*dramatic spanish music plays in the background*
I am El Buggito the Spanish Purrito also known as Buggy


*I* choose mommy.. nearly4 years ago.. it was a cloudy day and she and the tall guy were looking to add to the family since the basement cat called “Bubby” was lonely. Mommy walked past the kennels at Petsmart and I meowed at her and rubbed against the cage. It was love at first pet. I came from the human society of Tallahassee and I was living with a nice foster mom who was also my brofur Bubby’s foster mom.

My name was supposed to be Andrew, but when mommy saw what a love bug I was.. she called me “Bug” or “Buggy” .. “El Buggito” is my alter ego.. he fights crimes, taking milks from the rich and giving to the poors.. that kind of thing. *winks*

She introduced me to the joys of these white things that have a strong smell but I really like them..


I showed her that I can be a good boy I will stand on my back legs for treats or pets (the tall guy is working on it too, but I prefer mommy)


I love squeezing into boxes big or small


I do enjoy the outside safely on a harness.. back when we were living in a smaller place..(she laughs when I chew grass.. it’s so tasty)


now I can go out to the open area where there’s lots of water and watch birds

I help press her clothes.. jeans


or shirts


and beg her not to leave me for work


and when they added another much younger and girly family member I was less than thrilled…


I test out new kitty furniture and supervise


and I keep a close eye on my mommy when she’s home.. I have to let her know that *I* picked her so I give her loves and watch over her.

and I give her the “stink eye” when she cheats on me with other cats or when I disapprove of what she is watching on tv

Update on teeth removal:

For those who helped mommy pay for my surgery thank you! Mommy couldn’t have done it without you. *purrs loudly*

I had stomatitis and needed to have my teeth removed.. one vet wanted me to be toothless.. toothless can you imagine?? Mommy didn’t like that idea so she took me to another vet, the one that helped my sisfur Bitty with her condition (she’ll be talking about herself later this week..*rolls eyes*) and that vet only wanted to take my back teeth since they were really bad. So mommy agreed and got me prepped on 2/13 for surgery the next day.. everyone had to starve because I couldn’t eat the day before *chuckles behind paw*. Mommy was very worried about me and worried about someone being there to look after me at night as they told her I would have to stay. But when she took Bitty in for an appointment she got to take me home.. she even cried seeing me and told me what a good brave boy I was. I was still chasing bunnies for a while, but when I got home I knew the smells of home and started purring and rubbing and wanting to be petted.

Me at surgery

the x’s are the teeth that were removed, circles are what teeth were missing.. so I have about 15 teeth left

there are the rest of them.. I don’t know why mommy is holding onto them..

and where they shaved my arm

I am doing well.. I was in so much pain I didn’t know how to tell her, but now I’m a brand new Buggy…and posing to be the most interesting cat in the world

I’m going for a check up to see how I’m healing later today.. wish me luck.. *purrs*

oh and my alter ego would like to say something..