How old are you?

The Vet says I was about 7 years old when I was found. That would make me about 9 now!

Where did your name come from?

My mom loves films and loved both the Odd Couple and Splash. They are very cute NYC based stories. My name was already Oscar coming from the shelter. So my last name is Madison based on the Mermaid in Splash and also is coincidentally the name of the funniest character in the Odd Couple, Oscar Madison. It just worked perfectly!

Were you born without the use of your back legs?

I can’t remember a lot from the past but the Vet said I probably could walk but was injured somehow. I may not be able to “walk” now but I can RUN!

How did you come into your family’s life?

I don’t remember how I came to be under the Williamsburg Bridge. But that is what all the papers filed and people say. I was left under the bridge on the Lower East Side at Delancey Street dragging myself. People picked me up and took me to animal services. I was put on Dog Death Row.

But I never lost hope. The kind people at NY Pet-i-Care saw me on the Urgent Facebook page and pulled me out.

My first day off of Death Row at NY Pet-i-Care’s house!”

My new family saw me at the Vet’s office, the one who rescued me with NY Pet-i-Care, and my parents said they fell in love me at first sight!

And the link to the pic where he says: “First meeting!”

I am now happy with my new forever family. Since then my poppa brought us Tiki who was also once in a shelter. We are now a family!

Tiki and I did the Harlem Shake!

Was it hard adjusting to the Walking Wheels wheelchair?

It was weird at first because I could zoom along just fine on my own but the sidewalks are pretty hard and a guy needs some good wheels to take on NYC streets!

How long did it take to get the hang of it?

I liked it okay for a few weeks, but then one day I just took off on it and it was like the easiest thing. I like chasing after other dogs and showing off for them now its like I’ve been in the wheelchair all the time. I’m a pro!

One of the first times I really had fun in the wheelchair now its easy!

What exactly is the Drag Bag?

It’s a strong bag that attaches like a collar around my neck and has a wide strip that goes down my chest to the attached bag that protects my legs from getting scratched when I’m zooming around! I get a lot more speed with it on too so we call it my Drag Racing Bag!

My mom made this funny film of me you can see me racin around the dog run after a nice doggy!

Do you need any type of therapy?

I don’t have any therapy I go to but it helps that I have a ramp to go up and down to my bed so I get to work all my muscles.

My ramp video

I love to run around the dog run in my bag and my wheelchair and that is the best therapy. “One day my mom hopes to get me Nose Cell Transplant Therapy.
To read about it click here.”

One of the Drs who invented it in the UK moved to the University of Iowa and if they can get funding they can offer this to dogs in the US. My momma says she would take me there to get it one day and maybe I’ll be able to walk like Tiki again. Even if that never happens I am happy and healthy and have fun!

What message would like to give to other handicapped pets?

That nothing should stand in your way of a good life! Get up and run and walk and jump in any way you can. Love your family and SMILE at everybody you meet on the street so they think to themselves, what a sweet pet! I would love to help a pet like that too! No one should ever feel sorry for you!

“I Feel Sorry For Handicapped Dogs”

Is there anything else you would like to add?

To everybody, please adopt shelter pets! Puppies, Seniors, Special Needs they are all capable of being the best friend you have always been looking for! They are waiting for you right now and can give you so much love!! You can save a life, and change the world for them and make yourself very very happy too! Its a WIN WIN and a LOVE LOVE!

Author’s Note: I would like to thank Oscar and his mom for letting me interview them and sharing his story as well as pictures. Pictures were used with permission. You can visit him on facebook here or check out his other youtube adventures here

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