Mishu 2

How old are you?

A kitty never devulges such information, teehee. Actually I will be 9 years young this July.

Where did you name come from?

I don’t know, this was the name I was given at the ASPCA. Meowmy adopted me with this name and she kept it. I actually answer to it!!

Mishu 4

How did your mom find out about your hyperthyroid?

The ASPCA had told momma that I had hyperthyroidism when she called to ask if I was still available. We think they were trying to scare her off from adopting me since she had never been a cat momma before, but momma doesn’t scare easily, she still came to meet me anyway.

What medications/treatment do you need for it?

This is a tough one. Hyperthyroidism is usually a condition that older kitties get and I was diagnosed when I was one and a half years old. The only medication that is effective is called Methimazole. (Also know as Felimazole). But this medication has horrible side effects when used for too long. It can cause your liver to fail. Which is where I am at right now. I have been on this medication for almost seven and a half years now. You can also have surgery to remove your thyroid completely but than you need to take tyroid hormone replacement pills for the rest of your life, and I HATE pills. So my last option that is available is called Radio Iodine Treatment. Which I go in for in 23 days. This is where they inject you with radio active iodine. Since the Thyroid is the only body organ that picks up Iodine, the radio active iodine attacks the bad parts of my thyroid and any tumors that may have grown from the disease and kills them off so all that is left is the good working part of my thyroid gland. And a cool side effect, momma says I will glow in the dark for a couple of weeks. I think she is pulling my paw though!! MOL

Mishu on Couch

What happens when you become the Mishinator?

Hey, who told on me. I never become the Mishinator. O.K., guess the secret is out. And whoever let it out will soon meet the Mishinator, MOL. Well, you see, I spent a long time in a tiny cube at the ASPCA with only 30 minutes a day of freedom and human interaction, so I can get, well, a little mean. I mean I don’t get like the Hulk and turn all green and lumpy like he does, but, well lets just say keep you fingers and toes inside the ride vehicle at all times when I get cranky. I will hiss, claw and bite at whatever comes across my path. For the first few months, when I came to live with mommy, all I did was hiss at her and bite her. But she said it was alright. She knew I wasn’t really mean, I was just scared. I had been adopted out twice before and returned and than fostered once and returned so I had a hard time trusting humans. I am sure glad my meowmy never gave up on me. We have been together almost three years now and I love it here. And I love her too!!

Does your mom have any advice on checking for symptoms of hyperthyroid or care?

Yes, the first and most tell tale sign of hypertyroidism is your kitties eating habit. If your kitty starts eating a lot of food, almost like it just can’t fill it’s belly, that is the first sign something is wrong. A ravenous appetite is the best clue a kitty momma or daddy can get from their kitty that something is not right. Momma suggests taking your kitty in for a T4 test if this happens with your kitty. That is the test that measures how well your thyroid is working. The normal range is .8 – 4.8 (mine is 19 as of last month and that is on medication) and if your kitty is out of range than meds should be started asap. This will give your momma or daddy time to decide whether they want to continue with the meds, get the surgery or the radio iodine treatment. Momma suggests if you can afford it to do the radio iodine treatment. The medications can cause liver failure and hyperthyroidism itself can cause heart, liver and kidney damage. The only true cure for it is the Radio Iodine treatment. Momma only wishes she knew when she adopted me how bad the meds and the condition were, she says she would have had my treatment done than so I didn’t have my liver failing on me right now. The good news is is that the condition hasn’t harmed any of my other organs and with this pill Denamarin I am on (for my liver) my liver will be completely restored in just a few months after my treatment.

Mishu 5

Anything else you would like to add?

Everyone please be kind to each other. This is a tough world we are living in. It is much easier to go through this life being kind to those around us as opposed to being mean and hateful. And always remember, if kitty wants your side of the bed than you better let him or her have it, because I do give lessons on how to become a Mishinator in three easy steps!! 🙂 MOL.

Author’s Note: I would like to thank Miss Mishu  and her momma for letting me interview them and sharing his story as well as pictures. Pictures were used with permission. 

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