How old is Curry?

Curry will be three years old in May. His vet picked May 18, 2010 as his birthday. His “gotcha day” is July 27, 2010.

How did he come into your life?

I first saw Curry when my vet posted his picture on my Facebook page & said here is my new kitten. As I understand it, a Good Samaritan found him with a badly damaged front left leg & brought him to my vet. My vet had to amputate his leg & then she started thinking of a home. I think actually she posted the picture on my Facebook page before he even had his surgery. My vet knew there was a hole in my heart after we had to put our 20 year old Betsy to sleep in May. Curry helped to heal it.

Where did the name Curry come from?

Curry’s real name is Courage Joseph. My husband came up with the name. He said this little kitten will need courage in his life. We call him Curry Joe for short. He knows & responds to both names. I tried Sam & Micky, but they just weren’t right. Some people said Tripod, but I did NOT want to call attention to what made him different from other cats. Courage just fit.

Does he have any fursiblings he shares the house with?

Curry shares out home with two brothers–Mr. Gray who is about nineteen & Sharpie who will be six in May. He and Sharpie chase & run & play. He & Mr. Gray groom each other. He also has a sister who is unfortunately in our garage right now. She was a stray & when we couldn’t find her owner we were going to bring her in. But she tested positive for FeLV. So she needs to get retested & based on what that shows, we will go from there. Keep your fingers crossed she tests negative! And he also has 2 kitty friends who come by almost day almost to eat some canned food–Max & Peanut.

Is he able to climb like other cats or does he stay close to the ground?

We are amazed every day at what Curry can do. He runs And jumps and plays and has no fear. He climbs or jumps to the top of the cat tree and also to the top of other places he really shouldn’t be. He loves tall places.

Did he need any therapy after his surgery?

He didn’t need any therapy after his surgery. He was so young I”m sure he can’t remember being any other way. He had a bit of cage rest at the vet before we brought him home. He was so active when he got here that he had to go back twice and get his stitches repaired. He finally had staples. He didn’t wear the cone here. I had some cream for the incision, but he kept licking it off & chewing on the stitches. We tried to put the end of a tube sock on him, but it made him crazy. We tried baby undershirts, but they were way too big.

Did he need any additional care?

He doesn’t need any additional care now, but there are a few things I have noticed. Sometimes he hesitates to jump down after being so high. My only fear is that he will break his one front leg. So if I see he is wanting to get down I tell him to wait and I lift him down. Also, he sleeps differently than most cats. I put a pillow on the end of the bed & he props himself up on that. I have a cat tree and the perches have rounded sides and he loves that.
His amputation is right up at the shoulder. There is a tiny bone that juts out there that is still very tender after 2 years. I think it gets pushed the wrong way sometimes. I have mastered picking him up.
He also has a hard time walking on anything soft like a couch or a bed. Usually if he jumps on one he lays down right where he jumps. He likes to lay on the back of the sofa if our other cat does. He falls off if he falls asleep. Sometimes even when he is awake. I keep it as close to the wall as I can, so if he falls he falls onto the couch seat & not the floor behind it.

How’s he doing now?

I try to let him do what ever he wants. Even if I am cringing behind him. By that I mean things a cat with four legs would do.
People come in out home that haven’t been here before & I can see on their face when they first realize that the kitty zooming around only has 3 legs. And zoom he does. The faster he runs the less you notice he only as 3 legs. When he walks he lopes along.

Why did you start Curry’s KIN Bulletin Board?

I started Curry’s KIN Bulletin Board after being encouraged to do so by Mary, Fatboy Babushka’s mom. I had told her I thought that starting a page with all the raffles, contests, auctions, and events would help people. I thought that if they couldn’t remember who was putting something on, it would be nice to have a page to go to. With her kind encouragement I decided to try to start a page. We started on June 3, 2012. I added Curry’s name to it to make the name a little catchy. And he usually sits right by me when I’m on my laptop anyway.

What’s the best way people can reach you to add auctions/raffles to the board?

People can message Curry’s page:

Is there anything you would like to say to people concerned about adopting a pet that might need extra care?

I tell people that Curry, is special, not special needs. And all cats are special. I would tell them to go ahead & take the chance. You will make all the diference in the world to that pet. I know some pets with special needs will need more time devoted to their needs than Curry does. Just make sure you have the time to make the commitment. Don’t be afraid. The kitty doesn’t know any different probably. They just need love.

One thing I say is having Curry is a perfect example of how bad things turn into good things. I was grieving for Betsy and Curry was an outside cat in (as I understand it) a not very good part of town. If he hadn’t hurt his leg, and if my vet hadn’t had a soft heart and taken him in and fixed him up, he would likely not be alive by now. Instead he has a safe, loving inside home, and we have a cat that helped heal the hole in my heart. He has brought so much fun and laughter and love into our home. I’m so glad I didn’t say that it hurt too much to lose one and I couldn’t go through that again. And it may be that way for some people. But it wasn’t for us!

Author’s Note: I would like to thank Curry’s wonderful mom Miss Trudy  for letting me to a post about Sir Curry.. did I mention she’s wonderful??  She runs the Curry’s KIN bulletin board.. so if there’s a raffle, auction or giveaway you want to share, please let her know. Pictures for the article were used with permission. 

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