Meet Prince Pan Pan

How old are you?

I just turned two years old on November 14th (I was about 5 months old when I was adopted, so my Mommy just counted backwards).

How did you meet your parents?

I was born in a feral colony in Kissimmee, Florida, managed by an organization called Spay the Strays. The area is known for drugs and dogfighting, and after learning one of my littermates had been killed by a dog, their founder, Ms. Anita ,decided to trap the rest of us and get us to safety. We were all very light in color when we were born (until our points developed,) and that made us easy prey, so we were very lucky! After being rescued, I went to live with my foster Mom, Ms. Josette, and met my Mommy at an adoption event at Petco (Spay the Strays does adoptions there every weekend). That is how I found my forever home.

Where did you come up for the idea for the gallery?

My Mommy is an artist, and loves art featuring cats, so she got me started. After one of my furriends, Wyatt the Greybie, went to the Bridge, I posted a piece by Tampa artist, Gina Stark, called “Starry Night Kitty” on my page as a tribute to him. I had a lot of inquiries about it, and shared Gina’s information and Etsy site. After that, I posted more pieces I liked, and got great feedback, so I decided it would be fun to collect them all into a virtual gallery. Ms. Gina is a friend of the Gallery, now, too, and I have many of her paintings there.

Are you accepting more submission of art and poetry? If so how can people get in contact with you?

Yes. I really enjoy showcasing talent, whether art, poetry, music, etc. I can be contacted at or through a personal message on my page.

Did you think your gallery would be this popular?

Well, I really didn’t know what to expect! There wasn’t really anything like it in the Community, and I wanted it to be as much like a real gallery experience as possible. I promoted the Grand Opening for a few weeks, and also held the Masterpiece Photo Contest in conjunction with it. I did get a little nervous when some of my international fans said they were going to get up in the middle of the night (their time) to be there. Nothing like opening night jitters! I also held my first auction that night, and it was very successful. Since then, I think the different events we’ve held, like poetry and book readings, Octoberfest, and the Nutcracker Ballet, have brought people into the Gallery. I’m not a “LIKE MY PAGE! LIKE MY PAGE!” kind of guy, I’d rather people just discovered it on their own, or through word of mouth. I’m happy when I hear that guests find it to be a place of peace and beauty, because that’s what I intend it to be. The great thing about art is that there truly is something for every taste.

What are the gallery hours?

The Gallery is always open, except for a few hours on Friday afternoons when we get the new exhibits ready. People from all over the world visit the Gallery, so this works out well. I’m there on Friday nights, and I pop in from time to time when I see there are guests.

May I share the link of the gallery?

Yes, of course!

I was lucky enough to see the Nutcracker last month, what a performance, do you think you will be doing another ballet?

That’s definitely a possibility, and we’ll do the Nutcracker again next season. I’d love for it to be an annual event! The great thing about living in Orlando is that there is a lot of creative energy here, so I’m always coming up with new ideas.

Do you live with any other furry siblings?

Yes! Moxie, a Jack Russell Terrier; two white cats, Pinky and Puck, and our newest addition: Prince Pippin, a 12 week old Siamese/Snowshoe mix. Prince Pippin was also adopted from Spay the Strays, and was found at a Kissimmee car lot, under the hood of a car that had been repossessed. They called my Mommy because they thought he would fit in so well in our family!

Do you support shelters/rescue organizations?

Most of the fundraising I do is for Spay the Strays, (their facebook page) the organization that rescued me (and Prince Pippin), although I also raise money for other kitties in need. Helping others is really the thing I love most (well, other than being a pirate!).

Is there anything else you would like to add?

I would just like to thank all my fans around the world for their friendship, and for supporting the Gallery and my fundraisers! This coming year, we will be doing some more really exciting exhibits, including one I’ve been working on for a while that will showcase the history of cats in art, and I also want to add a section for sculptures! I will be featuring more exclusive items in the Gallery Gift Shop, including my Mommy’s creations, with all proceeds going to charity! Oh, and Happy New Year!

I’ll be hosting Bobbie Jo the Philosopher Kitty’s 11th Birthday Party on Feb. 1. The theme is “Birthday at Tiffany’s”, and the art will feature tabby cats (she is a tabby), some of Bobbie Jo’s favorite pieces (including some by her late sister, Pee Wee the Deaf Kitty), and a cocktail party. On February 8th, we will have our Valentine’s event, “For the Love…”, which will feature art with a romantic theme, a reception, and a silent auction benefiting Spay the Strays. The auction will have many items designed and made by my Mommy!

Author’s Note: Many many thanks to Prince Pan Pan for taking time from monitoring the gallery to have a sit down with me. I really appreciate it. Take a moment to look at the gallery, leave comments and say hi to him and the family on his page.  Oh and as a special treat (and because I couldn’t resist.. here is the Nutcracker for those that missed it or want to see it again)