How old are you Rufus?

I just turned 12 years old on da 28th of December.

Where did your name come from?

A friend of my Mommys said I lookies likes a Rufus and Mommy instantly lubbed da name.

How did you come into your mom’s life?

A friend of one of Mommy’s friends saids dem knews of a pitty puppy dat someone was lookins to get rid of and Mommy was finkins of gettins a pup and thoughts her would go and checkies mees out. Da couple hads mees only 1 week and I was only 6 weeks old when Mommy first saws mees. I guess da finance of da lady bought mees for her, but her didn’t wants a Pitty. Mommy wents to sees mees and sat on da floor and I walked obers to hers and crawled up in hers lap and lied down. Mommy saids awwwwwww, saids I was too cutes and hers neber eber gots a doggy from anywhere but da pound but hers fell in lub wif mees and felts so bad dat someones didn’t wants mees and I was taken aways from mees mommy and littermates way too early, so hers tookes mees home.

Was it a routine vet visit where you ended up getting diagnosed with cancer?

No da visit was an emergencys. I lubs food berry muchies and I eats anyfings and eberyfings. Mommy says I am just likes Scooby Doos and finkins of foods 24/7. On a Sunday night I didn’t eats mees dinner and Mommy knews somefins was not rights. Next Mornins I didn’t eats mees breakfasties so Mommy called da Vet and gots mees an appointment da next day. I wents in and gots lots of tests and had to waits for da results. A day or two laters da results saids mees Kidneys was failins. Da vet saids 75% of mees kidneys was failins and I needed to gets to da hospitals to be puts on IV fluids. Mommy rushed mees to da hospitals and I had to stays a few days and dems rans bunchies of tests and Ultrasound and founds out I hads da cancers. Dere was lessions in mees spleen in da ultrasounds and now dems said its worse and wants to removes its, but Mommy doesn’t wants to puts mees fru anymore surgeries cause I had a back surgery too a couple monfs afters I got da cancers.

What medications/treatment do you need on a daily basis?

I takes chemotherapy pills 4 days a week, Prednisone 3 days a week, IV Fluids at homes 3 days a week, 1 Blood Pressures pill twice a day and beens takins an appetite stimulant pill too cause I hasn’t beens eatins too well for about 2 monfs. I has antacids, anti-nausea and diarrhea pills too whens I needs dems.

Do you have any other furry pets you live with?

I as mees sissy Sienna. Hers 5 years old. I did has 2 kittys too, Jake and Shebee but dems has gone to da rainbows.

Are you allowed to interact with other animals?

Mommy tries to keeps mees away from most ofer animals cause mees immune systems is berry low and I can gets sick berry easy, but I sees ofer doggys at da hospital whens I go for mees tests and I lubs of doggys. I ebens plays wif mees cousins doggy at Tanksgivins and Kissmas. I lubs doggys so muchies Mommy saids I has to bees able to says hi sometimes when wees sees a doggy, but her doesn’t takies really takies mees to parks or anyfings cause of all da doggys.

Is there anything you would like to share about your type of cancer?

I knows mees cancer is not commons. Its in mees bone barrow in da blood cells. I finkies dems calls it blood cancers. Its berry nastys. It can causes internal bleedins, mees bones can breaks easy. Whens Mommy reads about it, her saw Bone pains, beins tired, weight loss, kidney problems, confusion, excessive thirst and bunchies of fings so her stopped readins about its cause hers got berry scared. Da Doctor saids to watchies for bloods in mees poo (sworries) cause internal bleedins, so mommy checkies for dat all da time. Da Doctor did says and Mommy reads it too, da most times I can gets is 2 years and I hads its 11 monfs now. I doesn’t do well wif higher doses of da chemo so it might bees dat if we keeps increasins da doses that might bees what makes da decisions for mees.

What advice does you mom have for others who have pets that have been diagnosed with cancer?

Hers said da first fing, gets insurance on yous doggys, dems say 44% of doggys die from Cancers. Hers said, just lubs yous doggys and gets someones you can talkies wif cause it will drag yous down and makies yous so sad and yous doggy can senses dat. Talkies wif peoples helps and all yous can does it makes sure yous doggy is comfy and just gibes dems whatevers dem wants as if their life is short why worry about da lil fings like too many tweaties or weight, just gibes dems da best life possibles.

Do you know of any monetary assistance to help with medications or support groups?

Wees don’t know of any, mommy used hers savins and 2 credit cards to takies care of mees, which is why hers says gets insurance. It’s berry hard and stressfuls tryins to figures out how to pay for everyfings but Mommy said her has hers whole life to pays off da debt but only has mees for a short times.

Is there anything else you would like to share?

I finkies gettins da cancers is da most hear breakins fings for anyone to hears and knows it not always means we can lives wif its and fights and some cancers yous can beats. I wishies I had da kinds yous can beats but I just takies its day by day and if I eats and is happy den I hads a great day. Don’t finkies about tomorrow, just enjoy da current day. No one knows what tomorrow holds for anyones so if yous just enjoys its day by day, it doesn’t seems as bad. Whens I has a good day, Mommy is just so happy and den wees starts ober da next day and dats all yous can does. But you needs supports for yous emotional feelins and Mommy and mees is so lucky to has somes of da best support in da world by mees havins mees facebutts pagies and all da lub and support wees get has helped us so muchies.


Dis not a good picture and yous can use which ones yous wants. Dis mees when Mommy got mees


Dis is mees back surgery in march of dis year, I was diagnosed wif da cancers in Jan.

(rufus 3)


Da last ones is mees in da hosptial beins skinny back in Jan when I gots diagnosed, only 56 pounds and mees normals was 68 pounds. I gots to 77 pounds but finkies I lost some of dat in da last 2 monfs

Multiple Myeloma (Blood cell Cancer)

Author’s Note: I would like to thank Rufus and his mom for letting me interview them and sharing his story as well as pictures. Pictures were used with permission. You can find him on facebook and check out the fund raising page and here’s another article on Rufus from Chase Away K9 Cancer

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