Author’s Note: Spamuel M. Meemo has taken over the blog for the day to share his and his fur siblings stories: 

Helwo, ferst I wood like tew say fankies fer taking da time to interview me and my siblings.  We are bery excited fer the opportunity tew tell our stories!!

Hey that’s me.. spammy!

I am Spamuel M. Meemoo, but most ob ma furrends just callz me Spam.  I habs tons of nickynames like Spammy, Meegee, and lot of others.  I am eleben (11) years old and will twelb (12) on April Fools Day. My Momma jokes and says I’m frum Isspambul (sounds like Istanbul) and dat I wide a magic carpet tew get around.  MOL!! She’s sooo silly!!  I talk a lot and if you talk tew me I’ll always talk back.  I like tew greet Momma at the door when she comes home cause I love huggies & if you pick me up and danse with me and sings songs with my name in them I will power-purr 🙂 I was born in Milford Delaware and was just to be “set free” in town cause I wasn’t a wanted kitten, but once my Momma heard dat she said NO WAY bring him tew me and frum dat day on she said dat I am da apple of her eye ❤  I’ve shared her pillow since da first night Momma took me in and now she can’t sleep good wif out me there.  My Momma used to foster goggies (mostly pittbulls) until dey were found furrever homes so I don’t mind being awound dem at all.  And I was also waised wif 2 ferrets “Ava” & “Hitman” and 1 babbit “Toast” (dey have since passed away frum old age and I miss dem bery much)  so I don’t chase small animals or try to hurts dem or nuffin’!!  My Momma realized when I was abowt 6 years old (and I weighed 18 pounds) dat I was dwinking A LOT of water, and I do mean A LOT and I had a ravenous appetite constantly so she took me tew Dr. Little (my veggie) and dey did blood work and realized I was diabetic.  My weight, from being free-fed, was my big pwoblem, so I was put on 2.5mg of Glipizide twice a day and started tew have a set feeding schedule wif a set amount of Purina DM food.  That seemed to werk for 3-4 years and my weight went down to about 11ish pounds, things seemed fine.  Then out of no where my water intake went back up , my appetite went cwazy again, but I lost lots ob weight.  I was down tew 8ish pounds in less than 2 months.  So back tew da veggie I went.  More bloodwork was done and it was decided dat I needed insulin.  So now I get 2 shots of insulin a day, 1 after each meal, and the amount of insulin varies but it’s usually about 2cc.  I fink my Momma was more worried bout the needles than I was.  We learned dat it’s best to change up the injection sites so no certain area gets sensitive and I usually come to Momma when it’s time for ma needle.  It’s like my body knows when I need it.   As a diabetic I would tell people to NOT free-feed, a set feeding schedule seems tew werk best and it doesn’t take long to get used to it.  And Moms and Dads PLEEASE pay attention tew your pets fluid intake cause it really can be a big indicator dat sumfing is wrong. Too much can be just as bad as too little!! Well enough abowt me!!  I’mma give the floor tew my bruver Jack.

Sir Jack

Hiya eberyone!! I am Jack Cousteau, I am 8 years old and I am a Turkish Angora.  I power-purr if you call me pretty even though I’m a boy.  I love eberybody and loved tew be brushed!!  I can’t meow, I try hardm but I’m lucky if a tiny sad squeak comes out.  My birthmother abandoned me as a kitten, probably cause I was so sick!!  My whole face was mucky and snotty and yucky.  When Daddums found me he knew right a way dat ifs I didn’t get tew da veggie as soon as possible I was NOT gonna make it and he was right.  The veggie got me all cleaned up and was ables tew ungunk ma eyes and face and wealized dat sumfing was wrong wif my eyes.  Being an all white cat can have it’s down sides eben though I am very pretty and fluffy.  One ob my eyes looks like a blue marble and the ober one is half yellow half bluish green.  Dr. Little gave daddums medicines for my eyes but she said it was very unlikely dat I would see outta my marble eye.  But dats ok, I dew da best I can wif my other one even though my veggie keeps a constant check on it cause it’s slowly gettin cloudy.  Usually you wouldn’t eben know I was blind by da way I play and stuffs, UNTIL Bella sneakies up on me on my bad side and scares da cwap outta me.  Dere are times when I miscalculate distance wif jumps and stuff and end up looking anything but graceful.  I am lucky that I’m not deaf in either ear though cause a lot of all white cats are.  And I have super keen hearing so not too much (besides Bella) eber surpwises me. My hearing definately makes up for the lack of vision and Momma always makes sure to say ma name ans stuffs so I know if she’s walking around me so I don’t accidentally walk underfoot and get stepped on.  I’m known to be a feisty player wif other katties but I’m a snuggler and lover when it comes to hoomans.  My favorite toy is a laser pointer cause I can see dat super good!!! (as long as it’s not on my bad side)  Someone pweeasewemind Momma dat da batteries are dead in my laser pointer, fankies!!!  Now I’mma give my bruver Hitch a chance to purr at yew!!

Sir Hitch

Hi, I’m Hitch.  I’m a Bombay.  I’m 3 years old and I’m the biggest katty in the howse.  Momma says I’m a “beefcake” and must lift weights when no ones home..  I’m all muscle!!!   I adopted my parents, they didn’t adopt me.  I showed up outta no where with a mangled bloody face.  Everyone suspects I was thrown from a passing by vehicle and landed on my face.  I have a trama caused cleft-lip, but Momma called it a cleft face.  Because of this, I actually have 3 nostrils.  Mean people on FB have called me a “basement face” but heck with them.  My momma says I’m sexy and dats all dat matters.  I snort and sneeze a lot and I over heat very easily.  I have a lot of sinus pwoblems but thanks tew ma parents and my veggie they keep me fixed up.  If I play hard wif Katikorn and get hit in da nose I start to have a sneezing fit and have tew time out til it stops.  Luckily I can eat and not have pwoblems but sumtimes if I drink fast it’ll drip out of my nose.  It’s just weird.  But Momma just says calm down Monster and take yer time, and I do, then eberyting returns tew normal…MOL.  Yes momma calls me Monster, but not in a bad way, she says that I’m soooooooo black that I can hide under the bed and scare the boogeyman away!!  So I’m “Momma’s Bed Monster”!!  I like to talk and I play fetch.  But my favorite is when Momma says “Give me pounds” and I head butt her!!!  Welp It’s time fur yew guys tew meet da girls….

Bella approving mommy’s new sewed cat bed.

Well Hello.. I’m Bella, nice to meet you.  I’m 7 years old and as soft as a chinchilla.  I’m not much of a talker but I do like to chirp when I’m happy!!  My father found me abandoned at a recycling center and took me home.  It took a long time for me to feel comfortable around people.  I’m so shy only 3 other people have ever touched me beside my mom and dad.  I got my name switchblade because I used to be very crazy and would dice someone up with my nails in a heartbeat.  When Momma came into my life she helped me trust and taught me that not all people are bad, and that I don’t always need to hide in fear from every sound I heard.  I now have become a very loving social katty and as long as everything at home stays calm, I’m a very relaxed girl!!  Mom really believes in positive reinforcement and that has changed my life ❤  Well I don’t have much to say so thank you and nice to meet you!!!

Katikorn saying hai!

Hello hello hello I’m Baby Katikorn Moonshine!! Momma and Daddums fownd me on da side ob da woad the day before hurrycane Sandy.  I was appwoximatly 4-6 weeks old when dey found me and Momma didn’t get much sleep with all the botle feeding I needed.  I’m very healthy and I keep the house in a constant state of kitten-krayzeeness!!  I lubs eberyone and eberyfing.  Momma had tew re-kitten-pwoof da house when I showed up cause I fink eberyting is a toy.  I learned to play fetch now and I lubs tew gib kisses!!  When I first wake up, I lubs tew be picked up so I can SUPER-STRETCH!!  I’m always happy.  I like tew talk a lot tew!!  I watch tv and like tew chase da mouse pointer on da computer scween!!  I’m somewhere betweens 4-5 months old now and have the attention span of a gnat!!  Well gotta go… Tyme tew play again…Nice tew meet yew…. xoxoxo puuuuuuuuuuuurrrrrrrrrrrsssssssssssssss

Author’s Note: I would like to thank Spamuel M. Meemo for sharing his story and the stories of his furry siblings as well as pictures. Pictures were used with permission. 

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