does all the serious stuff about being a bunny parent.

What is your favorite post?

My favourite post is the one’s on my adventure’s with Santa with my Friends,Plus I love the party celebration posts for different occasions like my friend Maddys Gotcha Day.I do love a good party!

What post do you like the least?

I love all of my posts even the ones Mummy did about me when I was attacked by a mean Kitty when I was playing in my garden.

What is your favorite thing about blogging?

My favourite thing about Blogging is having fun,having parties and Just being Cheeky…hehehe….Oh and meeting up with all my blogging pals and having fun with them.And thats how I met my adopted Auntie’s Jane,Brandi,Karen Michelle and Lorna….I love my Aunites!

What to you dislike about blogging?

my least favourite thing about Blogging is saying good bye to pals to the rainbow bridge.

Sneak peek on future posts?

Mummy is going to carry on with our bunny care 101 post’s as it is very important to get that information out there as lots of people don’t really know how to care for us properly.We are also going to make a very big announcement soon but Mummy say’s we have to wait till she is ready.

What blogs to you read that you would like to share?

There are so many blogs that I read that it would be a very long list but I love them all!

What are you thoughts on spaying/neutering?

I think Spaying and Neutering is very important as there are to many unwanted pets in the world from uncontrolled breeding,if all pets were neutered or spayed there wouldn’t be such a great need for rescue centres and shelters.I my self have been neutered.

Anything else you want to add about you?

When Mummy and Daddy brought me home they noticed the my Left eye looked a bit bigger and strange to my right one I was about 16 weeks old then a few months later they could see I was have problems with my vision and it was looking cloudy it was then we found out I had glaucoma,its and genetic problem  as I have always had it and I now have drops in it to keep the pressure down and keep it comfortable. Being a house bunny is lucky for me as it keeps me safe and I get lots of fun play time with Mummy and Daddy,That’s how they found out how Cheeky I was and how much of a sense of humour I have.Hehehe….some times I am a bit naughty too like biting the carpet and doing my Houdini act,and I love to trampoline on my Mummy when we play together and most of all I love my cuddles with Mummy.And with Daddy I love to play chase….hehehehe when we play chase I jump up in the air cause I think it funny when Daddy chase’s after me!
xxx Speedy!

Author’s Note: All photos were used with permission. You can visit Speedy at his blog. This article is a part of the Pets that Blog theme, for more interviews on blogging pets, click the image below. Many thanks to Miss Ann from Pawsitively Pets for the image. pets that blog 200x200