*paws over to the computer, showing off her lovely white booted paws, sits down gracefully*

I am Miss Bitty, Princess Bitty to you, the sole female cat of the house and I wanted to share a few things.. per mommy’s request.

My life started just 3 short years ago where I was found near a dumpster in the small town of Lloyd, FL. A kind man picked me up and took me in.

From the beginning I had attitude

and so he named me Jesse because I started to run the house hold. I was fostered and taken care up until I could be up for adoption.. that’s when mommy and daddy saw me. Mommy was busy looking at other kittens (she has a thing for calicos) but daddy got to hold me and I was so small and scared that he said he wanted me.

I was supposed to be named Katie.. but I was so tiny they started to call me bit-bit or bitty and the name stuck.

I hid behind the washer and dryer for the first few days in my new place.. I was so scared there were these two huge cats already in the house and they didn’t know what to make of me.. but I quickly used my feminine charms to win them over

which got me some attention from a male cat.. my very first suitor..mommy called him Ghost because he would show up and disappear randomly

Mommy began realizing how photogenic I was and how easy it was to take pictures of me. I loved looking out the windows or just napping.

At one of the places we lived I used to lay behind her laptop as an inspiration.

or help her with laundry

or just keep her company

I found that most comfy place to lay was on a soft fluffy blanket.. so I’m often found laying on the chair where that blanket is.

Mommy thinks I’m a Black Spotted Tabby bi-colour Norwegian she found a good glad to look up the colors of Norwegian cats here.. she thinks this explains why the other cats don’t understand me. I “meep” instead of meow. I get scared very easily even though I’ve lived with mommy and daddy for 3 years, but they are always happy when I want pets. Mommy has taken to brushing me and telling me how I can to be with them. I reward her with soft purrs.

About a year ago I started having problems with my pads.. mommy tried to use this icky stuff on it called bag balm.. oh the smell was horrid! I licked it off as quickly as I could then drank lots of water to get the taste out of my mouth.. blech *covers mouth with paw* excuse me, that brought back bad memories.

Mommy and daddy had to take me to the vet, which stressed me out..I hate traveling.. why can’t the vet come to us?

They gave me some meds and my paws got better and I got off the meds and they got worse, so I’ve been back and forth on meds and to vets until just recently when mommy said I had a disease called mushy pads… let mommy tell the rest..

Mommy: It’s okay sweetie *pets Bitty*

She was officially diagnosed with Lymphoplasmocyctic Pododermatitis nearly 2 months ago. Basically it’s a disease that affects her pads.. causing them to become flaky and dry.  She has lost several nails due to this condition and is currently on predisone and had just started doxycycline to help. In two weeks of doxycycline I will be calling the vet to let him know what is the next course of action.

At her worst her nail beds were infected, her pads warm to the touch and she was given pain medications. Since she’s been on the predisone for so long I am concerned about the long term effects of the drug on her liver and have voiced my concern to her vet about this. She will be getting a full blood test in the future as we did a mini lab on the 3rd and everything came back normal.

Here’s more information on the disease:

The Feline Patient & Mar Vista Animal Medical Center

I would strongly encourage pet parents/guardians to pay attention to your furbabies feet.. Bitty had beautiful pink pads when she was little and then when she was 2 she started to have problems with her pads.

Back to you sweetie *pets head*

*soft purrs*

Thank you mommy..

Now that you know I’m a bit of a sick kitty please know that mommy and daddy are doing everything they can to make me comfortable and enjoy my life..*talks behind paw* except for getting that evil white kitten that likes to chase me around, I hiss and growl but that does nothing he is so immature! I’m a girl kitty, I don’t get rough and tumble.

okay so there’s a picture of us laying together.. it was an accident. I promise you.


Okay.. so I don’t mind him so much if he would just lay still rather than streak around the house like some crazy kitten. Uh-oh.. here he comes *hisses*

Boo: whatcha doing sis? wanna play? please? please please?

Bitty: No! *hisses, growls* Mommy! Make him go away!

Mommy: Come on boo.. I’ve got some pumpkin for you..

Boo: Brrrt! *runs off*

Whew.. that was close.. I think that’s all you need to know about me for now. Until I have to go to the vet’s again.. *growls softly*

I’m going to go hide from that evil kitten. *runs off*