Good Mewing!


I am Boo..Boudreaux if I get in trouble and an even longer name if I get in more trouble! ^..^

Meowmy let me post today as I’ve been trying to help her type since I came here and she shushes me away or gives me a comb to chew on..


it’s true, the comb is evil! I have to protect meowmy!

I came to meowmy and daddy waaaay back in October of last year.. I was about 13 weeks old.


My foster meowmy thought this was funny.. meowmy thinks this is true..

I was living with a foster meowmy and some grouchy old mature cats who didn’t want to bounce around like I did.

I got to ride in a car, then fly in a plane and then ride in a car some more and land into the wonderful comfy lap of meowmy..and daddy.

All that traveling wore little me out.


me & meowmy my first night at my furever home

I soon got adjusted to my new life at my furever home.. and starting to help meowmy with her blog posts

here’s a video of what I do.

I also purr her headaches away.. make her feel better and come for cuddles and she offers me cuddles, kisses, pets.. and even combs me.. oh I am so happy when I get my head rubbed.. I purr and purr..


rawr, I has fierces!

I do follow meowmy everywhere.. I do mean everywhere..


meowmy, are you in there?

And I supervise projects.. such as the building of the new cat tree


me, overseeing err helping the building of a new cat tree

and I help meowmy with chores


helping meowmy wash dishes

I lead a very busy life here!  But I love every minute of it.


With lots of purrs,


Boo bear (so meowmy calls me) and you can visit me at my very own facebook page