My name is Penelope and a whole bunch of others that nobody remembers. But mostly me is called Nellie, Nellie Bellie, my cat brother calls me Queen Penelope and me is the Cat From Hell.

We thinks me is going to be 15 in may, but are uncertain as to the month or date, it is a total guesstimate. Kozmo is 2 and one half.
How you came into your parents lives:

My Daddy first met me when me was a kitten. My humans has bought me to have babies. So they could sell them, but they did not know much about cats or what to do with them. I then went to another home where they treated me really badly. They then took mes to the pound and me was a awful cat. The pound was going to puts me down as they said me was unadoptable! My Daddy found out me was there and talked the people in the pound to let him have me. Me was a horrible, rotten, no good, very bad cat and it tooled a long time and lots of patience and lives before mes would even lets them touch mes. Me has been with my humans for 13 years.

After my companion Hissy Old Licorice went over the bridge, the brat, Kozmo comed to lives with us.

Why do you blog?

Me has LOTS to say! But if me don’t feels like it, my brother Kozmo is furry helpful and blogs.

What is your favorite post?

The last one me has written!

What post do you like the least?

None. Me only blogs when me wants too.

What is your favorite thing about blogging?

All the other bloggers! Me loves being part of a larger community! Me has friends all over the world!

What to you dislike about blogging?

Nothing. If me disliked it, mes would not does it! 

Sneak peek on future posts? (if you want to share)

This week wes did a Funky Friday post, me really enjoyed that and me likes doing the Story in 5 pictures posts. Me loves to reads what the other peoples thinks the story is about. And me likes the posts where me visits my blogging furrends and (don’t tell Kozmo) but me likes the FBI – International Man Cat of Mystery posts where Kozmo goes on adventures!

What blogs to you read that you would like to share?

Me don’t wants to pick out any ones as me loves everybody!

What are you thoughts on spaying/neutering?

There are so many kitties and woofies that need forever homes me believes unless yous is a ethical breeder, pets should be spayed! Me is a purebred and me is spayed, Kozmo came from a hording situation and he is neutered. My hairy slobbery sisters is spayed too.

Anything else you want to add about you?

Me is still a “work in progress” me still has some bad habits and issues, as do many other pets. It is impawtant that we bes treated with respect and dignity!

If yous would likes to know anymore or asks me any other questions, please emails.



Author’s Note: Please visit Miss Nellie at her blog The Cat From Hell . Many thanks to her for answering the questions and sharing a bit about herself.. poor sweetheart coming from abuse. Photos were used with permission and belong to Miss Nellie. 

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