Meet the Piggies of Peewee’s Piggy Palace

How many guinea pigs do you have?

I currently have 5 adorable girls.

May I ask their names?

Lola, Sophie, Maggie, Zoey, and the newest addition Annabelle.

Do they all have different personalities?

They are all very different.

Where did you get the idea to create peewees piggy palace?

I am a stay at home wife and mother so I figured I’d better find a way to help support the veggie bills and vet fund. I made a few items and posted my progress and some how to’s on a forum. People loved them and started asking if I could make them some as well.. I had so many requests.. I figured I’d better stay organized and open an Etsy shop and started a facebook page.

What was the first item you made?

I think it was a cuddle cup. It is not a piggy favorite of my girls so I do not make many of them.

What was the strangest?

A fleece ball.. Not exactly strange, but not something I would have thought they would love like they do.

Do you let your piggies test the items to see if the idea is a hit?

Oh yes! Personal “guinea pigs” is a must have! They love new items.. For the most part. It’s great to see how happy they get. I wash and dry all my items several times before selling them so know I’m putting out a quality product that piggies and their slaves will love. I take pride in my work.

What are their favorite toys/items from your collection?

That’s a tricky one. Number one is the hidey huts.. then must be Peewees Piggy Wash!

What advice would you give to first time piggy owners?

Please do research before getting them. There are great online resources. They are not maintenance free animals, but are a great joy to have. Please adopt!!

What is the easiest item you’ve created?

The fleece balls for sure!

Fleece ball in little pink flowers with white and pink fleece.. Fun for piggies and other small animals

What is the hardest?

Frogs and flowers in pink Set of 3... Hidey Hut, Cozy Cave, and Tunnel

My hidey huts. Not necessarily hard more than time consuming.

What would you like to make in the future?

Peek-a-Boo Corner with little pink flowers and pink

A girls gotta have some secrets.. Lol

Would you consider making something for ferrets or hamsters or will you stick to piggies?

I have made other items for pocket pets as requested. Guinea pigs are my main sellers though.

May I ask if you know why they are called cavys?

The Latin name for guinea pigs is ‘Cavia porcellus’. They are sometimes referred to as ‘cavies’ (singular being ‘cavy’). The guinea pigs found in the wild in South America are called ‘cavia cutleri’, see Their History for more information about where guinea pigs are thought to originally come from.

Is there anything else you would like to add?

I would love to thank my wonderful husband, who now knows the fabric store inside and out, my wonderful parents for all their love, support and help.. and my customers and fans who make this so fun and rewarding! This has been such a wonderful journey in my life. I have had the pleasure of chatting with some amazing people who have the same love for these furry (and some not so furry) bundles of love. I have even built a life long friendship.. whom without this we may have never crossed paths.. Love ya Jenn!

Guinea Pig Facts:

Body temperature is 99 – 103°F
Heart rate is 240-350 beats per minute
Respiratory rate is 40-150 breaths per minute
An average adult male weights 900-1200 grams or roughly 2 – 2.5 pounds
An average adult female weighs 700 – 900 grams or roughly 1.5 – 2 pounds
Life span is 4 – 8 years
Guinea pig’s teeth are open-rooted, that is they continue to grow
Guinea pigs are strict herbivores.

Guinea Pig Care:

Guinea pigs are known for their expressive vocalizations. They’ll whistle and grunt when they’re excited, and squeak with delight when their favorite humans enter the room. Guinea pigs rarely bite, but they can nip if mishandled or fear of a threathening animal. It’s important to get your pet used to you-and used to being handled. Start by feeding him/her small treats in their cage. When they are comfortable with that, carefully pick them up, one hand supporting their bottom and the other over their back.

Guinea Pig Supply Checklist:
Solid-bottom cage with wire cover or plastic bottom “tub” cage
Guinea pig pellets
Cage bedding (aspen or hardwood shavings, timothy hay or processed
paper products)
Small, heavy food dish
Grass hay
Bricks, rocks, cardboard boxes, plastic pipes & other safe toys
Medium flower pot or covered sleeping box
Brush and comb
Attachable water bottle with drinking tube
Unpainted, untreated piece of wood or safe chew toy


(Taken from:

Every cavy needs daily:
VITAMIN C: Cavies cannot manufacture their own vitamin C
and require 10 to 30 mg daily to prevent scurvy. You can give a
quarter tablet of a 100 mg chewable or plain vitamin C, or provide
a small amount of liquid drops to each cavy.
FRESH COLD WATER in a drip bottle, changed daily. Do not
add vitamins or medications to the water.
formulated with vitamin C (approximately 1/4 cup of pellets daily).
Purchase pellets in small quantities and store in a cool, dry, and
dark place to preserve the potency of the vitamin C (check the
expiration date to assure freshness).
orchard grass) to keep their digestive system running smoothly and
give their teeth a good workout. Alfalfa hay is fine for pregnant,
nursing, and young cavies or malnourished adults, but because of
high calcium content it should be reserved as a treat for the average
adult cavy. Excess calcium could contribute to the formation of
bladder stones.
VEGETABLES: Serve small amounts of fresh vegetables
(about a cup a day) as an additional source of vitamin C and other
nutrients. Parsley, romaine and leaf lettuce, a small piece of carrot,
tomato, green or red pepper, spinach, and cantaloupe are popular
choices. Your pet will also appreciate clean, pesticide-free grass,
clover, dandelion greens, corn husks and silk. Introduce new
vegetables gradually. Once introduced, provide a variety daily to
help maintain good health.
OPTIONAL: Unsweetened, pure cranberry juice is an excellent
source of vitamin C and can help prevent urinary tract infections. Dilute
juice with water and change once or twice daily to prevent spoilage.
NOT RECOMMENDED: No mixes or treats containing nuts,
seeds, dried fruit, sugar, corn syrup, or dyed pieces. No dairy or
meat products (cavies are herbivores). No rabbit pellets (they
contain no vitamin C and may include antibiotics dangerous to
cavies). No seeds in husks (a choking hazard). No multivitamins
(this can result in toxic overdose of vitamins other than C). Avoid
cruciferous vegetables like cabbage, collards, bok choy, and
broccoli (they may cause gas and are best offered sparingly or not
at all). Avoid iceberg lettuce (too much may result in loose stools).

Sharing the house with other pets:

Can a guinea pig share the same household with other pets?
Yes, but you need to be extremely cautious. If you have free range predatory animals like a dog or a cat, never leave them together unsupervised, not even for a few seconds. Cats and dogs have natural instincts to hunt and a quick moving piggy could arouse their natural instincts. Even if your cat or dog is very friendly, they may even think that they are just playing with the piggy, not realising they are hurting them. A possible solution would be while your guinea pigs are having their free range time in a safe room ( for example: no wires, no household plants that the inquisitive piggy can reach ) then you could place your cat or dog in another room, leaving messages on doors to alert other family members. You will have to make sure you have a very secure cage for your guinea pig, as some cats or dogs might work out how to open the cage door! Remember young inquisitive toddlers can also learn how to open a cage door. Pets like rabbits, ferrets, hamsters, rats and mice should not be introduced to a guinea pig. Pets like hamsters can bite a guinea pig, even though they are much smaller. In the interest of the guinea pigs safety, its best not to introduce any other type of pet to your guinea pig and be very cautious at all times.

Author’s Note: Many thanks to the owner of Peewee’s Piggy Palace for taking time out of her crafting to answer my questions and share some info about her girls and crafts. Please visit them on their facebook page or the etsy store .

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