How old are you Athena?

I am 1 years old and I will be 2 in July

Where did your name come from?

My meowmy gave it to me because Athena is the Goddess of courage, wisdom and skill. When I first came to live with meowmy and dad my name was Keller (after Helen Keller) but they didn’t think that fit me very well after they learned my personality.


How did you come into your parents live?

They were friends with a couple that worked with a local animal shelter. After their other 3 legged kitty passed away, meowmy saw them at the pet store the next day. They said they knew that they liked to take in imperfect kitties and asked how they would feel about a blind kitty. My meowmy had just finished reading about Homer the blind wonder cat and felt like I had been dropped into their lives on purpose!


Did your parents watch you very closely to make sure you were okay the first few days?

 When I first came to live with them I had just had my surgery to remove my eyes so I had lots of stitches. Meowmy and dad had another kitty when I came to live with them so I stayed in the second bedroom until I was healed. In that time, Meowmy spent lots of time with me and stayed in there over night so I wouldn’t be lonely. Because of that I like to follow her around now and she calls me her little shadow. Dad thinks it’s amazing that meowmy can call me from another room and I just go running!


Do you have any furry siblings that you live with? 

Yes, I have a brother Timber who is missing his front right leg.


Do they notice your different? 

Nope I don’t think so. He still chases me around and we play just like any other cats!


What advice would you give to someone thinking about adopting a blind cat?

 Jump right in and don’t be scared. My meowmy and dad were so nervous when I first came to live with them that they followed me around all the time. But I need to learn things on my own and I will fall. But don’t worry I won’t do anything too scary and I will be just fine!


Do you support any rescues/sanctuaries? 

We don’t follow any specifically anymore, but we do try to follow Blind Cat Rescue

Is there anything else you would like to add about yourself or your family?

 I am so happy where I am! I get lots of cuddles. We are also very excited to be expecting a new addition of a non kitty baby in June! I’ve never been a big sister before!

Author’s Note: I would like to thank Athena and her mom for letting me interview them and sharing his story as well as pictures. Pictures were used with permission. You can follow Miss Athena on facebook here

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