*puts on reading glasses and gets settled in front of the computer*

Good early morning to all,

I am Mr. Bubby or Bubby do. I have been with the family for 4 years. I am a very well mannered and proper black cat. I have tried to teach my little brother Boudreaux – also known as Boo- how to be proper but he is always busy chasing our sister  Bitty or brother Buggy around. *sighs*

My story is a simply one, I picked what everyone would refer to as “the tall guy”, my future father. My adoptive mother had her heart set on a kitten and that did not work so they came back for me. I was very excited after being at the humane society and under foster care for 2 years.

Did you know that black cats are least likely to be adopted because of human superstitions?

This was covered in a previous blog post by my mother back in October, you can find the link here.

My mother was worried that I would have to be sent back as she is allergic to cats and was sneezing constantly when I first came to my furever home. But she said there were allergy pills for a reason and refused to give into her allergies.

I was scared I would have to go back so I pleased with my big green cat eyes to not let father take me back.

I did get lonely being the only one in the house and my human parents did what they thought was best by getting me a friend. Which ended up being my foster brother, Buggy.

He is quite the character.

Then came Bitty, I will admit to hissing at her at first.

Then Bourdeaux. He has good intentions but has a short attention span. I hope he will grow out of it as I would really like to teach him how to be a proper cat. I fear he is getting his mannerisms from Buggy who indulges himself in milk, dry food and naps a bit too much.

I do enjoy a few non-cat things like chips, cheez-its, peanut butter, cinnamon and above all Cheese Doodles.

*wipes a spot of drool off mouth*

I apologize, I was thinking of those delicious orange cheese doodles.

My human parents let me have them once in a while and it is quite the treat.

In speaking of which, I was told by Boudreaux that pumpkin is quite tasty and I do have to agree with him. I am not as enamored with it as he is, but it is a delicacy when offered.

I am so well mannered that I  have gotten kisses from a female vet and extra pets and compliments from the male vets.

I have been known to turn “kitten” as the humans call it, I started to play with the crinkle balls, or a fuzzy mouse or give into Boudreaux’s mews and play with him.

My mother was unsure of me for the first few years because she could not read my expressions like she could with the others and was not sure if I liked her or not. I learned to express my desire to be petted by putting my paw on her hand or give her gentle head butts.

Oh, I do love our combing sessions when she is on the couch and reclines. I do reward her with some intent preening and purring when she finds the right spot.

I do try to help her with editing and grammar mistakes but sometimes the concerns fall on deaf human ears, I suppose like us cats, humans are quite stubborn.

*pauses and stares off*

Pardon me, I do not wish to cut this short but there is a red dot that is moving rather quickly across the floor and requires my immediate attention.

Thank you.

My sincerest regards,

Mr. Bubby or “Doodles” as they like to call me.