How old is Little Bear?

LB was born on July 9th 2012.

Where did the name come from?

He was named Little Bear at the shelter that I adopted him from, and we kept the name because it fits him well.

Is it hard for him to get around?

It used to be very hard for him to get around, but he has adapted very well. He is in pain, sometimes. We put him in “time out” when he exhausts himself.

Where does he go when he’s in time out?

He goes in a large cage and sleeps in his hammock to calm down. Cats like him but he is very energetic. I don’t know how long it will be… until his legs are strong enough

 How is he getting around  now?

With his legs bent, he walks as if a human would walk on their elbows

Does that give him sores on his elbows?

Yes they are bald

does he need ointment to keep from getting sores?


Does he live with any fursiblings?

Yes, we have two other cats in the house, and 2 dogs. Little Bear’s best friend is Luna, the German Shepherd dog.

Will he being surgery to correct his condidtion?

Yes, and I am very nervous about Little Bear’s surgery, but I am also very exited to see him walk normal! The doctors will fuse his legs so he can walk on his paws. Little Bear will need physical therapy after surgery because his lower legs will be very weak, and he doesn’t know how to walk on his paws.

Where can people send donations towards his care?

People can send donations via Paypal to

Author’s Note: I would like to thank Little Bear’s mom for answering my questions. Pictures were used with permission. You can find Little Bear on facebook here.  

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