How old are you Gimpy?

HI!!! I am 3 years old! I will turn the big 4 September 30th… that’s the date the Momma Jess has set for me.

Where did your name come from?

Lemme see…I got my name from my other family. My Momma Malissa’s cousin named me. I can’t remember which one of the little hoomins named me… but they were calling me Gimpy, Captain Hook, and Tri-pod.

How did you come into your mom’s life?

Well the Mommas would come over and visit the hoomins that I lived with (as I said before the hoomins are Momma Malissa’s cousins and they where part of a committee together and they usually stop by to talk about boring committee stuff)… and they would go outside on the porch… that’s where we lived… on the porch… The Momma’s fell in love with me…
I was to little to be going anywhere… so it was after this weird day where everyone dresses up scary and hand out noms to the little hoomins… I was old enough to go home with Momma Jess and Momma Malissa!!! I had a forever home… inside!

Were you born with the hooked paw or did it develop?

My hook is all I know… I was born with it… my other birth brothers and sister… didn’t have hooks like me… they where ok!!

Do you have any other fursiblings? If so do they treat you any different?

I grew up in the house with Sassafras… she was an older cat. She would hiss at me and tell me to go away. That didn’t stop me. I would get right in her way when it was dinner time… in fact… Sassy would wait on me to finish eating… now.. it’s a little different. We had to move. I was living in Quinton, Oklahoma. But Momma Jess’s Mom (my Grandma) got sick… something called a stroke on the 4th of July. So we packed up…and moved. All the other animals had good homes to go to…but the Momma’s took me. Now I live in Chillicothe, Ohio. I will try to make this not so sads for everyone.. but come to find out…Grandma had tumors (the big “C”) in her brain and she went to the Bridge on Jan 15th this year and we were also taking care of Grandpa because he had the big “C” too… but he went to be with Grandma on Valentine’s Day. I guess he missed Grandma….and wanted to be with her. But let me tell you something… after Grandma went to the bridge… the Mommas brought home a Gray kitteh name Grayden. He is a poop head. So nosey..and get into things… but the Momma’s love him and cheered up Momma Jess when she had the big sads… they renamed him Quinton Grayden. I guess they missed the town I was born in. We are learning to deal with each other. There are more animals here at Grandma’s house… but I learn to keep to myself.

Is it easier to climb with a hooked paw?

Sometimes it’s hard for me to climb on some things… my claw gets stuck…my nails don’t go in like my other paws… but Momma keeps it trimmed… I hate that… she wraps me in a towel so I don’t get loose..and she cuts my nails… I’m a boy.. I don’t need to get a pedicure..

Did you need any help learning how to do things because you have a hooked paw?

When I was little… I would walk on …what would you hoomins call it… hang on..
Jess:” What is it Gimp?”
Gimpy:” Member when I was little?”
Jess:” I sure do… why?”
Gimpy:” I member walking on my hook when I was little…”
Jess:” You did bub, but it was more like your wrist… for a while you didn’t have any fur on it…and a callous formed on there. After a while… when you got to be a big boy like you are now… you just keep you arm up..and run or walk with your 3 legs.”
Gimpy:” I’m a pretty fast runner….huh, Momma?”
Jess: ” You sure are… I remember trying to catch you when you ran away for 6 days…back in Quinton…it was hard to catch you… you run faster than a cheetah!!!”
Gimpy:” Momma…did I need any help doing things because of my hook?”
Jess:” Besides trying to jump up on the couch or bed… you where ok.. you are the best scooper in the litter box!”
Gimpy:” OK Mom… I can finish…love ya!”
Jess: ” Love you too, Bub.”

Are you better at certain things than others?

I don’t think I am better at anything… well there is one thing.. I better at being cute…I will use my hook to “scratch” at things… it makes a tapping sound… I look at the hoomins and do the scratching… I usually get some extra Noms for that… but they are catching on…mol The Mommas don’t see my gimp as a handicap.

What would you or your mom like to say to others wanted to adopt hooked pawed cats or cats that are different?

I know I want to say something about cats that are different… they may have no eyes… or a hooked paw like me and my BFF “Sly the cat” (he has a hooked paw like me!) or if the cat is sick… with cancer or anything… since the time of Bast… we where put here on Earth to supervise you hoomins… we may not act like it at times… but we do love you… and some of us may be old, different, sick, or normal… but we want the same things in life all you hoomins want… a warm home, NOMS, family, love, and NOMS… wait… I said that twice… I meant NIP!

Anything else you would like to share?

YEP!!! I would like to dedicate this interview for a couple special people and animals in my life… most of all my Grandma and Grandpa!! We sure do miss you!
My G/f “Athena the Blind Cat”. She may not have eyes to see… but she see’s the real me!!!
One last request to all you hoomins… in honor of my doggie friend Emmitt from “Emmitt’s Place”… ” Don’t shop, ADOPT!” (and if you can…adopt a senior pet… they have many years of love to give ya!!!!)

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Author’s Note: I would like to thank Gimpy and his mom for letting me interview them and sharing his story as well as pictures. Pictures were used with permission. Please visit his facebook page

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